welcome to room 204 n.
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Welcome to Room 204

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Welcome to Room 204. Expectations and Norms. My Mission. To assure high levels of learning for all students! Clear Expectations Academics Behavior Communication Students Parents Multiple ways to demonstrate Mastery of our Common Core Standards. Norms.

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welcome to room 204

Welcome to Room 204

Expectations and Norms

my mission
My Mission
  • To assure high levels of learning for all students!
  • Clear Expectations
    • Academics
    • Behavior
  • Communication
    • Students
    • Parents
  • Multiple ways to demonstrate Mastery of our Common Core Standards
  • “When all is said and done, the norms of a group help determine whether it functions as a high-performing team or becomes simply a loose collection of people working together.”—Goleman
class 108 norms and expectations
Class 108 Norms and Expectations
  • Be Prepared
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe
if you choose to break a norm
If You Choose To Break a Norm
  • 1st Time: Warning
  • 2nd Time: - BIF
    • Phone call home
  • 3rd Time: - BIF and ISS
    • Parent conference
  • BIF: Behavior Intervention Form
class room design
Class Room Design
  • All Student’s can learn!
  • All students can master the core of the curriculum.
  • I am not going to provide answers.
  • I am going to ask the right questions so you can justify your answer!

To Leave:

  • I will not accept written passes or phone calls asking me to send a kid.
  • Only PACK passes accepted are those teacher PACK passes distributed to teachers from the office.
  • Movement is controlled by the teacher not the student. 
    • No movement
    • No talking
  • You can not sign out because you choose to go see a teacher or go somewhere. 
  • I have a sign out sheet. 
    • To signing out you must have an approved pass or your name is on the permanent intervention list.
    • No Pass No go.
  • You are to leave at the start of PACK not halfway through. 
    • You have 3 - 4 minutes to be where you need to be.

To Arrive:

  • Stay Awhile: You will not be sent back. 
    • You will stay here once you arrive
  • If you misplace the pass you lose the privilege to come see me.
    • If you abuse the privilege such as leave and not go where you are supposed to etc. you lose the privilege for 1 week and if you do it again you lose it for the month and after that the semester.
  • Every student signs in when they arrive at their destination.
entering the room
Entering the room:
  • Enter the room quietly and respectfully.
    • No shouting, play fighting or cussing
  • I am not available at the start of the class
  • Please wait to talk to me during the last 5 minutes of class, during work time or make an appointment with me.
start on time tardy
Start on Time & Tardy
  • Tardy means inside the classroom when the bell rings
  • Follow BHHS Tardy Procedures
    • Head directly to the Attendance Office
      • Sweepers will escort you to their if you choose not to go
    • Return to class IMMEDIATELY
      • You only have 3 min. from the time on your pass to make it to class – otherwise you are Truant
    • Be seated and get to work –

DO NOT DISRUPT THE CLASS – this will constitute a BIF

start on time what can i expect
Start on Time: What can I expect?
  • Your classes will always START on Time!
    • even when you are late
  • You will be treated fairly and with respect.
  • Your tardy will be recorded.
    • The consequences outlined in our Student Handbook for repeated tardiness within a semester are as follows:
      • 1st and 2nd tardy: teacher will address the concern in the classroom
      • 3rd and 4th tardy: teacher assigns Student Court and
      • 5th or more: Office referral, resulting in Friday Workday assignments (during ACT).
        • Students with excessive tardies may be placed on an attendance contract.
getting to work immediately
Getting to work immediately:
  • You are expected to have all material out and on your desk ready to roll.
    • Sharpen pencils at this time.
    • Get Textbook if needed.
  • Look at board and follow opening/bell ringer activities.
electronic devices
Electronic Devices
  • There are no unauthorized electronic devices allowed in room 204.
    • You are here to learn and electronic devices are distracting.
  • I will take your electronic device if I see it, hear it or smell it.
  • 1st offense: until the end of the day
  • 2nd offense: in the office until a parent picks it up
10 10 rule and end of period dismissal
10/10 RULE and End-of-Period dismissal:
  • The first and last 10 minutes are still valuable class minutes.
  • You are expected to use them wisely.
  • NO ONE is to leave during this time.
the door
  • The door is not a magical portal!
  • You may not huddle around the door.
  • Stay seated until the bell rings.
    • 10/10 Rule
    • fire hazard
    • rather claustrophobic
    • tells me you haven’t used your time wisely

If you choose, must unwisely to huddle around the door, you will donate your time.

