Muon detector description status and plans
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Muon Detector Description status and plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Muon Detector Description status and plans. summary of contributions from Laurent Chevalier, Andrea Dell’Acqua, Jean Francois Laporte, Stefania Spagnolo, Dennis Wright. Outline. Geometry tags from Atlas-CSC-01-02-00 (Bulk of CSC production) to

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Muon detector description status and plans
Muon Detector Descriptionstatus and plans

summary of contributions


Laurent Chevalier, Andrea Dell’Acqua,

Jean Francois Laporte, Stefania Spagnolo,

Dennis Wright

Muon Week - CERN


  • Geometry tags

    • from Atlas-CSC-01-02-00 (Bulk of CSC production) to

      Atlas-Geo-00-00-00 (data taking layout)

  • XML to GeoModel translation for Inert Materials

  • Forthcoming description of other inert materials

  • Performance issues:

    • Robustness: clash cleanup

    • Memory allocation

  • FDR2: alignment constants loaded run-time

    • Atlas-CSC-02-00-00 and Atlas-CSC-02-01-00 the FDR 2 tags

  • Summary of Muon DD functionality in recent and future releases

Muon Week - CERN

Content use of a geometry tag



ascii file



amdb blob


via Amdc

Content/use of a Geometry tag


Data Decoding


Id Dict. name

* Structured according to

amdb specific conventions

Cabling Maps


** Derived from XML

hopefully soon

amdb blob = dump of the ascii file(active + XML dead matter) in a blob

Muon Week - CERN

Geometry tags
Geometry tags


  • ATLAS-CSC-01-02-00

    • Based on Technical Drawings of Layout R (amdb version R01)but

      • Station positions (P-lines) account for Egg shape global deformation

        • default station position ≠ nominal layout

      • Additional random displacements (~1mm) and tilts (~1mrad) of stations with MDTs as static Alignment Corrections (A-lines)

        • A-lines loaded init time from the same source of P-lines (geom-DB, no Cond-DB) but applied as corrections (Delta Transforms) on top of the default position and orientation of the station

    • MuonGeoModel implementation fully driven by primary numbers in the Oracle tables

      • (=primary source) for the active part (good validation)

      • (≠primary source) for the inert materials (very limited validation)

        • Barrel Toroid, Endcap Toroids, Atlas Feet, Shielding (disk, forward and toroid)

        • many missing blocks Calorimeter Saddle, TGC supports, Big wheel supports … …others, some not yet implemented in Amdb

Muon Week - CERN

Geometry tags1
Geometry tags

  • ATLAS-GEO-00-00-00 vs ATLAS-CSC-01-00-00

    • Moving from Layout R in tech. drawings to the MS layout as installed (amdb version R03)

    • Active Geometry:

      • MDT HV-RO side checked and fixed for a few chambers

      • station positions fixed for a few stations

      • RPC layout in Small Sectors + RPC positioning in the stations with single RPC units + RPC chambers with cutouts + RPC special chambers heavily revisited

      • CSC position fixed (layer 2 installed not layer 1)

    • Dead Matter:

      • In the XML description: fix pos. of ID Patch Panels PP2; Muon Barrel + sect. 13) Access Platforms, Feet Struts, MDT Big Wheel, Calorimeter Saddle, TGC support pos., BOL Support, Mobylette, ECT cryostat fix


      • hit relocation OK – Amdc vs MGM OK

      • first simulation tests showed a problem with CSC now fixed

      • for reconstruction/trigger (LVL1 + HLT) emulation we need new RPC cabling maps (for very few chambers with n. of strips changed w.r.t. old layouts)

Muon Week - CERN

Rpc layout in r03
RPC layout in R03

As shown also from hit residuals studies with cosmic ray data, the RPC layout in the small sectors does not correspond to the nominal layout

Muon Week - CERN

Dead matter in geomodel geant from xml
Dead Matter in GeoModel/GEANT from XML

Andrea Dell’Acqua developed a XML -> GeoModel parser for a transparent translation of Amdb dead matter in GeoModel

  • no more painful hand coding of the dead matter shape and positioning

  • use directly primary source of dead matter description

    AGDD2Geo in 14.2.0 (not active yet in any default configuration)

  • Amdb blob (with XML dead matter) read from Oracle

  • all components in Amdb are translated into GeoModel volumes, hence Geant4 volumes via Geo2G4

  • by job-option one can enable to built a selection; no changes needed for the moment in MuonGeoModel

  • planning to start with MDT/TGC supports in the big wheels

    • if tests in simulation are OK add platforms, services at eta 0, calo saddle, etc.

    • presumably wait longer before replacing components already existing in MuonGeoModel

  • Muon Week - CERN


    MDT supports

    Muon Week - CERN


    TGC supports

    Muon Week - CERN


    Access platforms

    Muon Week - CERN


    • TO DO in 14.2.0 and 14.2.10

    • material consistency checks:

    • AGDD had extra materials with no

    • correspondence in Oracle yet.

