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Cro-Magnon Man PowerPoint Presentation
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Cro-Magnon Man

Cro-Magnon Man

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Cro-Magnon Man

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  1. Cro-Magnon Man By:PrincessNarissa Abigail Backman

  2. Cro-Magnon Man lived over 25,000 years ago.

  3. Remains of Cro-Magnon man were first found in France in 1868.

  4. France is located on what continent?

  5. That’s right, Europe!

  6. Cro-Magnon man remains were found in the Cro-Magnon region of south-west France.

  7. Cro- magnon man made weapons to kill animals.

  8. They made tools from the antlers of animals.

  9. They made tools from the antlers of animals.

  10. They even made needles out of bones.

  11. They even made their own clothes from dried animal skins.

  12. The Cro-Magnon man even made their shelter out of skin.

  13. What type of food did Cro-Magnon man eat?

  14. Did they eat dinosaur ribs?

  15. No, they ate meat

  16. berries

  17. vegetables

  18. What tools, food, and shelter do you see in this picture?

  19. Cro-Magnon man used different tools.

  20. They sharpened sticks and then made them harder by placing them in the fire.

  21. Most tools were just ordinary things that you could pick off of the ground like sticks and stones.

  22. The Cro-Magnon man took down large animals in a groups.

  23. Can you name the three simple tools they’re using to kill this mammoth with?

  24. They sometimes dug pits that the animals would fall into and then they would attack them.

  25. Can you name three simple tools that they are using to kill the animal with?

  26. Here’s a picture of a fishing hook made from a sharpened bone.

  27. What simple tools are they using to fish with?

  28. Cro- magnon man sometimes painted decorations on cave walls.

  29. Can you identify and simple tools that this man is carrying?

  30. Are there any Questions?

  31. 1.) Who was I talking about? A.) Jade Brown B.) Australopithecus C.) Rachel Roberts D.) Cro-Magnon man

  32. 2.) About how many years did Cro-Magnon man live? a.) 5,000 b.) 15,000 c.) 25,000 d.) 35,000

  33. 3.) In what country were the first remains of Cro-Magnon man found? a.) France b.) Germany c.) South Africa d.) South L.A.

  34. 4.) On what continent is France located? a.) Africa b.) Europe c.) Asia d.) Australia

  35. 5.) In what part of France did they find Cro-Magnon man? a.) Southwest b.) Southeast c.) Northwest d.) SouthPole

  36. 6.) Cro-Magnon man made weapons to do what with? a.) Kill thieves b.) Kill plants c.) Kill insects d.) Kill animals

  37. 7.) From what animal body part did Cro-Magnon man make sharp pointy tools? a.) Hoofs b.) Hides c.) Eyes d.) Antlers

  38. 8.) What two types of tools could Cro-Magnon man make from animal bones? a.) Screws b.) Fishing hooks c.) Needles d.) Cars

  39. 9.) What did Cro-Magnon man make his clothes from? a.) Animal Hides b.) Cotton c.) Polyester d.) Tin

  40. 10.) Besides clothes, what else did Cro-Magnon man make out of animal skins? a.) Air Planes b.) Shoes c.) Hats d.) Shelter

  41. 11.) Name some of the simple tools Cro-Magnon man used or made. a.) b.) c.) d.)

  42. That’s right! a.) Rocks b.) Sticks c.) Fire d.) Spears

  43. 12.) What did Cr0-Magnon Man eat? a.) Brontosaurus Burgers b.) Meat c.) Dinosaur McNuggets d.) Berries e.) Vegetables f.) Pizza

  44. 13.) How would Cro-Magnon man harden a point on a stick? a.) Sit on it b.) Bury it c.) Stick it in a fire d.) Place it in the water