Not worth it!

coming to attention
Coming to attention:
  • I will raise my hand and ask

for your attention.

    • “3, 2, 1”
  • Attention means no talking
    • this includes non-verbal communication that is so distracting: eye-rolling, notes, sign language.
  • IF you are listening to someone else when I need your attention that is considered talking – please get yourself and your partner to focus.
listening and responding to lectures questions and directions
Listening and responding to lectures, questions and directions:
  • You must listen to lectures, questions and directions without off-task talking.
  • Please take notes during lectures.
  • Respond when called on without your default “I don’t know”.
  • Take a risk!
when you need a pencil or paper
When you need a pencil or paper:
  • You should not have to ask for these, as you should already have them.
    • This is part of being prepared.
  • I charge a shoe for the class time use of a pen or pencil.
    • You give me back my pencil I give you back your shoe.
  • It is best to ask someone close by VERY quietly and without distracting anyone.
knowing the schedule for the class
Knowing the schedule for the class:
  • Look at the agenda when you come in.
    • All pertinent information will be there, in your planner or the Wiki page.
    • http://mshummelbhhs.pbworks.com
    • Write down the agenda every Monday and revise as needed.
how to move about the room
How to move about the room:
  • Zen Bubble
  • VERY quietly and without distracting anyone – you are not to draw attention to yourself.
asking a question
Asking a question:
  • During instructional time please raise hand and wait until I respond.
    • I know it may not be as fast as you’d like but I will get to you.
headings on papers
Headings on papers:
  • Please put your full name, my last name, the date, assignment name and period on the top corner of your papers.
  • I prefer left hand side

Simon Smith



How to Pick Your Nose Essay


where and when to turn in your work
Where and when to turn in your work:
  • RED BASKET at the front of class.
  • When:
    • you are done
    • I ask for it
    • it is due
    • all the above
  • All assignments for the day are DUE when the bell rings.
    • If you do not have said assignment with you –it is late and will be notes as such
    • Late Work derails the Learning Community
  • NO you may not go print it off after the bell rings
    • Take the TARDY
      • Take care of your responsibilities BEFORE you enter the classroom
where to find your corrected work
Where to find your corrected work:
  • Work will be passed back to you with the help of class participants.
  • Keep all work!
what to do if you are done with class work
What to do if you are done with class work:
  • Study something else, read, draw, etc
  • Notice I did not say hang out with friends, listen to music, talk/text on your phone
when you are absent if excused
When you are absent: If excused,
  • You may make-up the work.
    • You have as many days as you were absent to make it up.
    • The day you return is the day your extension starts so come to me immediately.
  • Check the Wiki for info daily!
  • ASK a friend to help you follow directions and any notes, etc. that you missed.
  • You miss class you will miss a lot!!!!
when you are absent if unexcused
When you are absent: If unexcused
  • Sorry – there will be no make up work.
  • You miss class you will miss a lot!!!!
going to the office or nurse s room
Going to the office or nurse’s room:
  • These trips should be done on your time.
    • You know before class if you need the nurse or the office.
  • If the office wants you they will send a note.
  • Emergency: You will need a note from me.
going to the bathroom pre ape ape
Going to the bathroom: Pre-APE/APE
  • You will need to get the hall pass from me.
  • Use your break responsibly
    • Please only go to the bathroom
  • If I notice your excessive use of “potty breaks”, expect a conversation and loss of pass
passing papers
Passing papers:
  • Pass papers quietly and without tossing them at the next person.
returning to a task after an interruption visitor announcement bells etc
Returning to a task after an interruption (visitor, announcement, bells, etc.):
  • Do so quickly and quietly.
when i am out of the room
When I am out of the room:
  • You know what to do.
  • Stay focused and on task.
  • All expectations and consequences stay the same whether I am in the room or not.
    • This goes for substitutes
study partner
Study Partner
  • Choose a reliable person or two to exchange phone numbers and e mail with.
  • Your study partner is there to help you when you are absent.
  • Your study partner is not there to give you the answers to work.