    • geometry checks (mostly in

    • simulation)

    • check for unforeseen overlaps, for

    • correct material distribution

    • GEANT4 tracking performance

    • maybe the most critical chapter

    • (impact on simulation timing, memory)

    • reconstruction checks

    • make sure the whole chain from simulation to reconstruction works properly

    • After these checks – we’ll freeze, as default, a configuration of default options for MuonGeoModel + AGDD2Geo to enable the tested components in simulation and reconstruction

    Muon Week - CERN

    Clash review simulation robustness
    Clash review – simulation robustness

    • Dennis Wright working on a very careful clash hunting and fixing

    • fixes in 14.2.0

      • started from nominally aligned layouts, cured residual small active-active clashes due mostly to shared surfaces (introduced suitable tolerances on volume dimensions)

      • moved to misaligned layout: many clashes of tilted chamber corners (~100 mm) cured by reshaping a tighter station envelop, by subtracting and adding half cylinder shapes to a minimal trapezoid

        • event display becomes heavy

        • solved by enabling(in MC)/disabling(in Reco) this fine clash fixing procedure by job option

      • simplified spacer beam description + fixes (should improve G4 tracking perf.) + refine LB and CR description linking one object to the other to (close to reality)

      • fix BOG cutouts

      • attaching active-inert clashes

        • fixed feet description to fix a clash with BOG chambers

    Muon Week - CERN

    Clash review simulation robustness1
    Clash review – simulation robustness

    • Dennis Wright working on a very careful clash hunting and fixing

    • after 14.2.0 working on cutouts:

      • currently only cutouts in MDTs of BOG stations are implemented

      • strategy to implement the rest:

        • use GeoCutVolAction for RPCs and DEDs

          (class propagates cutouts in mother volume down to all daughters)

          • OK for above components because there aren't many sub-volumes

        • must handle MDTs differently to avoid creating too many boolean volumes

          • re-writing Mdt.cxx and parts of MultiLayer.cxx in order to generalize MDT cutouts to other cutout chambers besides BOGs

        • improvements in AMDB required in order to continue

    Muon Week - CERN

    Memory issues
    Memory issues

    • MuonGeoModel budget ~ 130 MB (out of ~1GB allocated by simulation tasks, ~2GB allocated by reconstruction tasks)

      • 50 MB are purely from GeoModel

        • can be reduced to a minimum in reconstruction by forgetting all the internal details of detectors (i.e, components linked to readout geometry classes, used by reconstruction)

          • to be done

      • 80 MB are a tracking related cache (used to be built run-time on demand, since 14.1.0 is fully built init time)

        • can be turned on in simulation

          • easy and done

        • can be optimised (centrally, not in MuonGeoModel)

    Muon Week - CERN

    Fdr2 alignment constants loaded run time
    FDR2: alignment constants loaded run-time

    Cool Folder


    System tested up to reconstruction ~1 year ago with old COOL versions and run/event based IoV definition







    step 1


    registered for call back against MUONALIGN/MDT/BARREL

    The Alignment wg provided

    Alines in COOL computed with an emulation of the optical al. system with IoV in the range of the FDR2 data sets just in time for the FDR2 start-up

    step 2



    compute deltaTransforms

    clear tracking cache

    update GeoModel

    transform tree

    Before FDR2 we have been able to test just the access to the condDB by emulating fake events with time-stamps matching the

    A-lines IoV --- test OK

    no integration of reconstruction

    clear/update MuonGeoModel

    tracking cache

    Muon Week - CERN

    Fdr2 alignment constants loaded run time1
    FDR2: alignment constants loaded run-time

    • The integration of reconstruction has been tried just at FDR2 – we found out what we missed

      • by default MuonGeoModel assumes no access to the cond DB

        • minimal change in configuration

        • tested on run 522090, before trying in FDR2

          • worked fine if MuonTrackingGeometry disabled (otherwise a susp. crash)

        • integrated: but crash run-time on a data set 522080  disable

      • Of course testing in final full environment are mandatory to ensure no bugs are lurking

        • a bug identified in MuonGeoModel in the mechanism for clearing the tracking related cache – maybe related to the observed crash

      • MuonAlignmentDbTool/MuonDetectorTool are designed to read a single folder from COOL when updated

        • but Optical alignment for Barrel / EndCap A / EndCap C are independent systems writing asynchronously into COOL !

        • some redesign is needed

      • Better planning/communication of working groups / sw community (writing sw is not that fun ! let’s ensure this is done in the interest of the whole muon community)

    Muon Week - CERN

    Summary of muon dd functionality in recent and future releases
    Summary of Muon DD functionality in recent and future releases

    In 14.2.0 / 14.2.10

    • MuonGeoModel can handle old layouts + ATLAS-GEO-00-00-00 (much closer to ATLAS pit for active geo. than before) still need extensive validation

      • make sure we handle it in reconstruction (cablings updates for RPC !)

    • small differences in conf. for simulation and reconstruction (default):

      • caching flag OFF, fine clash removal ON

    • default dead matter as before (a part from minor fixes)

    • new dead matter (via XMLGeoModel parsing) will be validated in custom productions

      In 14.1.0.Y (FDR2 reconstruction release) and AtlasPoint1 branch

    • Try to finalize the access and use of condition data (access to more folders, full test up to reconstruction) for FDR 2 samples and for cosmic data (A-lines measured in P4/5 – available for barrel sector 5 and EC)

      By 14.3.0 integrate validated new dead matter and alignment data handling

    Muon Week - CERN

    Conclusions releases

    • Lot of progress in many areas:

      • new dead matter

      • systematic clash fix

    • Data force to improve realism:

      • RPC layout, CSC layout

        • some revision of TGC probably necessary

    • Data also show that the sw is not for sw people fun

      • improve communication  progress/dev. is planned according to muon community objectives

    • Still needed

      • better way of enforcing coherence: simul / reco / cablings svc.s

      • better definition of intermediate task “borders”  better scheduling of work to be done

    Muon Week - CERN