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U.S. Employee Giving Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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U.S. Employee Giving Campaign

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U.S. Employee Giving Campaign - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. Employee Giving Campaign. GE Healthcare. Agenda. External benchmarking Highlighted/Strategic Choice Employee Giving Campaign Strategy Branding Leadership engagement National strategy GE Healthcare iCare Campaign Results.

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U.S. Employee Giving Campaign

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    Presentation Transcript

    1. U.S. Employee Giving Campaign GE Healthcare

    2. Agenda External benchmarking Highlighted/Strategic Choice Employee Giving Campaign Strategy Branding Leadership engagement National strategy GE Healthcare iCare Campaign Results

    3. Highlighted/Strategic Choice Employee Giving Campaign Strategy

    4. Expanded Giving Trends 70 percent of Fortune 1000 companies now include additional organizations in their employee giving campaign* 70 percent of employees that participate in payroll deduction campaigns want more charitable choices* United Way-only campaigns are now 20 percent** • * Changing Direction: Developing Employee Friendly Workplace Campaigns with Technology and Best Practices • ** United Way America, November 2004

    5. Consulting Network Campaign Analysis Interviews held with 15 selected companies with some form of an open campaign* Aetna, American Express, Cardinal Health, Dell, ETS, GMAC-RFC, Health Partners, Hewlett Packard, HSBC (Household), IBM, Keane, Progress Energy, Sears, Thompson West, UnitedHealth Care Benchmark Study Conclusions: Employees like having the option of additional choices to contribute to through the annual giving campaign Overall giving generally increases with an expanded giving program Average gifts increase in expanded campaigns The majority (64%) of the companies in this study saw an increase in employee participation when the campaign was expanded to include other charities • * Research conducted by The Consulting Network, December 2004

    6. Key Factors Driving Campaign Expansion • The employee’s desire to have additional choice options • The ability of the nonprofit partner to fulfill corporate business or philanthropic objectives • As a response to declining employee participation • The incorporation of technology

    7. GE Healthcare iCare Campaign Approach

    8. GE Healthcare Campaign Approach 2006 – Moved to Open Choice campaign … Employees could give to any 501c3-registered nonprofit 2007 to present – Evolved to “Highlighted/Strategic Choice” campaign Additional health charities selected because of business focus areas Still open for employee to give to any nonprofit Promote 5 key charities and their relationships with GEHC Engage local reps from 5 key charities in segment/functional iCare meetings

    9. Rebranding of campaign to iCare 2006 – Moved to iCare brand Helped employees understand campaign was about more than just United Way Contemporary name evokes connection with employee concerns More personal approach to connect with younger employee base Initially some confusion whether this was the United Way Campaign from previous years or not

    10. Creation of Campaign Leadership Team Executive Band-level employees selected for every P&L and function to lead iCare in that P&L or function Requirements for each iCare P&L/functional leader: Have a sincere and genuine interest in making a difference in the community Recruit a team from their segment/function that will help with planning and executing local canvassing, events to raise overall employee participation in campaign MakeLeadership Engagement in their segment/function a top priority…Make the case to your Executive Band & higher colleagues Liaise with contacts from agencies/nonprofit groups near their segment’s facilities to get them engaged in local events for their segment/function Liaise with their P&L/Function Communications Leader or GE Healthcare Corporate Citizenship to drive communications messages about the campaign across their segment/function

    11. National Campaign Strategy Network of site leaders appointed to drive local engagement at key sites – Milwaukee, Madison, Burlington, New Jersey, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Florence, etc. – and among distributed sales/service teams Drove events such as in-facility agency fairs, agency visits before and during the campaign Provided templates for major local employee kickoff events and fundraising contests/activities Tied local engagement to those executives responsible for those facilities Reported national and local results to employees to show overall impact

    12. GE Healthcare iCare Campaign Results

    13. 2002-08 GEHC Total Employee Gifts

    14. 2002-08 GEHC Participation