SunGuide SM Software Development Project Status Meeting November 9, 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

sunguide sm software development project status meeting november 9 2004 n.
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SunGuide SM Software Development Project Status Meeting November 9, 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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SunGuide SM Software Development Project Status Meeting November 9, 2004

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SunGuide SM Software Development Project Status Meeting November 9, 2004
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SunGuide SM Software Development Project Status Meeting November 9, 2004

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Presentation Transcript

  1. SunGuideSM Software Development ProjectStatus Meeting November 9, 2004

  2. Agenda SunGuide Status Meeting

  3. Introductions SunGuide Status Meeting

  4. Agenda SunGuide Status Meeting

  5. License Updates • SwRI / FDOT Sublicense • License executed on August 29, 2003 before the contract started. • License updated on September 5, 2003 covering distribution source code to other Florida governmental entities. • TxDOT informed SwRI on January 22, 2004 that TransGuide software was on “hold”. • License amended on April 12, 2004 (to support District 2 and name change) SunGuide Status Meeting

  6. License Updates • For a FDOT / TxDOT partnership to occur two things are needed: • MOU and License: • FDOT provided TxDOT with comments and legal opinion on March 2, 2004 • TxDOT provided FDOT with draft MOU and License on March 16, 2004 • FDOT forwarded draft MOU & License to TxDOT on October 18, 2004 • TxDOT Software License (solves TransGuide license issue) • TxDOT provided FDOT with a license on June 30, 2004 (included previous FDOT requests for content). • FDOT signed license on August 10, 2004. • TxDOT acknowledged the receiving of the FDOT signed license on August 23, 2004. • TxDOT signed license on August 30, 2004 and sent to FDOT on September 20, 2003. • FDOT Requested TransGuide software on October 4, 2004. • FDOT Received TransGuide software on October 19, 2004. SunGuide Status Meeting

  7. License Updates - continued • FDOT / WSDOT Term of Use (TOU): • WSDOT provided FDOT with standard TOU on February 11, 2004. • FDOT provided recommendation on to WSDOT on March 13, 2004. • FDOT provided comments to the WSDOT’s Office of General Counsel’s August 21, 2004. • WSDOT began working on FDOT’s comments on August 26, 2004. • FDOT requested status on September 14, 2004, October 7, 2004 and November 5, 2004. SunGuide Status Meeting

  8. License Updates - continued • FDOT / MDX Joint Program Agreement (JPA) • FDOT provided MDX with preliminary JPA on December 3, 2003. • MDX provided FDOT with draft final JPA on June 23, 2004. • FDOT worked on Locally Funded Agreement and MDX JPA. • FDOT forwarded updated JPA and sublicense to MDX on October 26, 2004 SunGuide Status Meeting

  9. License Updates - continued • SwRI / FDOT / Lee County Sublicense • Lee County provided FDOT with official letter for participation on July 27, 2004 • FDOT and SwRI started documentation preparation on July 30, 2004 • SwRI provided FDOT with draft language on September 10, 2004 • FDOT forwarded sublicense to Lee County on October 26, 2004 • FDOT issued iFlorida Data Collection Process (DCP) notice to proceed on September 8, 2004. • GDT License: • System Planning Office and Office of Information Systems are finalizing the license agreement on September 14, 2004. • Kevin Thibault approved the $130,000 GDT Procurement on October 19, 2004 SunGuide Status Meeting

  10. Agenda SunGuide Status Meeting

  11. Reports by Deployment and Possible Integration Schedule • District 4 • District 6 • MDX • District 7 • District 1 • District 2 • District 5 • District 3 • Turnpike Enterprise SunGuide Status Meeting

  12. District 4 Schedule • September 2004 District 4 moves equipment to new TMC • October 12, 2004 SunGuideSM Software Team performs Milestone Demonstration • December 2004 SunGuideSM Software Team provides TMC operators with software training • January 2005 SunGuideSM Software Team sets up the District 4 software SunGuide Status Meeting

  13. District 4 Milestone Demonstration SunGuide Status Meeting

  14. District 4 Schedule • December 2004 I95/I595 Video Monitoring Project Starts. • January 2005 District 4 TMC Grand Opening. • January 2005 Complete I 95/I 595 Video Monitoring and Detector System SunGuide Status Meeting

  15. District 6 RTMC SunGuide Status Meeting

  16. District 6 Schedule • June 25, 2004 New TMC Grand Opening • April 2005 Ramp metering subsystem to be installed and tested • June 2005 SunGuideSM Software Release 2 deployment includes Ramp metering system • July 2005 I-95 Package B project completion SunGuide Status Meeting

  17. MDX Schedule • April 7, 2003 MDX sent letter to ITS Office about participating in SunGuideSM Project • April 25, 2003 FDOT Responded, Welcoming MDX’s participation • December 3, 2003 FDOT provided MDX with a draft Joint Program Agreement • June 2005 SunGuideSM Software Release 2 deployment at MDX • October 2005 MDX TMC Operational SunGuide Status Meeting

  18. District 7 RTMC November 2005 Building Construction Finish April 2006 SunGuideSM Software Deployment SunGuide Status Meeting

