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UMKC International Student Affairs Office

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UMKC International Student Affairs Office. Program Sponsor of the Exchange Visitor Program U.S Department of State. To increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries…. Purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program.

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UMKC International Student Affairs Office

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umkc international student affairs office

UMKC International Student Affairs Office

Program Sponsor of the

Exchange Visitor Program

U.S Department of State

reporting requirements
Report change of address within 10 days of moving.

Reporting is required in U.S. Government's Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)

DS-2019 form should be presented to Customs and Border Patrol upon arrival in the U.S.

Reporting Requirements
u s department of state regulations for the ev program sponsor
Sponsor a minimum of five EVs per year.

Assure three-week minimum and five-year maximum program duration for EVs that are Professors or Research Scholars.

Responsible for program administration in compliance with federal regulations.

Responsible for informing and updating Program Hosts and EVs on all program rules and regulations.

U.S. Department of State Regulations for the EV Program Sponsor
program sponsor eligibility and administration
UMKC is authorized by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor an Exchange Visitor Program.

ISAO manages and administers this program through full-time employees who serve as Responsible Officers and Alternate Responsible Officers.

Program Sponsor Eligibility and Administration
isao s responsible officer alternate responsible officer ro aro
ISAO’s Responsible Officer & Alternate Responsible Officer (RO/ARO)
  • Sandy Gault, Director and ISAO’s Responsible Officer
  • Lynne Yarnevich Coordinator of International Student & Scholar Services, Alternate Responsible Officer
  • Shannon Okuonghae, Enrollment Services Coordinator, serves as ISAO’s Alternate Responsible Officer
  • Carol Mack, Coordinator of Advising Services, Alternate Responsible Officer
categories of participants in j 1 program at umkc

Short-Term Scholars

Research Scholars


Categories of Participants in J-1 Program at UMKC
u s department of state regulations for the exchange visitor
Obtain DS-2019 issued from Program Sponsor and take to the U.S Consular Post in the home country to apply for a J-1 visa.

Acquire and maintain health insurance coverage and provide proof of coverage in English.

Report to the Program Sponsor (ISAO) within 30 days of the program start date printed on the DS-2019.

Participate in program responsibilities as instructed by the Program Host and in cross-cultural activities.

Comply with all program rules and regulations. (Maximum stay of five years for professors and scholars, seven years for medical residents, and duration of status D/S for students).

U.S. Department of StateRegulations for the Exchange Visitor
what is a visa
A visa is a page in a passport, permitting legal entry into a country.

Different visa types (J-1, J-2, F-1, F-2, H-1) have different rules.

What Is A Visa?
what is the ds2019 formerly iap 66
Contract agreement between the EV, the Department of State, and the Program Sponsor certifying eligibility.

Used to obtain a J visa

Issued by the Program Sponsor (ISAO).

Program Host (department) requests this document after having made a written contract offer, and sends it to the EV along with other useful information, and program regulations.

What is the DS2019 (formerly IAP-66) ?
responsibility of the program host academic unit or partner institution
Know and understand the basic rules and regulations that pertain to the EV program.

Verify credentials before making an offer.

Prepare and send a contract offer letter that defines the specific terms and conditions of employment, including salary and benefits, start and end dates.

Complete the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Request Form (hereafter request form) obtaining required department signatures.

Provide a copy of the signed contract letter to ISAO, along with copies of the resume and request form.

Designate a department contact person at ISAO for questions or concerns.

Notify ISAO of any changes or problems that affect the EV or the program especially visa issuance of new EV.

Remain in contact with the EV and welcome upon arrival.

Bring EV to Check-in after arrival and before their programbegins.

Responsibility of the Program Host (Academic Unit or Partner Institution)
request form for ds 2019
Completed by Program Host.

Signed by the academic unit dean or department/institution head.

Determines duration of program and details specific information concerning financial responsibility, accompanying dependents and area of expertise.

Is used by RO/ARO to generate the DS-2019.

Accompanies resume and signed contract offer letter.

Request Form* for DS-2019
responsibilities of the program sponsor isao
Provide the document needed to obtain the J visa (DS-2019).

