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  1. OLED Darryl Friemann November 28 2013 Wearable Technology

  2. Organic Light an OLED is any light emitting diode in which an emissive electroluminescent layer is composed of a film of organic components. Emitting Diode

  3. Organic layers are often composed of Carbon and Hydrogen

  4. Light emits when electrons jump from the conductive layer to the emissive layer

  5. A flexible bending light that can be transparent A complete surface light source, with no system needed to spread light Low power Quick refresh rate Can be exposed to a wider temperature range Lighter weight than LEDs 1.8mm

  6. Ambient lighting/Kinetic sculpture Philips

  7. Philips

  8. Way finding

  9. Conceptual OLEDs are extensively used in Sci-Fi film to provide information on seemingly impossible surfaces Prometheus

  10. Philips and BASF has produced LumibladeOLEDs of just 1.8 mm thickness, with materials and dyes that become transparent when light is not being emitted. Furthermore, this OLED can be put between solar cells to capture solar energy. The applications for transparent panels that capture solar energy and emit light can be used through out the modern solar home. Philips and BASF. Lumiblade organic LEDs (OLEDs)

  11. What does that mean for us?

  12. Byusing OLEDs we can augment our reality, whereby increasing our connectivity and channeling a deeper comprehension of the world.

  13. Data system Devices can now be fully integrated Into the clothing of the user because of the affordance This material provides

  14. Taking inspiration from games and film a new path of consumer Wearable Technology can be formed Halo 4

  15. The Heads Up Display is a commonly used mechanism in video games. It is used to give the player information that is deemed relevant to their experience and success in the game. Designers can use this mechanism for consumer products that enhance, inform and increase safety for the user. Halo 4

  16. HUDs can be a reality, introducing a new standard for safety Recon Industries

  17. Recon Industries

  18. Safety concerns of Winter cycling improved by OLED HUDs

  19. Prometheus

  20. Users are given data pertinent to their task. In this scenario User David is part of a research team exploring an unknown planet.Vital signatures and communications are represented digitaly for the user to perceive and interact with. Prometheus

  21. Iron Man

  22. Thank You Darryl Friemann November 28 2013 Wearable Technology