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WELCOME TO OPEN HOUSE 2013!. Mrs. Peffer Principal Mrs. Gajewski Ass’t . Principal 646-3280. The first few days…. VIP: Very Important Practices . Always send a note in for any changes in dismissal.

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  1. WELCOME TO OPEN HOUSE 2013! Mrs. Peffer Principal Mrs. GajewskiAss’t. Principal 646-3280

  2. The first few days….

  3. VIP: Very Important Practices Always send a note in for any changes in dismissal. If plans change after 2:00 for your child’s dismissal, you will need to pick your child up in the cafeteria. If your child forgets lunch money, we will call to let you know.

  4. 4. Classrooms will be called only if a student needs to pick up his/her lunch, lunch money or glasses. 5. Lunches from restaurants are not allowed in the cafeteria. 6. You are now able to call your child’s teacher to leave voicemail. Voicemails will be checked by teachers either during their planning periods or after school. If there is an emergency, please call the office at 646-3280. 7. Review the Parent Handbook. It is online at our website. Go to http://www.hamburgschools.organd click on Union Pleasant Elementary under the “ Our Schools” tab. You will find it on the lower left hand side of the UPES page.

  5. Health Office Information: • Physicals are required for grades 2, 4, Kindergarten and all new students. You will receive a call from Mrs.Agle if she doesn’t yet have a physical on file for your child. • By law, we cannot administer any medications, including over the counter medications, without permission from parents and a written note from the doctor.

  6. Please keep your child home if they have had vomiting, diarrhea or a fever within the past 24 hours. Strep throat and pinkeye must have been treated for 24 hours before returning to school. Please do not send your child to school with an undiagnosed rash. HCSD has a “no-nit” policy regarding head lice. The nurse will check confirmed or suspected cases; if nits are found, the child cannot return to class. If your child is going to be late or absent, please call the attendance office at 646-4109. If no one answers, please leave a message on voicemail. If you do not call, you should expect a call from our Health Office…this is very important in ensuring that our children are safe!

  7. All-Star Behavior Program • Consistent rules across the building. • Builds and reinforces positive behaviors. • Students will be awarded a star if they are caught displaying the character trait of the month. Watch for your shining star!!!

  8. Writer’s Workshop: • Writer’s Workshop is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards; • Pre-assessments will be given in each class for three types of writing: Narrative, Opinion and Informational; • Students will be writing every day; • Our students WILL grow as writers!

  9. Math Curriculum: • The district has moved to the review phase of 2 math programs as well as the NYS modules to meet the rigor of the Common Core Learning Standards. • Teachers can answer any questions at your Parent Teacher conferences.

  10. Academic Intervention Services: …also known as AISGrades 3, 4 and 5 • Typically students who score a 1 or 2 on NYS assessments in ELA and/or Math receive AIS; • Due to the increased rigor of last year’s assessments, NYS has adjusted the “cut scores” for AIS…some students who scored a 2 will not receive AIS; • NYS establishes the cut scores; • We are required by NYS to give AIS to students below the cut scores. AIS is a fluid concept…a student may not continue to receive services if their academic performance increases.

  11. Cars and Safety Concerns: • Drop offs on Union or Pleasant in AM: please do not drop your child off on the street. You need to pull into the parking lot to ensure safety. • SLOW DOWN in the parking lot, please! • Cones in parking lot are to keep kids safe…please do not drive past them or through them. • Fire drills: you will not be able to enter or exit a parking lot during a fire drill.

  12. Band and Orchestra: • 5th grade band & orchestra: students will need their instruments on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the day of their lesson; • 4th grade band & orchestra: students will need their instruments on Tuesdays beginning in October! • Please encourage your child to play their instruments at home as much as possible!

  13. Odds and Ends: New phones: voicemail for teachers; New security system; Government issued picture ID required to pick students up….every one, every time! Tri-mester for report cards: please note change in dates for Parent Teacher conferences; You can schedule a meeting any time with your child’s teacher! Homework is not optional: if a teacher assigns it, it is expected to be done. This is a time for students to gain independent practice. Parent volunteers must attend training and be approved by BOE Sneakers for the playground! PTA: we need YOU to join!

  14. Comfycozys.org • Amanda Hope lost her battle with leukemia on March 30, 2012. Her dream was that, one day when she was healed she would make a clothing line for kids going through chemo that would allow them to keep their “modesty and dignity”. • Comfycozys is making her dream a reality. • A Comfycozy tee-shirt costs $25.00 • This will be one area of focus for our staff dress down days each month. Some classes may sponsor a bake sale throughout the year for this organization also. Monies raised throughout the year will be used to purchase the shirts and will be given to patients at Roswell who are undergoing chemotherapy.

  15. Thank you! • For sharing your child with us this year, • For keeping us informed of concerns you may have regarding your child’s experience here at UPES, • For supporting us with your decisions at home. • Parents and the school form a team…neither can do it as well as we can do it together! • Please don’t hesitate to call for any concern…646-3280.

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