Provide written information about program requirements to both Program Hosts and EVs.

Provide orientation and programming for EVs.

Validate EV in SEVIS upon arrival at check-in.

Maintain SEVIS record and official EV files for annual reporting.

Offer cultural learning opportunities to EVs and program hosts.

Provide updated and accurate information to EVs and program hosts.

Responsibilities of the Program Sponsor (ISAO)
welcoming the exchange visitor
Host departments and institutions will want to welcome the Exchange Visitor and offer any assistance to assure their stay is pleasant and memorable.

Assign responsible individuals to handle meeting, greeting and pick up at the airport.

Be sensitive to the EV as they have traveled a long distance and may be tired and a little disoriented especially if it is their first visit to the U.S.

Be aware that U.S. culture, customs, and behaviors that could potentially distasteful to EVs.

Offer a campus tour and city tour.

Take them to open a bank account.

Schedule an appointment with ISAO, and accompany them for check-in and orientation within a few days of their arrival!

Welcoming the Exchange Visitor
what the ev can expect at check in orientation at isao
You will be greeted and welcomed to UMKC and offered a beverage and some information about Kansas City.

Copies of your immigration documents (passport, visa, I-94 card, DS-2019) will be made for your file.

You will be asked to complete a check-in form and must provide a complete U.S. address.

You will be asked to verify your (and dependent’s) health insurance or purchase from ISAO at this time.

You will be required to complete work authorization forms if you will be employed by UMKC, and given information about applying for your social security number.

DOS rules and regulations will be described and you will be asked if you understand these rules and the consequences for violating them.

Your SEVIS record will be validated and updated by an RO or ARO and your status will become active.

*Department of State regulations require nonimmigrant visa holders in J-1 status to report to their Program Sponsor within 30 days of the start date on their DS-2019 Form. Failure to do so will result in their termination from the exchange visitor program.

What the EV Can Expect at Check-in* Orientation at ISAO
the insurance requirement
Acquire medical insurance of at least $50,000 per person (including accompanying dependents), per accident or illness.

Include repatriation of remains at $7,500.

Include expenses associated with medical evacuation at $10,000.

Assure deductible is no more than $500 per accident/illness.

Proof of coverage, in English, is required for you and your accompanying dependents.

Note: ISAO has available for purchase, insurance coverage that exceeds these requirements. Medical coverage is not an option. It is required.

The Insurance Requirement*
applying for a social security number
SEVIS information is reported to the Social Security Administration upon arrival to the U.S.

Exchange Visitors are asked to wait at least two weeks after arriving to apply for a SS card to ensure that important data transfer of visitor’s SEVIS record has been received.

New hire paperwork can still be processed and the EV may begin to work immediately with the Program Host.

Applying for a Social Security Number
the exchange visitor s j 2 dependents
Spouse/children under age 21.

Must provide official verification of finances to cover the extra expenses if annual salary is below US$30,000.

Spouse $9,000

Children $6,000 each

Individual DS-2019 required.

Spouse may apply for work authorization and may enroll in academic classes.

Children may attend school.

The Exchange Visitor’s J-2 Dependents
applying for j 2 work authorization
The spouse and children (16 and over) on a J-2 visa may apply for authorization to work for one year at a time, or until the program end date on the EV’s DS-2019 (whichever is less). The salary may be used for cultural learning purposes, but may not be used to support the EV (J-1).Applying for J-2 Work Authorization
two year foreign residency requirement 212 e
An exchange visitor is subject to INA 212(e) requirement, if the following

conditions exist:

The program in which the exchange visitor was participating was financed in whole or in part directly or indirectly by the United States government or the government of the exchange visitor's nationality or last residence;

The exchange visitor is a national or resident of a country designated as requiring the services of persons engaged in the field of specialized knowledge or skills in which the exchange visitor was engaged for the duration of their program (Exchange Visitor Skills List 9 FAM 41.62, Exhibit II);

The exchange visitor entered the United States to receive graduate medical education or training.

If the exchange visitor is subject to INA 212(e) requirement, he or she cannot change his or status to that of H, L, K, or immigrant lawful permanent resident (LPR) until he or she has returned to his/her home country for at least two-years or received a waiver of that requirement. Such waivers can be obtained under five separate basis: No Objection Statement, Exceptional Hardship or Persecution, Conrad Program, or Interested Government Agency.

