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The VI-COWS: Voice! PowerPoint Presentation
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The VI-COWS: Voice!

The VI-COWS: Voice!

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The VI-COWS: Voice!

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  1. The VI-COWS: Voice! By, Rachel Kail, Ashtyn Pate, Matt Robertson.

  2. Voice? What’s That? • Now hopefully you all know what voice is right? Hmm, apparently not. Ok well it’s one of the VI-COWS . . . Still lost huh? K, well lets see if this will work.

  3. The VI-COWS Here’s the VI-COWS • Voice • Ideas • Conventions • Organization • Word Choice • Sentence Fluency

  4. Ours of The VI Here’s the VI-COWS • Voice <<<< That’s the one we’re focusing on K? Good • Ideas • Conventions • Organization • Word Choice • Sentence Fluency

  5. Voice’s Outline • Voice is not just one part of the writing process, it includes ideas and word choice too. You’ve got to use almost every part of the VI-COWS to be able to really understand how the best authors use voice to keep their readers caught in the adventure.

  6. Here’s your Checklist • Do you clearly express your thoughts? • Is your point of view clear? • Does your writing address your audience? • Have you added an unique, personal touch to the piece?

  7. Boundaries And Rules? Forget Them! • When you’re writing and trying to do voice, you have no rules that you have to follow. Try different things and test the limits.

  8. Student Sample • Oh my god I can’t believe that happen to me on all days of my life! I was going to school like normal but something was new or wrong or missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it..... then it hit me! I knew something was wrong cause I was in the middle of the school yard in front of everyone in my pajamas witch were boxers and a big shirt! Every one was laughing at me. Everyone knew it was my birthday and everyone still makes fun of me to this day 5 years after it happened! Man did I want to drop dead right there! And what I just found out people took pictures and put they up on the internet!

  9. Defining Voice Ok so maybe it’s not the same as in the dictionary but this is the voice your readers are looking for: • Sounding like a real person coming through the writing

  10. Knowing You Did It Right • My writing engages the reader. • My writing builds a relation ship between the reader and the writer. • My writing is individualistic and expressive. • My narrative writing is honest, appealing, and from the heart. • My informative writing shows a strong commitment to the topic.

  11. Fellow Students Ideas of Books With Good Voice • Stray Dog, By Kathe Koja • Twilight ((series)), By Stephenie Meyer • You Don’t Know Me, By David Klass • The Stinky Cheese Man And Other Fairly Stupid Tales, By Jon Scieszka • The Teacher From The Black Lagoon… , By Mike Thaler • Dr. Seuss Books

  12. Bibliography/Credits • Material in this PowerPoint has been compiled by the teacher and students for instructional use only. Material in this PowerPoint has originated from various educational sources including by not limited to Great Source and Staff Development Resources. Effort as been made to trace ownership of all material and ensure that credit be given to the original author whenever possible. In the event that material is in question, corrections can and will be corrected. • Student Sample By Ashtyn Pate • Spandel, Vicki, and Jeff Hicks. Writing Traits Student Handbook. Great Source, 2002