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Positive Perception and Participation PowerPoint Presentation
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Positive Perception and Participation

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Positive Perception and Participation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Positive Perception and Participation
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  1. Positive Perception and Participation Creating a climate in which students and staff are inclined to feel positively about their contributions and opportunities

  2. Soham Village College Positive Perception and Participation Our students seemed to us to have a really good deal in school,  but they were inclined to negative views about themselves and were lukewarm about the opportunities around them.  There were not too many times when we would ‘enjoy’ school together and genuinely celebrate the wealth of our good things.  And the Inspection Evaluation Schedule places quite an emphasis on students’ own views…..

  3. We took the school’s temperature

  4. Adults in the school listen to me

  5. Teachers deal with incidents fairly and take appropriate action

  6. I am safe from bullying

  7. Y9 students said: How can you ever be safe? Bullying is everywhere. Nobody is safe. Bullying is everywhere so you might feel safe but you will never get away.

  8. We knew: Our students exercised as frequently as other students but considered themselves less fit Behaviour was good and improving Bullying was relatively rare Perception Reality

  9. Our challenges: Set a national and local context to inform self evaluation. Break the culture that only accepts negativity. Close the gap between perception and reality.

  10. We talked it up

  11. Achieve Only 3% of you don’t expect to achieve the best academic results you possibly can More than half of you have already taken a qualification of some kind outside of your normal lessons. That is extraordinary. 94% of Y11 students knew what they were doing when they left SVC before Christmas Less than 1% of you will end up without a job, a college place or a training course. Cambs has one of the lowest county figures, and this is the lowest in Cambs. It’s very low.

  12. Sometime life is happy, sometimes it is sad. Sometimes I can control that, sometimes I can’t. Agree or agree strongly – 80% I often fall out with other students Agree or agree strongly – 7% (national average 31%!) I have good relationships with my peers Agree or agree strongly – 82% Being happy

  13. You are healthier than most students You are safer than most students You have better relationships with each other than most students You are more involved in school than most students You have access to more clubs than most students You will get better GCSE results than most students You are more likely to go on to further education than most students

  14. We cleared away the weeds

  15. So why are only 45% of you are optimistic about your future?

  16. Proud Of Soham The teachers are good people. The students are good people. We’re good people here. *****, KS3 student POSitive about our school

  17. Proud Of Soham The quality of music and drama is excellent. It is clearly going from strength to strength. A College Governor POSitive about our school

  18. Proud Of Soham • I’m proud of Soham when a student achieves something despite all the things that might have stopped them achieving. When they surpass their own expectations and surprise themselves it makes me proud. • Mr*****, Technology POSitive about our school

  19. Proud Of Soham From my personal observations the interaction of your students with the adults they meet is courteous and polite. Most dealings I have with them are in the shops and they always wait their turn. I have seen them allow older people to go ahead of them. Generally your students are a credit to you and their parents. A member of the Parents’ Panel POSitive about our school

  20. Proud Of Soham Reported incidents of bullying have fallen by 40% since this time last year. Less than 1% of you report that you are being bullied. POSitive about our school

  21. Small, early victories: Our most cynical governor said “It’s given me a warm feeling about the place.” Some difficult students came asking to be quoted on a poster. Clusters of complaint are smaller and less frequent.

  22. We started a big, long, two-way conversation

  23. College and House Improvement Plan Abbreviations: CHIMP College and House Improvement Plan SLT Senior Leadership Team CC College Council HCs House Councils GSSC Governors Students Services Committee The CHIMP

  24. Summer Uniform Vote Results 62%, nearly two thirds of you, want to keep the traditional white shirt

  25. What we’ve achieved so far The extent to which pupils contribute to the school and wider community – 1 A more positive culture A more active college council A suspicion on the part of the students that we might actually be listening to them

  26. What our next steps will be Complete the actions in the CHImP Work towards a focal point for the POS campaign Repeat surveys to check for progress Continue to confront negative misconceptions – invite reluctant parents in Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate