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State Personnel Administration

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State Personnel Administration. HR Directors Update Meeting Job System Redesign Update Performance Management - Phase 1 Thursday, February 7, 2008. AGENDA. Welcome Marion Fedrick The New Job System Pat Kinard-Boutte’ Questions and Answers

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state personnel administration

State Personnel Administration

HR Directors Update MeetingJob System Redesign UpdatePerformance Management - Phase 1Thursday, February 7, 2008


Welcome Marion Fedrick

The New Job System

Pat Kinard-Boutte’

Questions and Answers

Performance Management - Phase I

Ronnie Witcher

Questions and Answers

Reorganization of Compensation

Sherma Francis

Questions and Answers



Marion Fedrick

the job system update


Pat Kinard-Boutte’

the new job system
The New Job System

Go Live – June 01, 2008

job redesign
Job Redesign
  • More than 3500 jobs consolidated into approximately 750 jobs
  • New jobs determined by data from agency HR staff and inter-agency focus group meetings
how are the new jobs different
How are the new jobs different?

The new jobs are broader categories of work –

similar to descriptions found in surveys and

national job information sources.

  • New jobs identify occupational area, functional level, job series and career level
  • Career paths and career milestones are built into the job system
occupational areas
Occupational Areas
  • Occupational Areas Examples:
    • Support Staff: Supply, Inventory, Warehouse
    • Technical Staff: Procurement, Supply, Warehousing
    • Professional Staff: Purchasing & Procurement
    • Management Staff: Purchasing, Procurement & Storage

New Coding


Occupational Area

Functional Level

Job Series

Career or Job Series Level


New Coding

HC P 07 1

Health Care


Registered Nurse

Working Level

sample new job
Sample New Job

GSS032 - Support Staff: Clerical (Advanced Level)

Made up of these 17 current jobs

60232 Program Assistant (DCA) 60146 Examination Program Monitor

60615 Administrative Operations Asst 60122 Motor Vehicle Specialist 3

61803 Admin Coordinator (Bilingual) 16105 Clerk, Benefit

60164 Office Support Supv 60116 Support Assistant

61712 Administrative Technician (DNR)

60113 Program Associate (DHR) 60072 Clerk, Administrative (SOS)

60241 Project Assistant-CDBG 60172 Clerk 3, Revenue

61145 Quality Control Specialist 2 60169 Program Associate (DOL)

  • Elections Coordinator 1

60195 Administrative Assistant (DCA)

60057 Professional Staff Assistant

career levels
Career Levels
  • The new job series may have as many as four levels
    • Entry or Trainee
    • Working or Full Performance
    • Expert or Advanced
    • Supervisor
management levels
Management Levels
  • There are 3 Management levels
    • Manager
    • Middle Manager
    • General Manager
components of new job description
Components of New Job Description
  • Summary Descriptor
  • Typical Responsibilities
  • Technical Competencies
  • Qualification Statements
  • Career Development Increments
the new job system16
The New Job System
  • Current job titles will change to new job titles
  • Job Descriptions with new qualifications, technical competencies and career development criteria will be used
  • Current job codes, and pay grades will remain the same
jobs after june 1 2008
Jobs After June 1, 2008
  • What Changes?

Old job title: Personnel Analyst 2


New job title:Human Resource Specialist (Working Level)

  • What does not change?

Job Code: 16009

Pay Grade: 14

recruitment process
Recruitment Process
  • The Job Site
    • Will default to New Job Titles
    • When posting jobs agencies can change
      • Modify job titles
      • Modify job descriptions
      • Add preferred qualifications
implementing the new job system
Implementing the New Job System
  • Employees will see
      • New job titles in PeopleSoft on pay advisement
  • Employees will NOT see a change in
    • Salaries
    • pay grade
    • job code
transition to new job system
Transition to New Job System
  • Individual Agency Feedback Sessions

Feb. 25, 2008 - March 14,2008

next phase new pay system
Next Phase: New Pay System
  • Implementing a New Salary Structure

Anticipated Change Date

January, 2010

state personnel administration23

State Personnel Administration

Performance Management Initiative Update

Ronnie Witcher

enhanced performance management process
Enhanced Performance Management Process


  • Drive overall State, Agency and department vision to successful outcomes through effective goal setting, performance monitoring and measurement.


