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C all A ccounting S ystem version 4. 5 PowerPoint Presentation
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C all A ccounting S ystem version 4. 5

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C all A ccounting S ystem version 4. 5 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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C all A ccounting S ystem version 4. 5
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  1. Call Accounting Systemversion 4.5

  2. About CAS .. • CAS (Call Accounting System) is completesolutionformonitoring andallocation ofcommunicationexpenses. Where expenses imply charge generatedonPBX extensions but cellular phonesand data lines other PSTN lines that are not within system. • System is managed over HTTP protocolso access can be provided from any desktop PC (Internet Explorer 5 or higher) • CAS is true web based application and do not require any client software on desktop.

  3. About CAS .. • CAS provides full control by allocation of expenses, user administration, tariff editing and system monitoring • Powerfull reporting tools provide fast and simple identification and elimination of unnecessary expenses • Due to flexibility CAS enables easy integration with other systems and customer applications • 10 years experience in developing and used by clients • Installation on traditional PBX (MD110, Avaya, Nexspan) and on Cisco Call Manager

  4. Elements of CAS • Module for data collection from PBX - Mediation Intelligent buffer – CAB with web server implemeted) • Software module for data processing and storage • Software module for reporting and administration • Software module for processing (integration) external data (cellular phonesand data lines) • Software module for direct exspense account alocation for General Ledger

  5. Call Accounting Buffer (CAB) • CAB server accepts and process data from PBX • It can be connected to PBX using RS232 port, TCP IP or FTP protocol • 1. level of archiving (backup) PBX RS232 FTP TCP/IP CAB Server

  6. CAS server CAB or PBX • CAS accept and process data from PBX or CAB • Provide user interface for administration and reporting • External data processing from other sources Data pocessing External data CAS Server http email SMTP Server PC Users

  7. Data processing Data processing can be devided on two major parts • Collection of SMDR-s • Call rate calculation • Disposition and indexing of data • Allocation of expenses

  8. Call rate calculation • Price of call is calculated using tariff data that is entered by CAS administrator • Administrator can add or edit data according prices given by telecomm operator • In system can be more telecomm operators and adequate tariffs

  9. Example of Tariff administration Full graphical construction of tariff The Tariff is described by: Name Call type Vallidity Each color represent different price of call during day/week Each hour can have different price for auto callculation Tariff can be done in text form as well on same screen

  10. Allocation of expenses • Expense can be done by (PBX extension, cellular phone ...) and are allocated to user • Those users can be grouped in departments that can add or edit - administrator • Departments expenses can be structured (up to 8 levels) • In system we have log of all changes. Tariff, department change, users etc...

  11. Allocation example Cell Phone DEPARTMENT Data line PBX extension DATA SOURCE USER Authorization code Home office

  12. Department administration User chosse action: ADD; Move; change After any chage list has been displayed USer can click on each name to drill down data

  13. Reports • CAS has extended set of reports:By sectors/depatments; users; phiosical location of equipment for networked systems, Operators, Tariff zones, Called or Calling number, search for call... • For each user you can set which reports can get • Each user can get information by E-mail if is over exspense limit • Each report can be sent periodicali on E-mail in PDF or CSV form.

  14. List of expenses by Department Format for report Period for report List of departments User in department Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

  15. List of Calls Format for report Simple list of calls for one user

  16. Our advantages • CAS is flexsibile proven system which can be easy integrated in existing network enviroment.Integration on intranet or web telephone directory. • We provide easy integration with different data base systems, synchronisation with external data applications as personel data for department structure retrive. • Possibility to do recalculation of inaccurate data, but also locking of callculated and processed data to protect changes for internal or external audit. • Automatic reporting system, Composition of complex reports • Stabillity and acurate, application tested in long run. • Some customers keep over 10M data records in system

  17. Thank you!