  19. District 2 RTMC FY 2004 I-95 N ITS ImprovementFY 2006 SunGuideSMDeployment (Tentative) SunGuide Status Meeting

  20. District 5 RTMC FY 2004 Orlando RTMC retrofit and upgrade September 8, 2004 - iFlorida Data Collection Process December 2005 FY 2004-2005 iFlorida C2C between Districts 2 and 5 SunGuide Status Meeting

  21. Turnpike RTMC SunGuide Status Meeting

  22. Turnpike Schedule • March 2004 SunNav 1.1 Test • April 2004 SunNav 1.2 Development • June 2005 Observe D 4, D 6, & MDX C2C Deployment SunGuide Status Meeting

  23. District 1 May 2005 I-75 Safety Barrier System upgrade December 2006 SunGuideSM Deployment at Ft. Myers RTMC FY 2011 (2005) Sarasota RTMC SunGuide Status Meeting

  24. District 3 FY 2007 Pensacola RTMC FY 2008 Tallahassee RTMC SunGuide Status Meeting

  25. Lee County Bridge Incident Management July 27, 2004 Lee County Public Works will participate in SunGuide Software SunGuide Status Meeting

  26. C2C Schedule • February 16, 2004 SunGuideSM and C2C Project Team completed Interface Control Document (ICD) • February 20, 2004 SunGuideSM and C2C Project Coordination Teleconference • March 9, 2004 SunGuideSM & C2C Project Coordination Meeting • June, 2005 C2C deployment among Districts 4, 6, and MDX SunGuide Status Meeting

  27. Agenda SunGuide Status Meeting

  28. Project Web Site SunGuide Status Meeting

  29. Release-Oriented Development Approach SunGuide Status Meeting

  30. Project Management: PM / Meetings / Reviews Process documents Interface Control Documents (ICDs) Core software framework: Database User administration Executive handler Status logger User interface Map Data Bus DMS: General Subsystem NTCIP Florida MIB driver Mark IV version 2.5 driver Status of Release 1 Activities SunGuide Status Meeting

  31. CCTV Control: General Subsystem NTCIP 1205 driver Video Switching General Subsystem IP Video switching driver Video Wall General Subsystem Barco/Argus video wall driver Traffic Detection, driver for: General Subsystem Bitrans B238-I4 driver RTMS (EIS and Wavetronix) driver Status of Release 1 Activities - continued SunGuide Status Meeting

  32. Incident Management: GUI Subsystem TIM coordination Training: Training Plan Classes being adjusted Material being developed Testing Integration testing Document development Documents: Software User’s Manual (SUM Version Description Document (VDD) Software Design Document (SDD) Status of Release 1 Activities - continued SunGuide Status Meeting

  33. Ramp Metering: Design activities initiated Initial GUI design completed High level design completed Emergency Evacuation: Requirements refined and provided to FDOT Design initiated Data Archive Requirements refined Design initiated Web Server Requirements refined Design initiated HAR Requirements refined Design initiated Center-to-Center Requirements refined Design initiated RWIS Requirements refined Design initiated Inventory and Maintenance Requirements to be refined Optional Service: iFlorida Data Collection Process (DCP) Status of Release 2 Activities SunGuide Status Meeting

  34. Development Activity • Software development for Release 1 is complete • Current Release 1 activities: • Integration Testing • System Testing • Endurance Testing • Documentation (ICDs and SDD) • Release 2 activities: • Design • Prototyping (preview in the December meeting) • Coding to start soon SunGuide Status Meeting

  35. Development Schedule • For the last 12 months: • Factory Acceptance Testing in San Antonio on November 17-19, 2004 • Deployment in District 4 on December 2, 2004 • Recent developments: • District 4 ready to deploy late January, early February 2005 • Additional review time for testing documents • FDOT’s request to add District 4 DMS Message rules to the Incident Management Subsystem PRIOR to Release 1 testing • New Schedule: • Factory Acceptance Testing in San Antonio on January 10-12, 2005 • Deployment in District 4 on January 24, 2004 SunGuide Status Meeting

  36. Deliverable Status • SwRI waiting for FDOT comments: • Concept of Operations • Version Description Document • Future documents to be provided by SwRI: • Software Integration Case Procedures (final version) • Software User’s Manual (draft and final version) • Software Design Document (final version) • District 4 Deployment Plan (draft and final version) All documents delivered to FDOT are available on the project web site. SunGuide Status Meeting

  37. Cost Status • Release 1: • Budget amount: $3,863,374 • As of 9/24/04, ~$3,257,000 has been expended • Release 2: • Budget amount: $2,568,339 • As of 9/24/04, ~$254,000 has been expended • Adjustments: • Reductions (funds back to FDOT): • Eliminating DTS Efforts: $75,009.71 • Combining 2a and 2b: $66,827.29 (this includes a “training adjustment” to add classes) • Additions: • iFlorida DCP Task: $64,531.00 • Distinct 4 Message Rules: $30,854.32 SunGuide Status Meeting

