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Infertility Treatment Clinic in Mumbai, India PowerPoint Presentation
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Infertility Treatment Clinic in Mumbai, India

Infertility Treatment Clinic in Mumbai, India

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Infertility Treatment Clinic in Mumbai, India

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  2. ABOUT US Dr. Falak Chowdhary is a highly dedicated, proficient and hands-on gynecologist specialist who has gained popularity in a very short span of time. Being the best female gynecologist specialist in Mumbai, India Dr. Falak Chowdhary has founded in order to provide the best IVF treatment and for both men and women . Moreover, her expertise in the same domain along with years of experience has provided thousands of couple with a ray of hope in their lives. Additionally, she also holds the membership of European society of aesthetic gynecology and largely been known for her patience and humbleness . She has an excellent curriculum history, having bagged four gold medals to her credit. She has presented many seminars and has written several articles on women issues. She acquired training in fertility enhancing endoscopic surgeries from Johnson & Johnson Institute through ISAR.

  3. SERVICES Fertility Treatment IVF/ICSI AESTHETIC WELLNESS Fertility Treatment Infertility has effected thousand of couples around the world and whilst this is creating more troubles for them with every day coming, IVF and other fertility treatments can certainly .Whilst the reproductive process in humans is very complex and specialists undergo years of advanced training to specialize them to provide best fertility treatment, the exact reason for the infertility treatment can only be ascertained after proper diagnosis and tests. Once both the partners would go through a fertility evaluation, the treatment options would then be started. Moreover, when we talk about the Fertility treatment, it generally includes methods and medicines in order to stimulate egg or sperm production. Whilst that been said, it can also been quoted that most of the treatments are based on minimal dosages of medicines and treatments in order to stimulate the reproductive system for a better result.

  4. IVF Treatment In - Vitro - Fertilization (IVF) cowmen infertility treatment. a fertility doctor take the eggs from the ovaries using a small needle and fertilizes them with sperm in a specialized lab. ivf use for blocked or damaged fallopian tubes male factor infertility including descreased sperm count or sperm motility women with ovulation disorders premature ovarian failure uterine fibroids women who have had their fallopian tubes removed individuals with a genetic disorder unexplained infertility.

  5. Surrogacy Surrogacy is a Process or Treatment in which People Who are Infertile or Facing Issues with pregnancy. With the help of surrogacy they will get that parents feeling. The first successful gestational surrogacy procedure took place in 1985, and it has been growing in popularity ever since. Children born through surrogacy are the natural genetic offspring of their parents. There are two types of surrogacy — traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. For Details Visit Our Website:

  6. Contact Us BeBorn Address: 34/265, Anand Nagar, Vakola, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400055 Email: Call us: +91 9086092679 Website: Facebook : Twitter :