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As a reminder, please sign in to Elluminate sessions with your full name and location

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As a reminder, please sign in to Elluminate sessions with your full name and location - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome!. As a reminder, please sign in to Elluminate sessions with your full name and location This will allow us to accurately respond back to the correct person when questions are posed through the chat box

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  • As a reminder, please sign in to Elluminate sessions with your full name and location
    • This will allow us to accurately respond back to the correct person when questions are posed through the chat box
  • If you have not signed in today with your full name and location, please sign out and sign in again
Welcome and Introductions

Best Practices:

Summer Payrolls



What’s Next:

Upcoming Elluminate Sessions

payroll contact dos
Payroll Contact DOs
  • DO remind staff of the following:
  • Discuss payroll issues Monday through Thursday
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit via ESS if they are still receiving paper pay checks
  • Update contact information (including address) via ESS
  • DO the following:
  • Process the required payroll documentation in a timely manner
      • Payroll reports must be reviewed and approved before payments are finalized (even in the summer!)
  • Ensure there is an experienced Back-up Payroll Contact ready, willing and able to fill-in during your absence
payroll contact do nots
Payroll Contact DO NOTs
  • DO NOT project attendances unless directed to do so via ERP/BRITE communications
  • DO NOT plan to enter absences retroactively – time should be entered daily
    • Late entry of an absence can cause an overpayment
  • DO NOT wait to collect required payroll documentation upon your return to work
    • Payroll reports must be reviewed and approved before payments are finalized
  • DO NOT give your sign-on/password information to anyone
    • Sharing your SAP access equals sharing your personal data (bank details, social security #, dependent information, etc.)
    • The Back-up Payroll Contact MUST use his/her personal sign-on/password information
summer back ups
Summer Back-ups
  • Best Practices require all locations to have at least one Back-up for all major roles
  • Locations should be reviewing back-up support NOW for the Payroll Contact, HR Action Processor, Budget keeper, etc. to ensure adequate coverage when needed
  • Plan for the unexpected:
    • Temporary Replacement for Primary Payroll Contact (i.e. Summer coverage)
    • Primary Payroll Contact retires, is laid off, or resigns
    • Primary Payroll Contact is unavailable for any reason
  • The Back-up should not be someone on the same schedule as the employee with the primary role
    • Defeats the purpose of having a Backup – neither are available to perform the required duties
  • Cannot be the site Administrator
    • The person performing the duties must be different from the approver
back up payroll contact
Back-up Payroll Contact
  • The Back-up Payroll Contact:
  • Must be assigned the Payroll Contact role
  • Must attend training in order to have the Payroll Contact role assigned
    • If the role was previously assigned but the Back-up has not attended training, access to required transactions was removed
  • Must know how to sign-in and perform Payroll Contact functions
    • The Back-up should be allowed to complete time entry functions on a regular basis
  • Can belong to another Org Unit
    • Requires a Dual Access Time Entry (DATE) position to gain access to employees in the secondary Org Unit
    • Form to request the DATE position is located on the BRITE website
tracking attendance
Tracking Attendance
  • Question: How is Attendance tracked at your location?
      • ______ KRONOS Time Clock or COMPASS
      • ______ Sign-in Sheet (by school, department, etc.)
      • ______ Individual Time Sheets
      • ______ Don’t track Attendance, just Absences
      • ______ No Answer or None of the Above
payout of year round pay yrp balances for the 2010 11 school year
Payout of Year Round Pay (YRP) Balances for the 2010-11 School Year
  • Surplus Employees
    • Remain Active in the system
    • Continue to receive bi-weekly YRP paychecks throughout the summer, unless status changes to Inactive or Withdrawn
  • Inactive or Withdrawn Employees (Terminated, on Lay-off, Retired, etc.)
  • Employees are ineligible for YRP
  • Will receive the YRP lump sum payout afterthe action is processed in SAP
payout of yrp balances for the 2010 11 school year
Payout of YRP Balances for the 2010-11 School Year
  • Employees with a Change in Calendar :
  • Employees remain eligible for YRP
  • Factors that impact when the YRP payout will occur
    • When the Action is processed
    • The effective date of the Action
    • When an employee changes from one calendar to another, the employee will continue to receive YRP payments until the YRP balance is depleted
  • Note: Due to the variation in the number of bi-weekly YRP payments as a result of a change in calendar, the dollar amount of those payments will be adjusted
year round pay option reminders
Year Round Pay Option Reminders
  • Requirements for participation in the YRP option:
  • Eligible employees must enroll annually
    • Enrollment does not roll over from one year to the next
    • Employees who were enrolled in YRP for the 2010-11 school year and want to continue participation must
    • re-enroll toparticipate during the 2011-12 school year
  • Eligible new hires and employees returning from leaves of absence, layoff, surplus, etc. can only participate in YRP if rehired by the start of the contract calendar and are enrolled in YRP before the first day of the calendar
      • Note: If enrollment in YRP was completed before the employee was laid off, that enrollment will be delimited and the employee must re-enroll if rehired
year round pay option on line enrollment dates
Year Round Pay OptionOn-line Enrollment Dates
    • Eligible active employees may enroll in the Year Round Pay Option via Employee Self Service (ESS) during the following periods:
    • Tues., May 24th–Wed., June 22nd, 2011
    • Wed., July 6th– August 21st, 2011*
  • *The last day to enroll in YRP is the day before the start date of the employee’s 2011-12 Contract Calendar
year round pay option deadlines
Year Round Pay Option Deadlines
  • Employees who don’t have access to ESS and want to participate in YRP must complete and submit a paper YRP enrollment form before the first day of the respective calendar; for example:
    • Eligible employees working a color-track schedule (Orange, Yellow, Pink, or Blue) who are hired or rehired for the first day of work on those calendars (July 11, 2011) must enroll via ESS by 11:59 pm on July 10, 2011
    • If they do not have access to ESS they must submit a paper form to Payroll by Friday, July 8, 2011
other year round pay option reminders
Other Year Round Pay Option Reminders
  • NO master data changes should be made on payroll processing days (typically Mondays)
    • Enrollment in YRP requires master data changes (creation of an IT0014 record); therefore employees should not attempt to enroll on Mondays
year round pay calculator
Year Round Pay Calculator

