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PowerPoint Tips and Guidelines PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerPoint Tips and Guidelines

PowerPoint Tips and Guidelines

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PowerPoint Tips and Guidelines

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  1. PowerPoint Tips and Guidelines

  2. Using PowerPoint Templates • Inconsistency is the greatest problem in corporate presentations • Templates prevent stylistic mistakes • Apply a template when you begin creating your presentation, not when you’re done

  3. To Select a PowerPoint Template for a New Presentation • In PowerPoint, open a new presentation. • Click on the button the tool bar labeled “Design.” • (Or, go to the “Format” menu at the top of the screen and select “Slide Design.”) • Choose an appropriate template from the selections offered.

  4. Which Design Template Should I Select? • Use dark text on a light background for presentations in bright rooms • Use light text on a dark background for presentations in darkened rooms • Do NOT use light text on light backgrounds or dark text on dark backgrounds (please!)

  5. Working With Text Color • Use the color schemes that come with your templates • If you create your own color scheme: • Develop a color palette of five or fewer colors • Use warm colors to highlight important elements (reds, oranges, and yellows) • Use the same color for like elements

  6. Building Bullet Points • Translate major headings of your presentation outline into slide titles • Build bullet points using short phrases • Employ parallel structure

  7. Building Bullet Points • Use animation to make bullet points appear one at a time. • To animate bullet points: • Type your bullet points on the slide. • Select the text box that includes the bullet points (by clicking on it). • Click on the “Slide Show” menu. • Select “Animation Schemes.” • Apply an appropriate animation effect (by clicking on it).

  8. Building Bullet Points • Use consistent transition and build effects • This animation is an example of what NOT to do. • Don’t overdo effects • Apply the Rule of Seven • No more than seven words in a line • No more than seven lines on a slide

  9. Adding Multimedia Effects • Use multimedia features sparingly • This sound is an example of what NOT to do. • Include only relevant sounds, graphics, and videos • Test your presentation thoroughly

  10. Producing Speaker’s Notes and Handouts for a Presentation • Always print your presentation before delivering it • Use speaker’s notes to aid delivery • Consider providing handouts of miniature slides • Consider posting your handouts electronically

  11. Control Your PowerPoint Slides When Presenting • Use slides to summarize main points • Add value by explaining main points verbally • Look at the audience(Do NOT read from the slide) • Leave the lights on(Be sure that everyone can see the slides)

  12. Control Your PowerPoint Slides When Presenting • Darken the screen for discussions or audience participation • Use other visual communication techniques • Remember that you are the show, not the slides • Bring backup transparencies