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Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

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Planet Press: Advanced Techniques - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planet Press: Advanced Techniques. Welcome. Connect Conference 2013. This is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. The benefits go beyond just training and education—collaborate with your peers and inspire others around you. educate • collaborate • inspire.

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Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

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Connect Conference 2013

This is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. The benefits go beyond just training and education—collaborate with your peers and inspire others around you.

educate • collaborate • inspire

planet press advanced techniques1

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

Planet Press is a powerful tool that provides endless customization to your businesses workflow.

This presentation will explore more advanced techniques of enhancing your brand, improving customer-facing document delivery, and optimizing your business flow.

planet press advanced techniques2

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

Videos and Other Resources

  • DDMS Training Videos:
  • Objectif Lune Resource Center & Knowledgebase:
planet press advanced techniques3

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques


  • PlanetPress Designer
    • Enhance document appearance based on conditions
  • PlanetPress Configuration
    • Customize printing and emailing workflows
  • Troubleshooting Techniques
    • Common issues and resolutions
planet press advanced techniques4

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

Sample Data

  • Sample Data
    • The raw text file passed from DDMS to Planet Press
    • Drives nearly all aspects of Planet Press
    • Required for troubleshooting, designing, and creating complex processes
planet press advanced techniques5

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques


  • Load sample data
  • True/false basic text conditions
    • Example: Add 10% off HEW items coupon
    • Example: Add coupon to last page
    • Other examples you are using now
    • Designer vs. Configuration
  • Advanced conditions
    • Red (right-clickable) text
    • Combine 2 or more basic conditions
  • Barcodes/QR
planet press advanced techniques6

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques


  • Load sample data
  • Basic text conditions
  • Archive / Email reports and documents for salespeople (Dedicated print-to-email printers)
  • Customize email messages/Add additional attachment flyer
  • Red (right-clickable) text
    • System variables, data locations, etc.
  • Send to Folder plugin for .TXT files

*Great for troubleshooting and designing!

planet press advanced techniques7

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

Troubleshooting Printing Issues

  • Service Console
    • Errors: Printers not paused/Cannot get exclusive access to spool file/etc.
  • Always follow printer path flow:TBL Config > TBL Server > Input Printer > PP > Physical Output Printer
  • Clear stuck jobs in print spooler
    • C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers
  • If hosted - restart VPN
  • If not hosted
    • Restart PP services
    • Restart PP machine (and DDMS server)
planet press advanced techniques8

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

Troubleshooting Display Issues

  • Troubleshooting Steps
    • Add Folder Output to .TXT file on printer process having the issue
    • Print / Email the job as normal
    • Load the sample data into the designer and review
planet press advanced techniques9

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

Additional Ideas & Integration

Planet Press Professional Service Offerings:

  • RouteTrakSignatures on Invoices
  • Attach Invoices to Statements
  • Labels
  • AP Checks
  • PDF Archive Workflows
planet press advanced techniques10

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques


  • PlanetPress Designer

 PlanetPress Configuration

 Troubleshooting Techniques

planet press advanced techniques11

Planet Press: Advanced Techniques

Session Survey

Don’t forget to turn in your session survey for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate

Surveys can be turned in at the Conference Registration in the Trinity Foyer or in the Lab located in the Pegasus Ballroom (both located on the lobby level)

customer service support

Customer Service & Support

Contact Information

  • Support
    • 800-366-4778
    • Monday – Friday
    • 7AM-7PM CST
  • Training
    • 800-959-3367 Option 5
    • Virtual Class Training
    • One on One Training
    • Onsite Training
    • New KnowledgeBase is available!