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Fuel Delivery Computer System PowerPoint Presentation
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Fuel Delivery Computer System

Fuel Delivery Computer System

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Fuel Delivery Computer System

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  1. Fuel Transfer Automation BASE ENGINEERING INC.

  2. Fuel Delivery Computer System with Complete Product Reconciliation In this technological era, there are many variations of modern vehicles. From diesel to electric cars to the incredibly hybrid vehicles, the fuel delivery computer system is so popular nowadays. This is specially designed for truck services in industrial sector. Fuel delivery system starts in the most common places –the fuel tank. Now the tank sizes are highly dependent upon the type of vehicle you are driving, but all work are same ways. BASEstation fuel delivery computer system is specifically manufactured for petroleum delivery fleets. It relates the intimate connection between back office systems with truck service. This is really significant device that connects between two most authentic industrial systems. BASEstationfuel truck (OBC) has complete product reconciliation system. It has a reliable interface for electronic registers. The professionals have collaborated this industrial radio controls with registers manufactures to deliver a high performance link between their registers and BASEstaion.

  3. BASEstation Fuel Truck OBC for Petroleum Delivery Fleets BASEstation is an on-board computer that designed specifically for petroleum delivery fleets. These truck mounted computer and back office connection were designed and built by people with several years of experience in fuel delivery automation and control.

  4. Driver Authorization with Modern Industrial Remote Control Systems Industrial remote control is a modern innovation that generally controls distant objects using a variety of radio signals that transmitted by the remote control device. These devices are generally used in industrial purpose for operating huge machines. Driver authorization system has a huge popularity in industrial sector. This is mainly used for bulk truck theft prevention. The system is designed for bulk fuel delivery trucks. The system prevents unlawful motor vehicles drive away with or without engine running. These authorization systems are specifically designed for commercial vehicles and machinery. The system protects the vehicle from authorized engine start or movement that depending on the client’s application. Driver authorization system can be used in different industrial vehicles including fuel truck OBC and bulk truck plants. Driver authorization system includes different items like;

  5. BASEstation On Board Computer for Petroleum Delivery Fleet The BASEstationon board computersystem is enabled with 256 MB of Flash additionally as 256 MB of DDR SDRAM. 2USB device ports are out there. The higher property is ensured with 2.1 Bluetooth and wireless local area network 802.11b/g/n. As they are inbuilt meter signal conditioner they supply the simplest result.

  6. The Modern Age of Industrial Wireless Automation

  7. BASE ENGINEERING INC. Address 600 Rothesay AveSt.John, NB,CANADA, E2H 2H1 Phone & Fax Toll Free: 1.800.924.1010Tel: 1.506.635.2280Fax: 1.506.635.2281 Sales: Technical Support: