sit still and learn n.
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Sit Still and LEARN

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Sit Still and LEARN. W , W, H. What – What online learning is Why – So you can determine if and when you should try it and CHANGE How – in this room, talking, listening, sharing, experimenting. What is learning?.

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w w h
W, W, H

What – What online learning is

Why – So you can determine if and when you should try it and CHANGE

How – in this room, talking, listening, sharing, experimenting

what is learning
What is learning?

Learning is change in an individual, due to the acquisition of habits, knowledge and attitudes, and interactions in the individual’s environment which fulfill a need.

Knowles, Malcolm S., Elwood F. Holton, III and Richard A. Swanson. The Adult Learner. Houston, TX: Gulf Publishing, 1998, p. 12.

why did you learn this
Why did you learn this?

Need to know


Prior experiences

Readiness to learn

Orientation to learning and problem solving


Malcolm Knowles



good news
Good news

You can learn everywhere

There are inexpensive and

free ways to learn

what is online learning
What is online learning?


Distance learning

Web-based learning/training


Open, flexible and distributed*

1 *Khan, Badrul. Managing e-learning strategies. 2005. Information Science Publishing, p. 4.

time to learn
Time to learn!

Origami Rose #1

Origami Rose #2

why online learning
Why online learning?

You have a problem to solve

You’re curious

Your travel budget has been cut

You dislike face-to-face learning

You are learning alongside your colleagues…

what professional challenge are you facing now
What professional challenge are you facing now?

Who has internet access?

Find a webinar, webcast, screencast, slidecast, vodcast or podcast about New Orleans and watch for 3-5 minutes

elements of online learning
Elements of Online Learning
  • Asynchronous/


  • Synchronous
  • Webinar
  • E-course
  • Podcast
  • E-forum
  • Interactive
  • Passive
vark 1
  • You want to learn a new program, skill or game on a computer. You would:
    • talk with people who know about the program. A
    • read the written instructions that came with the program. R
    • use the controls or keyboard. K
    • follow the diagrams in the book that came with it. V
vark 2
  • Remember a time when you learned how to do something new. Try to avoid choosing a physical skill, e.g.. riding a bike. You learned best by:
        • written instructions – e.g., a manual or textbook. R
        • listening to somebody explaining it and asking questions. A
        • diagrams and charts - visual clues. V
        • watching a demonstration. K
vark 3
  • You have a problem with your heart. You would prefer that the doctor:
    • showed you a diagram of what was wrong. V
    • described what was wrong. A
    • used a plastic model to show what was wrong. K
    • gave you something to read to explain what was wrong. R
vark 4
  • Do you prefer a teacher or a presenter who uses:
    • diagrams, charts or graphs. V
    • demonstrations, models or practical sessions. K
    • question and answer, talk, group discussion, or guest speakers. A
    • handouts, books, or readings. R
vark 5

You are going to cook something as a special treat for your family. You would:

  • use a cookbook where you know there is a good recipe. R
  • cook something you know without the need for instructions. K
  • look through the cookbook for ideas from the pictures. V
  • ask friends for suggestions. A
could you see yourself
Could you see yourself…

Participating in this ALA conference virtually?

Participating in this session virtually?

what do you need from online learning
What do you need from online learning?
  • Visual engagement
  • Content
  • Objectives
  • Pace
  • Instructor
  • Interaction
  • Credit/certificate
what you should expect
What you should expect
  • Technology to work
  • Expert instructor
  • Presentation to “match” face-to-face
  • Content to match description
what you should expect1
What you should expect
  • Interaction, conversation
  • Appropriate exercises and testing
  • Ability to communicate with instructor and classmates
  • Current and relevant materials, websites, etc.
what you bring to the course
What you bring to the course





where can you find online learning
Where can you find online learning?


Vendor/manufacturer’s sites


ALA Learning Round Table