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Swapnapurti Education & Research Foundation. Education has been the master key to unlocking the solutions to all our economic and social problems. Knowledge has the power to transform, encourage and give meaning to the life of an individual.  

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Swapnapurti education research foundation
Swapnapurti Education & Research Foundation

Education has been the master key to unlocking the solutions to all our economic and social problems. Knowledge has the power to transform, encourage and give meaning to the life of an individual.  

Swapnapurti came into existence from July 2009, which in itself means achieving the dreams that we hold today. It is a beacon of hope that shines brightly against all odds, a promise of a bright future void of deprivations.

The Swapnapurti Education & Research Foundation [SERF] upholds this hope with its initiatives into education. SERF is a NGO that sets out its branches into education and non-educational activities.


About serf
About SERF

  • At SERF, we have no lofty goals or unattainable ambitions. We have a simple, no-frills vision and mission that is aimed at the ultimate goal is to see real change.

  • At SERF, we work towards the goal of transforming ordinary lives through the power of education.



We want the education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet.

To provide modernized education techniques and serve the community with technology- based employment training.




It deals with the 3 E’s

  • To provide the underprivileged with need-based & un-discriminated Education

  • To develop the Self Study Skills, creativity, communication skills, lateral thinking, etc and to apply latest technology in teaching with the aim of preparing students with need based Employment training.

  • To broaden and diversify the Environmental movement worldwide and to create awareness by promoting healthy & sustainable Environment through Education, public policy & active campaigns


Areas of operation
Areas of Operation






What does serf do
What does SERF do ?

  • Takes up socially responsible and developmental projects for Youth through the following core objectives

    • Education / Employment

    • Environment

    • Healthcare

    • Youth Affairs

  • Facilitates the youth to unleash their potential and create a positive impact

  • Promotes knowledge sharing, leadership, networking and skill set development amongst the students


How does serf work
How does SERF work ?

  • This platform is used for working with youth in schools & colleges.

  • It creates a network in each school or college, which is coordinated by a the staff.

  • Youth Affairs facilitates youth to unleash their potential and create a positive impact by taking up social, developmental & knowledge dissemination projects.


How does serf work1
How does SERF work ?


A brief study
A brief study

  • Why education is prime objective for SERF ?

  • Literacy rate 1951-2001 - India

  • The literacy rate has increased from 18.33% in 1951 to 64.84% in 2001

  • The goals of the National Literacy Mission have been to attain full literacy, i.e., a sustainable threshold level of 75 percent.

  • The basic is to create a generation which will ensure that the children

    are educated, to realize the dream of Education for All & SERF wants

    to be a part of it


Career katta
Career KaTTa

  • Career Katta is a magazine that is truly outstanding and helpful to the students.

  • The main objective of the Career Katta Magazine is to reach out to maximum students and educational institutions while providing them with the best career advice.

  • Not merely career guidance, but also experts from the respective fields shall be addressing their thoughts to youngsters who wish to make a successful career in this field.

  • The Career Katta magazine is a career guide that showcases a blended approach of academic and commercial projects.

  • More or less, we intend to maximize the student career with the help of teachers, knowledge expertsand industry workers along with the views of entrepreneursfrom over the time.


Campus to corporate
Campus to Corporate

  • C2C bring out the best in the candidate and make them ready for the industry.

  • We aid them in recognizing their potential and imparting the confidence that is indispensable to face the challenges hurled by the professional world.

  • Placement remains the prime focus of the students today.

  • As a result this talk will cover an overview of the corporate selection process.

  • With appropriate examples and speech, the workshop will get a good idea about what to expect in campus interviews and preparations.

  • ‘Campus to Corporate’ helps display the transformation of the students to corporate who can understand and analyze situations.

  • Through the workshops, individuals learn the art to achieve as well as lead a balanced life.

  • They learn to attain their goals with sincerity and hard work.


Magic notebook
Magic Notebook

  • Notebooks have limited the use of slates to a large extent.

  • In rural areas the chalk and the slate system still prevail.

  • The prime reason behind the same can be the affordability of the product as well as the reusability of the same.

  • The idea of Magic Note Books wherein children can write and wipe the written is one of the well accepted ideas.

  • The Magic Note Books can be used for the over and over practice of subjects for the learners.

  • Children can exercise writing alphabets and sentences over and over again with this write and erase notebook.


Magic notebook1
Magic Notebook

  • Hazards of Using Chalk

    • Chalk produces dust

    • Uncomfortable or may be allergic causing asthma problems

  • Benefits of the implementation of Magic Notebook

    • Positive mental and healthy development of the children

    • Appropriate guidance, improvement and discipline

    • Magic note book is reusable

    • Children can use this mode for maximum times

    • Magic Note Book is cost effective



  • Now a days everyone looks for discount on various products and services.

  • Students discounts are essential so money can be save and one can make it available for others education utilities also.

  • Herein, “Discountvala” is the option which helps you to save a comfortable money on everything between our top-rated business partners.

  • Objectives is

    • To provide best discounts / scholarship coupons at unbeatable prices.

    • To provide education in a smarter way.

    • To enforce high standards of customer service & reliability.

    • To get money saving options both online & offline.

    • To get established at all educational institutions.


Swapnapurti education research foundation

Activity Report

  • Organized a Blood Donation in association with SARATHI & Go India Foundation and actively supported the noble cause.

  • Celebration of Shri Sir Vishveshwaraya's Birthday as Engineers day on 15 Sept.

  • Organized an Intro talk on the same day in G.S. Raisoni College of Engineering.

  • Cloth Donation in Hella Electronics.

  • Cloth & Food Grains Donation in Maersk Global Services Limited.


Benefits of being an volunteer
Benefits of being an Volunteer

  • An invaluable motivation for young minds to see how other young achievers are making a difference

  • An opportunity to start thinking and working for India

  • An experience on leadership and team building

  • A unique networking opportunity with peers across the country

  • Gain commendable work – related skills & experience


Swapnapurti education research foundation

Interaction with students at Raisoni College




To reach us
To reach us

SERF Helpline- 72766 72766

Web: www.swapnapurtiedu.com

E-Mail: support@swapnapurtiedu.com