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George Dei

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George Dei. JT Billings. George Dei. UFT Professor and chair Traditional chief in Ghana Sociologist Inclusion Racism, ableism, sexism etc . 1996 and 2000 Asokore-Koforidua , Ghana Undergrad from University of Ghana Master at McMaster . George Dei Cont.

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george dei

George Dei

JT Billings

george dei1
George Dei
  • UFT Professor and chair
  • Traditional chief in Ghana
  • Sociologist
    • Inclusion
    • Racism, ableism, sexism etc.
  • 1996 and 2000
  • Asokore-Koforidua, Ghana
  • Undergrad from University of Ghana
  • Master at McMaster
george dei cont
George Dei Cont.
  • PhD from University of Toronto
  • Received numerous awards
  • Published many books
  • Development, structure, and functioning of human society
  • Specific groups
  • Minorities
    • Race
    • Able
    • Sexual orientation
  • -isms affect them
  • How to remove –isms
  • Effect -isms has on all minorities
  • Integrative Anti-Racism Theory
    • Education offered with knowledge of other races
    • Start of solution
    • Idea needs to be tested
key questions
Key Questions
  • Start:
    • Why are so many minorities dropping out and leaving high school?
  • Older
    • How do we ensure that social institutions and settings respond to the needs and concerns of a diverse body politic?
    • How do we ensure that excellence is not simply accessible but also equitable?
key questions cont
Key Questions Cont.
  • Old cont.
    • How do we ensure that all member of out communities develop a sense of entitlement and belongings to their spaces?
    • How do we move beyond the bland talk of ‘inclusion’ to a radical politics of social accountability and transparency?
    • How do we ensure that what is theoretical does not stand in opposition to what is pragmatic?
key q uestions cont
Key Questions Cont.
  • New
    • Within the academy we need to ask about the possibilities, in this historical juncture, of every learner escaping racist, sexist, classist, hetero-patriarchal ideologies?
    • How do we challenge the fact that most of our students appear set in their knowledge and thinking because of school curriculum?
    • How do we examine the ways that racism, sexism, homophobia, ableismare travelling today
key questions cont1
Key Questions Cont.
  • New Cont.
    • How can we bring race and difference back into the center of discourse and challenge the politics of dis-embodying subjects?
    • How do we challenge the propensity of the western academy to celebrate diversity and yet not respond concretely to difference?
  • -isms can disappear
  • Starting point of racial acceptance
  • Understanding of other Races.
  • Do you think this method will be successful?
  • How would you go about solving this problem if you could?
  • How should we go about saying that what people think is wrong?