  38. Spending Curve SunGuide Status Meeting

  39. Schedule Status • Current areas of concern: • Documents: • None • Software: • None SunGuide Status Meeting

  40. Schedule Status – continuedLast Reporting Period SunGuide Status Meeting

  41. Schedule Status - continuedCurrent Reporting Period SunGuide Status Meeting

  42. Functional Threads SunGuide Status Meeting

  43. Schedule Status - continued • Integration/Testing: • Proceeding well • Continuing long term “endurance” testing • “Factory” Acceptance Testing: • Tentatively January 10-12 in San Antonio • Future status meetings that need to be scheduled: • December 8, 2004 (“short” meeting in Jacksonville) • Future reviews that need to be scheduled: • Release 2 Software Design Review: sometime early 2005, will be held once other Release 1 and Release 2 enhancement requests are complete SunGuide Status Meeting

  44. Agenda SunGuide Status Meeting

  45. TIM Coordination Meeting • Meeting: • Held: Thursday, October 22, 2004 • Where: Orlando RTMC • Attendees: • Mike Akridge, FDOT • Elizabeth McCrary, FDOT • Liang Hsia, FDOT • Dong Chen, FDOT • Steve Corbin, FDOT • Denny Pedrick, FDOT • James Bitting, FDOT • Kendra Blackforce, TPK • Ranzy Whiticker, TPK • Mike Meincke, TPK • Mike Washburn, TPK • Nelson Figueroa, FDOT • Larry Rivera, FDOT • Paul Dixon, FHP • Mark Roberts, FDOT • Brenda Young, FDOT • Jennifer Heller, FDOT • Robert Heller, SwRI • Bret Sadler, SwRI • Walt Townsend, ITS-Siemens • Charles Wallace, PBF SunGuide Status Meeting

  46. TIM Coordination Meeting:Capability for Consideration • Link to Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, which is a standard, statewide system. SunGuideSM has a C2C capability through which CAD data could be transmitted but logic would need to be added when received in SunGuideSM. • Some districts have adopted three levels of incidents based on both severity (length) of the incident and lane closures. This was not in the IM requirements per se (there are three “levels”: Minor, Moderate and Severe that are functions of user-defined percentages of lanes blocked). The new MUTCD uses three levels based on time (which are similar to Florida’s time-based criteria. The conclusion was that the definition of incident severity (and their labels) should be user configurable, and that the history of an incident’s evolution should be fully reproducible. (Note: there must be some commonalities in order to report and measure performance at a statewide level.) • District 4 has proposed a standard template for DMS messages that is being implemented in SunGuideSM. SunGuide Status Meeting

  47. TIM Coordination Meeting:Capability for Consideration – con’t • The software should associate a lane configuration with each TSS link on the map. When the operator clicks on a link to create an incident, automatically pre-select the lane configuration associated with that link. (Currently, when an operator creates an incident, they must manually choose a lane configuration for the location associated with the incident.) • In the message sign control GUI, add a way to bring up a camera that can see the sign, in order to confirm message activation. • When logging incident data, include TSS data so that “end of congestion” time can be tracked as well as closure of incidents. • The TIM group suggested identifying incident data by region (rural and urban), route, number of accidents, time to clear and recover from incidents, vehicle types, and highest location of incidents. The TIM Group needs to refine these requirements, including explicit reporting requirements. SunGuide Status Meeting

  48. TIM Coordination Meeting:Capability for Consideration – con’t • It was suggested that incidents should identify types of vehicles involved in the incident (CV/auto, auto/auto, CV/CV, multiple vehicles of all types, etc.). • SunGuideSM needs to include the statewide TIM performance measures currently being researched. • SunGuideSM ‘s geo-location system is based entirely on lat-long. It will be important to add mile marker locations, particularly in view of a possible deployment of location reference markers extensively throughout the state. This process needs to be automated. Also, freeway cross streets are common reference points, so a quicker way for operators to locate them is desirable. Similarly, it needs to be determined whether it is necessary to include the link-node system. • SunGuideSM has a flag to indicate that a hazardous material is involved in the incident, but the type of material is not captured. A set of HAZMAT categories at least, or actual chemicals at most, should be added. SunGuide Status Meeting

  49. TIM Coordination Meeting:Capability for Consideration – con’t • It is further suggested that other data, such as ambient lighting, be added. The TIM Program will need to specify all such data that are not currently being captured. • The contacts list currently has to be created for each incident. The capability to have contact groups should be added, and incidents should be able to have pre-designated groups to notify, by severity level and perhaps even other criteria. (Note: these pre-designated groups would be a minimum given the incident.) • Dispatching of Road Rangers should be automated in the software. • The use of PDAs for Road Ranger logging needs to be recognized and the ability to upload these data be added. • Consider changing the DMS editor to allow selecting multiple signs to update with the same message, dragging one sign into another to copy text, etc. Also, when adding a sign to an incident response plan midstream, allow its proposed message to be populated automatically. • Add Incident Management reporting capabilities. Districts are to submit examples of their desired reports. SunGuide Status Meeting

  50. Agenda SunGuide Status Meeting