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9th Meeting

9th Meeting. Viewing the Output. VARIETY OF OUTPUT DEVICES. 1. MONITOR 2. PRINTER 3. SCANNER 4. SPEAKER 5 . INFOCUS. Explanation. 1. Monitor Computer monitor is one

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9th Meeting

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  1. 9th Meeting Viewing the Output


  3. Explanation 1. Monitor Computer monitor is one Type of soft-copy devices,because the output is a from of electronic signals,in this case is an image that appears on the screen. 2. Printer The printer task to print and duplicate data in the from of a document or image to the next word in print on paper. 3. Scanner Serves as a tool to retrieve and duplicate images 4. Speaker Is a tool that has the function of the output soundaudio files (Mp3, Wave, etc) 5. Infocus Is tool for displaying images or programs that advances in reflection to the wall or a new board can see the results and images that produced much larges than the monitor.

  4. MONITOR How does the monitor work? Monitor has 2 wires that are behind it. 1.Power cable / power 2.The cable signal / data 3. The performance screen monitor. 4. The performance system colour on screen monitor. 5. The picture a graphic 6. Which connects betweenHardware and User

  5. Blind side from tools output 1) Can not display the large screen 2) Can not write to the hand like smart board 3) Can cause eye damage

  6. conclusion Monitor output is a useful tool to display all the data available in computer. Computer if there is no monitor can not be used.

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