Calculate estimated bi-weekly pay amount using the YRP Calculator

Enter the Annual Salary (Primary position contract pay only) in the yellow box provided to calculate YRP bi-weekly pay. (This amount can be found in the upper left hand corner of your pay stub.)

Do not include payment for supplements, additional positions, etc.

  • Type the Annual (Contract) Salary and press enter:
  • Estimated Year Round Pay Daily Rate:
  • Estimated Bi-weekly (per standard 10 day pay period)
  • Gross Basic Pay Amount:
  • Based on the Annual Salary (Contract Pay only), the estimated gross
  • bi-weekly pay for base salary will be for the amount appearing in the green box. The first and last checks in the contract year will be for the actual days in that pay period times the Year Round Pay Daily Rate (the amount in the pink box).
  • The YRP Calculator can be found on the BRITE website at:
enrolling in the year round pay option
Enrolling in theYear Round Pay Option
  • All Employees should access ESS via the BRITE Portal at:
  • Intranet (at work): web/ERP
  • Click BRITE Portal Inside BCPS if within a District location
  • Click BRITE Portal Outside BCPS if at any location other than a District site
  • Internet (at home):
enrolling in the year round pay option1
Enrolling in theYear Round Pay Option

Once signed on to ESS employees must click on Year Round Pay Selection

Step-by-step instructions for enrolling in YRP can be found on the BRITE website

where to find information on the year round pay option
Where to Find Information on the Year Round Pay Option
  • Go to the BRITE website at:
  • Year Round Pay Option Enrollment Instructions
  • Year Round Pay Option Information Sheet
  • Year Round Pay Option FAQ’s
  • Year Round Pay Option Video
  • Year Round Pay Option Cancellation Form
  • Year Round Pay Calculator
  • Year Round Pay Option Hardship Cancellation Form
    • Used after employee’s calendar has started, but only with a qualifying hardship
Questions ???
  • For questions regarding ESS (signing on to ESS or the enrollment process itself)
    • Call the BRITE Support Center at 754 321-8120
  • For questions regarding the Year Round Pay option
    • Call Payroll at (754) 321-8150
  • For questions regarding computer set-up/web access
    • Call ETS at (754) 321-0411
employee self service
Employee Self Service
  • Please remind staff that they can perform a multitude of actions via ESS:
  • Update employee contact information
    • Should be kept current to ensure receipt of all District communications
  • Update bank information
    • Employees can have direct deposits sent to 5 different banks
  • Opt-out of printed paper pay Advices – conforms to the District’s “Go Green Initiative”
  • View salary statements
  • View vacation, sick and compensatory time balances
  • Participate in Professional Development
vacation and comp time
Vacation and Comp Time
  • Run reports now to identify employees who need to use vacation or compensatory time before June 30, 2011
    • The Display Absence Quota Information report (PT_QTA10) can be run to identify employees who are in a “use or lose” situation with vacation
    • The report can also be run to identify employees who need to use compensatory time before June 30th
    • Report can be run by Personnel Number or for the entire Org Unit
  • Carry-over of Compensatory Time
    • Review the Comp Time Matrix for caps and carryover limits for compensatory time
      • The matrix can be found on the Employee Relations website at:

Upcoming HR Action Processor Elluminate Session

    • – Wed., May 11, 2011 at 10:00 AM
  • Upcoming Payroll Elluminate Sessions for 2011
    • Thurs., June 2, 2011 at 10:00 AM