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infertility clinic in hyderabad

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Mostly female infertility is caused by problems with ovulation so that we have female infertility center in Hyderabad to solve your problems. Without ovulation, no eggs to be fertilized\n

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Many men with young age 25 – 30 years are facing infertility problem. Male infertility treatment is responsible about 35 – 40 % couples. Work wise stress, lifestyle changes is impairing many men to achieve parenthood. The main reason for male infertility is compromising semen parameters.  When people walks to our hospital we will take brief account of their previous reproductive history, sexual history, medical history preliminary investigations are advised. We do treatments to the patients who have a problem on sperm count test, andrologist in Hyderabad.

physical examination of male including scrotal

Physical examination of male including scrotal scan

Sperm function tests

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index Test

Genetic testing: Karyotyping & chromosomal abnormality in sperm

Acrosome Intact test

Zona Binding Assay

After careful investigations and discussion with our doctor’s panel, the right line of treatment is planned.

These Include:

Hormone Evaluations: Follicular Stimulating Hormone [FSH]

Luteinizing Hormone [LH]

Testosterone & Prolactin

Semen Analysis ideally with 3 – 5 days abstinence. Usually, through semen analysis results we can complete evaluating the problem if present any in males. Semen analysis consists of 2 main parts macroscopic examination & microscopic examination. We strictly follow WHO manual (5th edition).

Ferty9 hospital & research center is the best male infertility treatment clinic in Hyderabad and we give all type of treatments by our expert infertility doctors which are necessary to the patients without any harmful.

infertility in men is due to disorders of sperm

Infertility in men is due to disorders of sperm including low sperm count, lack of motility, hypospermia, azoospermia, and other conditions like teratospermia. It might also be due to issues of injury/retraction/infection to the testicles. 

Homeopathy Treatment

Treatments for infertility include treating a specific condition that is causing infertility in men and women, surgery, medication, and assisted insemination using assisted reproductive technology.Homeopathy provides excellent treatment for certain forms of infertility in a holistic manner. By taking all the factors into consideration, homeopaths prescribe medications that improve the entire constitution of the body and thereby create a balance of hormones in the body. This improves the ovulation and increases the sperm count. Certain medications like Sepia, Sabina, Silica, Aurum, Medorrhinum, and Phosphorus have worked wonders for treating infertility, but homeopathic medicines should be taken only under the guidance of a practicing homeopathy.

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