ocr nationals level 3 ict l.
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OCR Nationals Level 3 ICT PowerPoint Presentation
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OCR Nationals Level 3 ICT

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OCR Nationals Level 3 ICT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCR Nationals Level 3 ICT. Induction post-16. Welcome!. To what is by far the BEST course of them all. Most flexible Most useful Most interesting Most fun. Plan – and the clock is ticking..!. Get everyone logged on and sorted Set up user area Give you a shopping list! Start Unit 1!

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ocr nationals level 3 ict

OCR Nationals Level 3 ICT

Induction post-16

  • To what is by far the BEST course of them all.
    • Most flexible
    • Most useful
    • Most interesting
    • Most fun.
plan and the clock is ticking
Plan – and the clock is ticking..!
  • Get everyone logged on and sorted
  • Set up user area
  • Give you a shopping list!
  • Start Unit 1!
  • Q & A
logging on
Logging on
  • User name – constituents
  • Password
  • Password security (also a bit of Unit 1)
setting up
Setting Up
  • Files and folders – appropriate names and structure
  • Backup – to a removable drive. USB KEYS.
  • Evidence provided – email.
navigation programs
  • Pretty normal stuff
  • Ipsnay on the ‘freeware’
  • Use of Start Menu/icons
  • Automatically copied by our email system
  • Access from outwith the school –
    • https://mail.kes.sheffield.sch.uk/exchange
  • Login – kes7\login name
  • Password – password
  • Protocols – CAPITALS/ Subject line/ attachments/ text-speak!
unit 1

Unit 1

Digital Business Communication




Internet-based business



The Definition of Ecommerce is just what it seems like, E(Electronic) + Commerce... Ecommerce. Any form of commerce(business transactions) which are based on an electronic medium. (www.designexplosion.com)


Ecommerce Definition:  ecommerce, e-commerce, or electronic commerce is the conduct of a financial transactions by electronic means.  With the huge success of commerce on the Internet, ecommerce usually refers to shopping at online stores on the World Wide Web, also known as ecommerce Web sites. Ecommerce can be business to business (B to B) or business to consumer (B to C).  (www.straight-on.com)

Internet-based business


A starting point is to define eBusiness as "interaction with business partners, where the interaction is enabled by information technology". (www.ecommerceprogram.com)


Business (electronic business) is, in its simplest form, the conduct of business on the Internet. It is a more generic term than eCommerce because it refers to not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners. (www.computerecommerce.com)

Internet-based business


A more comprehensive, practical definition is the one formulated by specialists of CISCO company: eMarketing is a generic term utilized for a wide range of activities - advertising, customer communications, branding, fidelity programs etc. - using the internet. (www.articleblast.com)


E-marketing is the complete process of rightly positioning your online business on the Web, and includes the customized preparation of e-marketing services and strategies targeted at the special needs of online businesses. (www.myclicks.us)

your turn
Your turn
  • Alone or in pairs (depends how brave you feel!)
    • If you are working for HSBC, what are the issues you have to consider when sending an important email to ALL Departments across the globe?
    • If you are launching a new website for Marks & Spencer with an eye to improved overseas sales, what issues do you need to consider?

Q & A

Now it’s your turn!