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Grant Writing Workshop

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Grant Writing Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OEF. Oxford Educational Foundation PO Box 142 Oxford, PA 19363 620-932-7200. Grant Writing Workshop. Oxford Area School District February 12, 2009 Susan Melrath and Etha McDowell. Agenda. OEF Professional Grants Checklist Deadline How to Write Grant Requests

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grant writing workshop


Oxford EducationalFoundation

PO Box 142

Oxford, PA 19363


Grant Writing Workshop

Oxford Area School District

February 12, 2009

Susan Melrath and Etha McDowell

  • OEF Professional Grants
      • Checklist
      • Deadline
  • How to Write Grant Requests
  • Where to look for Grants
  • What OEF can Offer
how to write grants
How to Write Grants
  • General Format
  • Common Grant Application Form
  • Specific Grantor Forms
    • On-line Form
    • Grantor Instruction
how to write grants1
How to Write Grants
  • General Format
    • Executive Summary:
      • umbrella statement of your case and summaryof the entire proposal (1 page)
    • Statement of Need:
      • why this project is necessary (2 pages)
    • Project Description:
      • nuts and bolts of how the project will be implemented and evaluated (3 pages)
how to write grants2
How to Write Grants
  • General Format (Continued)
    • Budget:
      • financial description of the project plus explanatory notes (1 page)
    • Organization Information:
      • history and governing structure of the nonprofit; its primary activities, audiences, and services (1 page)
    • Conclusion:
      • summary of the proposal‘s main points (2 paragraphs)
how to write grants3
How to Write Grants
  • Common Grant Application Form
    • Found at Delaware Valley Grantmakers
    • Checklist
      • A completed Grant Application Cover Summary with contact information?
      • A copy of the IRS letter confirming your organization’s 501(c )(3) status?
      • A completed Grant Proposal Narrative not exceeding five (5) typed pages (excluding attachments)?
      • An itemized annual budget for your organization’s current fiscal year, with actual figures for the previous fiscal year?
      • An itemized budget, listing income and expenses, for this specific grant?
      • Your organization’s most recent AUDITED financial statement or IRS Form 990?
      • List of three largest funders in the last fiscal year and type of grant?
      • Your organization’s latest annual report or summary of the prior year’s activities?
      • Current Board list and affiliations?
      • One-paragraph descriptions of key staff and their relevant qualifications?
      • Grantee report (if previously funded)?
      • Letters of agreement from any collaborating agencies (if applicable), and letters of support and/or recent reviews or articles (if available)?
how to write grants4
How to Write Grants
  • Common Grant Application Form
    • Used by the following Foundations
how to write grants specific grantor forms
How to Write GrantsSpecific Grantor Forms
  • Online Forms
    • Go to the Grantor Website and download or Copy and Paste
  • Specific Grantor Instructions
    • Follow all of the rules exactly! This is the number two reason that a grant application is denied.
    • Do not miss a deadline - even by one hour.
    • Use the terminology that they request. Speak their language.
    • Use a dispassionate proofreader - if you are sloppy with grammar, you indicate that you will not be a careful steward of the foundation's money.
    • Provide all of the forms requested. Do not exceed the length they specify.
where to look for grants
Where to look for Grants
  • Professional Organizations
    • Networking Leads
    • Organization grants
      • Ex: PDE grants
  • Web
    • Delaware Valley Grantmakers (
    • Chester County Community Foundation (
    • Web search with <Grants Public Education>
what oef can offer
What OEF can Offer
  • Partnering if you need a 501(1)(c)(3) organization
    • Required by some Grantors
  • PA Foundations Online
    • Extensive list of all Pennsylvania Foundations
    • $250 annual fee
  • EITC
    • the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC), provides companies with a 75% tax credit for donations to a non-profit scholarship or educational improvement organization
    • OEF initial efforts with Brian Urig, HS chemistry