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camp kaitawa

camp kaitawa

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camp kaitawa

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  1. camp kaitawa By Chloe Dagg

  2. WOW! The year 5’s were buzzing with excitement. We all knew we were going to have the best camp ever!!!! My highlights were: getting to know the camp, BIG walks, dark caves, cook out, smelly smoke and yummy food!!!

  3. Monday When we arrived at camp we got our stuff ready and we went for our first walk of camp. Green lake was so beautiful. I had never seen water like it. When we started walking up the pipeline it started to spit. It was so steep. When we got back our dinner was ready. It was so nice. After dinner Richard came to talk to us. After Richard talked to us we had supper. Then we went to bed

  4. Tuesday We hopped in the car and got dropped off at the bottom of the huge walk. We stopped every 20 minutes and had lots and lots of yummy sweets. We saw a very old tree we stopped there for lunch. We made it to the top and lunch. We walked to the bottom . Me, Georgia and Alysia got a ride back to camp because we hurt ourselves.

  5. Wednesday On Wednesday we went to some beautiful waterfalls. One looked like two but it was only one . When we had seen both of the waterfalls we looked at a beautiful sight. When we went back to camp we had dorm games. After that the delightful obstacle course . It was so much fun ! We had to work as a team. Finally it was bedtime.

  6. Thursday Finally we were all up. We got ready for the big, dark and muddy caves . We had to keep together. We saw a very big rock, we called it the Titanic rock. Some of the caves were really dark and some were light. When we got back our shoes were so muddy ! When we got back we had our cook out. We made nachos, my team won. Mrs Johnson read us a story.

  7. friday Friday Finally Friday was here. When we were all packed and ready we had breakfast then we went down to the river a game of bulrush. We played seaweed too, I was in. Then we went back. Then we left after morning tea. Our next stop was lunch at the park. Then we got back to school. I had a fantastic time.