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CONFLICT. BANG!. RESOLUTION. CONFLICT RESOLUTION. No More. What is Conflict?. A conflict is a fight, struggle, battle, dispute or quarrel. A conflict can be as small as a disagreement or as large as a war. What is Conflict?. Conflict-you’ll find it everywhere!

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what is conflict
What is Conflict?
  • A conflict is a fight, struggle, battle, dispute or quarrel.
  • A conflict can be as small as a disagreement or as large as a war.
what is conflict1
What is Conflict?
  • Conflict-you’ll find it everywhere!
  • Whenever two people come together, conflict is possible. It is a normal and healthy.
  • Different ideas create learning.
the things we fight over
The Things We Fight Over
  • WANT: Something we desire.
  • NEED: Something necessary.
  • VALUE: What we will pay for something.
  • GOAL: Something we work towards.







Differences in wants, needs, goals and values.

Shortage of money or power.


reasons why conflicts are good
Reasons Why Conflicts Are Good
  • Conflicts identify problems
  • Conflicts can make life more interesting
  • Conflicts allow you to see different sides
  • Conflicts create new ideas (solutions)
  • You to learn more about others
  • You to learn more about yourself
a conflict has been helpful if
A Conflict Has Been Helpful If:
  • You feel better about each other
  • You are happy with the results of the conflict
  • You have learned how to solve future problems
  • You feel your point of view has been heard
  • You have learned something about; a topic, another person and/or yourself
tips for dealing with conflict
Tips For Dealing With Conflict
  • Ask Questions-Communicate Want & Needs
  • Think about what you are hoping will happen
  • Become aware of different ideas
  • Watch your emotions
  • Don’t let anger increase
  • Commit to working it out
  • Stay calm
  • Learn from mistakes
how do you handle conflict
How Do You Handle Conflict?
  • Most of us use a variety of styles depending on the person and the situation.
  • How we deal with our family at home is likely different than how we deal with our friends.
  • What style is yours………Turtle, Teddy Bear, Shark, Fox or Owl?
the turtle avoidance
The Turtle: Avoidance
  • The strength of this style is that this person can easily look past conflicts and realizes most conflicts will solve themselves. They are calm on the outside and help de-escalate emotions in conflict.
  • The problem with this style is that turtle people tend to deny and avoid conflict altogether. A conflict can get worse if it isn’t addressed.
the teddy bear accommodation
The Teddy Bear: Accommodation
  • The strength of this style is how likeable and lovable this person is in most situations. How could you be mad at a teddy bear? They want and need harmony. They will accept blame just to bring peace to angry situations.
  • The problem is that a teddy bear may be taken advantage of. They just want to be loved by everyone.
the shark competition
The Shark: Competition
  • The strength of this style is the ability to be strong, courageous and bring a conflict out in the open quickly. A shark is a leader that can confront bullies.
  • The problem is that a shark person can be too pushy and can hurt peoples’ feelings. Sharks can cause people to cry or yell.
the fox compromise
The Fox: Compromise
  • The strength of the fox is communication and a willingness to find compromises and agreements. Often the fox can find intelligent solutions.
  • However, a fox may try to deceive people by making them believe things that are not true. People may feel “outfoxed” and cheated by foxes.
the owl collaboration
The Owl: Collaboration
  • The strength of this style is honesty. Owls can build trust and strong relationships. They have an open mind for realistic solutions so that everyone wins.
  • The problem is that owls must have two willing people in order to work together. Some conflicts require quick solutions and this style may take too long.
Successful Conflict Resolution Means Being Able To Use All Conflict Styles Depending on The Situation!