Two-Year Foreign Residency Requirement212(e)
waiver of 212 e
Waiver of the 2-yr home residency requirement may be obtained with a letter of support written by a government agency or a home government official. A waiver is not automatic.

Allows scholar to change status while in the U.S.

Waiver of 212(e)
transferring in out of a program
Exchange visitors who want to transfer to another institution must notify the current Program Host and Sponsor (ISAO) of their intention to transfer out and provide an offer letter from the institution to where they intend to transfer.

Program Hosts desiring to invite or hire an exchange visitor from another institution should contact the RO/ARO at ISAO prior to hiring / inviting.

Transferring In / Out of a Program
academic training j 1 student status
J-1 student visa holders are eligible to pursue academic training as a part of their program of study.


Obtain an offer letter from the prospective employer.

Present the offer letter to the academic advisor and request a letter of recommendation from academic advisor, specifying how the training relates to the academic program, objectives, dates of employment, and why it is integral to the program of study.

Submit both letters to the RO/ARO for review and approval. Request a letter of authorization.

Must obtain the letter of authorization before beginning academic training.

Student may be approved to work for multiple employers but must follow the same procedures for each.

Academic Training (J-1 Student Status)
tax issues
Non-resident alien Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is available at ISAO. Federal and State income taxes are withheld from most U.S. earned income, and returns are filed in April of each year for the previous calendar year. You may be eligible for a tax treaty benefit.

Contact the International Student Affairs Office at 816-235-1113

Tax Issues
invalid status
Willful violation of program rules and regulations.

Failure to report to program within 30 days of start date after entering the U.S.

Remaining in the U.S. beyond program end date.

Attempting to transfer to a new institution without following proper policies and procedures.

Working illegally.

Failure to report change of address within 10 days.

Invalid Status
reasons for termination
Failure to report within 30 days of program start date on DS-2019 after entering the U.S.

Approval of change to a different visa status.

Willful violation of EV program rules and regulations.

Failure to meet the required qualifications for the job or perform as expected.

Conviction of a criminal activity.

Reasons for Termination
exit interviews
ISAO conducts exit interviews with exchange visitors terminating, completing or transferring out of their programs.


Self-Assessment of Services

Determine the needs of future scholars

Determine the needs of academic units

Establish an on-going relationship

Need to notify DOS

Exit Interviews
common issues of concern and helpful resources
Limited language skills

Lack of socialization opportunities.

Health, illness, insurance and medical practices and procedures.

Mental health, counseling, and therapy.

Cross-cultural issues in the workplace.

* The ISAO is your one-stop resource. The RO/ARO will be happy to assist you with any issue and/or guide you to someone who can help.

Common Issues of Concern and Helpful Resources*
isao offers other assistance
Provide opportunities for making host friends.

Refer ALI services.

Provide cultural and social activities.

Refer to Counseling Center.

Mediate a discussion.

Assist with general problems or concerns.

ISAO Offers Other Assistance
program acronyms terms and definitions
DOS (Department of State): U.S. government agency that regulates the Exchange Visitor Program.

SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System): U.S. government database, implemented after Sept 11, 2001, for the purpose of monitoring students and exchange visitors in F and J visa statuses.

EV (Exchange Visitor): a J visa holder.

ISAO (International Student Affairs Office): approved sponsor for the EV program.

RO (Responsible Officer): Supervises and administers the EV program.

ARO (Alternate Responsible Officer): Assists RO in administration of the EV program.

Program Sponsor: Institution approved by the DOS to administer the EV program (ISAO).

Program Host: Academic Unit or partner institution inviting/hiring an EV.

Termination: Action taken by an RO/ARO in SEVIS, to an EV record, upon violation of a DOS regulation.

End Program: Action taken by RO/ARO in SEVIS, to an EV record, when transferring out or when EV chooses to withdraw from the program.

Academic Training: Sponsor approved work authorization for a J-1 student visa holder. Authorization required.

Program Acronyms, Terms and Definitions