the perfect way to live your life n.
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The perfect way to live your life PowerPoint Presentation
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The perfect way to live your life

The perfect way to live your life

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The perfect way to live your life

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  1. The perfect way to live your life

  2. When you follow a balanced diet at specific times and dates for regular help the body get rid of chemicals and toxins in it .

  3. 6am am am

  4. This time is a good time to awaken from sleep and easy to do exercises such as walking or jogging They all must be assigned at least 30 minutes a day to do some Exercises to get a healthy body

  5. am am

  6. Thatdate absorption of food in the small intestineMust be dealt with breakfast timeat this

  7. Patients who suffer from anemia and lack of hemoglobin in the blood should eat breakfast before 6.30 am , those who wish to maintain the integrity of his body and mind must address the breakfast before 7.30 am Normal RBC Sickle RBC

  8. Persons who do not eat breakfast and are accustomed to , we must change their habits Because that is the most important causes of liver damage and late breakfast until 9 - 10 am clock is better than not addressed at all

  9. am am

  10. Levels of the stress hormone of cortisol , a modest increase in the brain with the solutions to the time, and this reasonable amount of cortisol helps the mind to focus Sound mind

  11. The person at this time , the fastest responses, and mental sharpness and vigilance backtracking pmthis period suitable for the development of new ideas , writing reports and finding solutions to difficult problems

  12. am Pm

  13. land levels of the hormone melatonin to sleep in this period, to the lowest level, this means that we are where we are ready to do a large number of tasks and projects Our ability to carry a lot of work, rising in the middle of the day,

  14. Pm Pm

  15. This time is best to take the premium and that this timing was right for lunch, especially the process of digestion that attracts blood to the stomach, and divert it from the brain, and are advised to avoid eating lunch by this time, at midday,

  16. because that would make us feel the desire to sleep from that period can be allocated for activities that help to relax, like meditation, or activities that do not require a lot of intellectual effort, such as reading a magazine

  17. Pm Pm

  18. the brain is tired at this time, and the best we can do in this period is the participation of colleagues to discuss work issues, although we are not to be mentally alert as we were in a prior period during the day, However, we be more calm

  19. Pm Pm

  20. Pm Pm

  21. At this time a sudden shift from full alert to the sense of sleepy and why to the rapid rise in the levels of melatonin at the same time we are witnessing a parallel decrease in the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with vigilance, and the best possible done during this period, the relaxation

  22. Pm Pm

  23. This time, which is the disposal of excess toxins in the lymphatic system For, this time should you spend on quietly it must be a priority for us, going to sleep is necessary at this time alleviate the lights in the house after dinner,

  24. so make sure the body that the day had ended, and the best we can do at this hour is to expand and read a good book, or write a diary, or read something we want to remember the next day.

  25. Pm am

  26. Deadline for the liver get rid of toxins and this is a perfect time for deep sleep

  27. am am

  28. gallbladder get rid of toxins and also be an ideal time for deep sleep

  29. am am

  30. That date get rid of the toxins lung Therefore, we will find that a patient who is suffering from cough .It will suffer more at this time The reason for this That the process of detoxification has begun in the respiratory tract

  31. And that there is no need to take medicine to stop or calm the cough at this timeSo as to prevent interference in the process get rid of toxins in the lung

  32. by Here, we recommend that smokers do not smoke at this time Because it also prevents the discharge of toxins through the addition of new toxins, rather than the conduct of the old

  33. 4am am am

  34. Is the time when the bone marrow produces blood cells So we have to sleep early ... And sleep well and deeply The sleep late and wake up late working on disabling the body to get rid of the toxins in it .

  35. 5am am am

  36. This time get rid of the toxins colon of toxins So you should urinate in such a time to empty the bladder to help the colon to get rid of toxins

  37. And hereby advise the people who suffer from chronic constipation will have to attend to wake up at this time (5 am) in order to help the colon to work and drainage During the several days will end with chronic constipation also need to adhere to a balanced food

  38. Ghiada’a Sundos Lojain

  39. thank you for listening