  • Develop a consistent core Statewide performance management process
  • Measure employee performance based on competencies and goals
  • Hold managers and employees accountable for results
  • Provide managers with the proper skills and tools
  • Educate managers and employees in effective performance management
  • Link performance management to other critical talent programs
what s new
What’s New
  • Consistent core Statewide process
    • Simple, easy-to-use process
    • Provides feedback to individuals to help them move toward exemplary performance
    • Flexibility to define appropriate performance criteria for individual jobs
    • New evaluation scale
  • Based on Goals and Competencies
    • Link between individual performance and State/Agency goal
    • Identifies and targets competency gaps and developmental opportunities
    • Provides consistency in performance expectations and measures
    • Provides a shared understanding of what will be monitored and measured
  • Traceable, auditable, and legally defensible
  • Supports other HR programs
setting and aligning goals
May change year to year

Focuses on a specific action in a performance period with specific terms

Best used for managers and professional individual contributors

Do not change from year to year

Provides direction on a critical aspect of one’s job

Defines specific behaviors and expected results

Best used for entry-level professionals

Setting and Aligning Goals

Aligned Goals

  • Align with the vision, mission, and goals and its entities
  • Goals are “cascaded” and translated to be relevant to each level of the organization
  • Goals included in the performance plan
  • Description of linkage between individual and agency goals on performance evaluation

Task-oriented goal

Result-oriented goal

  • Definition:
    • Attributes, knowledge, skills, abilities that contribute to successful job performance.
      • Technical
      • Behavioral
  • Benefits :
    • Translate goals into behavior
    • Set objective criteria for evaluating performance
    • Legally defensible recruitment, selection, and assessment systems
    • Reduce hiring costs and absenteeism / turnover rates
    • Identify areas for employee development linked to desired organizational objectives
    • Help distinguish exceptional employees
    • Assists with development plans that improve specific behavior

Performance Management Process



Do the job,

achieve goals,

get results

  • Performance log
  • Updated goals
  • Mid-year or quarterly review
  • Competencies
  • Set Agency Goals
  • Align Goals
  • Agree on responsibilities, tasks & projects



Judge strengths

& weaknesses




“fully successful”





  • Results
  • Key tasks or activities
  • Major achievements
  • Development plan
  • Career development



Go over assessment

with employee

Distribution Review and Calibration

  • Ensures consistent rating practices
  • Analysis of statistical norms
  • Gain understanding
process timeline













Process Timeline
  • Manager and employee have one-on-one Performance Meeting(s) to conduct:
    • Performance Evaluation: Discuss year-end results and performance rating; Communicate pay increases (if applicable)
    • Performance Planning: Review goals and competencies for coming year (may be held in separate meeting from Performance Evaluation)
  • Complete previous year evaluation.
  • PeopleSoft ePerformance Management System begins.
  • HR and Sr. Leader reviews ratings, pay decisions, and Calibrations
  • Mid-year Review Meeting to discuss progress

Ongoing Coaching and Feedback Throughout Year

Note: This timeline is based upon the State utilizing a common review date and uses its fiscal year to determine the timing of the performance management cycle. Under this calendar, managers have discretion to hold meetings with their employees anytime between June 1 and August 31

performance evaluation
Performance Evaluation

The State will use a 5-point scale for evaluating performance

implementation dates
Implementation Dates
  • Phase I agencies
    • DOAS, DCH, DOC, Econ Dev, DHR, DOR, GBI, SAO, SPA
  • Implementation dates
desired state
Desired State
  • Expectations are communicated clearly with measurable and objective criteria
  • Employees aren’t surprised at performance review time
  • Employees are more engaged in the process and can manage their results
  • Employees are rewarded for excellence
  • Goals are aligned among state, agency, managers, and individuals
  • HR and Managerial decisions can be defended and supported
  • Training dollars can be spent wisely
agency assignment
Agency Assignment
  • Griff Knoop
    • Corrections
    • GBI
    • Juvenile Justice
    • Pardons & Parole
    • Natural Resources
    • Public Safety
    • Defense
agency assignment38
Agency Assignment
  • Pauline Moon
    • Agriculture - Education
    • Forestry - Technical Adult Ed
    • Public Service - Early Childhood
    • Transportation
    • Secretary of State
    • Soil & Water
    • Veterans Services
    • Workers Compensation
agency assignment39
Agency Assignment
  • NeAndra Dunham
    • Labor
    • Community Service Boards
    • Human Resources
    • Community Health
agency assignment40
Agency Assignment
  • Berneda Simmons
    • Administrative Services - Community Affairs
    • Banking & Finance - Economic Develop.
    • Employee Retirement - State Accounting Off.
    • Teacher’s Retirement - Georgia Tech Auth
    • Office Planning & Budget - All others
    • Law
    • State Personnel Admin
    • Revenue
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