tia update on cdma2000 ngn activities l.
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TIA Update on cdma2000 ® NGN Activities PowerPoint Presentation
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TIA Update on cdma2000 ® NGN Activities

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TIA Update on cdma2000 ® NGN Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) 14. NGN. TIA Update on cdma2000 ® NGN Activities. Common IMS (1).

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tia update on cdma2000 ngn activities

Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) 14


TIA Update on cdma2000® NGN Activities


Common IMS (1)

  • Under the Common IMS Initiative, 3GPP and 3GPP2 successfullyrolled all the 3GPP2 enhancements to IMS back into the 3GPP specifications. Going forward, all further IMS work will be done in 3GPP, with member companies representing the needs of the CDMA community.
  • With the success of Common IMS, there is now a single IMS system for the industry
common ims 2
Common IMS (2)
  • The following specifications have been capped in TIA accordingly:
    • TIA-873-B, All-IP Core Network - Multimedia Domain
    • TIA-1032-A, Presence Service
    • TIA-1069, Conferencing using the IP Multimedia Core Network
    • TIA-1091-B, IMS Security Framework
    • TIA-1111, VoIP Emergency Services
    • TIA-1112, SIP-ISUP Interworking
    • TIA-1125, Enhanced MMD Security, Stage 1
    • TIA-1126, VoIP Supplementary Services Feature Descriptions
    • TIA-1133, All-IP Network Emergency Call Support, Stage 1
    • TIA-1136, VoIP Supplementary Services
interoperability and interworking
Two projects are in progress in 3GPP2 to support IP level convergence

e(evolved)HRPD/E-UTRAN Interoperability, and

HRPD/WiMAX Interoperability

The first releases of both were published in 1Q09, addendums and revisions are in progress and scheduled for completion EOY09.

Interoperability and Interworking
packet data enhancements
Packet Data Enhancements
  • Several projects in progress
    • MIPv4 Enhancements
    • Fast Handoff for HRPD
    • cdma2000® Packet Data Network – Rev. C
    • All 3 planned for completion EOY09
  • Others under consideration
    • Network Firewall Configuration and Control
    • Call Localization Management
architecture enhancements
Architecture Enhancements
  • Architectural Standard Updates in progress for
    • Femtocell System Network Architecture Model
    • All IP Network Architecture Model – Rev. B
    • UMB™ Network Architecture Model
  • Femto architecture planned for completion EOY09
  • Others by 3Q09

Strategic Direction

  • TSB-183, Common IMS Impacts to 3GPP2 Specifications, has been developed to provide both
    • a mapping of the 3GPP2/TIA documents to the 3GPP Common IMS counterparts, and
    • information regarding differences in IMS network elements and interfaces between 3GPP2/TIA and 3GPP specifications for inter-working purposes
  • Close collaboration between 3GPP2 and both 3GPP and WiMAX Forum is in place to support Interoperability and Inter-working
  • Maintain and enhance the core network specifications (MAP, cdma2000® Packet Data Network, eHRPD)
  • Collaborate with Femto Forum and Broadband Forum, through the 3GPP2 relationship, on Femto specifications
  • Work with ITU-T
    • Provide ITU-T with updates to Q.1742.8
    • Liaise with ITU-T on Femto, Cell Broadcast Identifiers, etc.
  • Develop new technologies and services


  • Ensure ongoing compatibility between TIA standards and Common IMS specifications
  • Ensure TIA requirements are met in the Common IMS specifications
  • Maintain ongoing interworking between different access technologies
  • Support industry migration from MIPv4 to MIPv6
  • Continue to meet the time-to-market requirements by the industry

Next Steps/Actions

  • Prepare additional documents in 3GPP2 for potential inclusion in Common IMS post Rel. 8
    • TIA has published TIA-1127, MMD Enhanced Policy, and this may be proposed for inclusion in 3GPP Rel. 10, based on operator interest
    • As future IMS-based functionality is proposed in TIA/3GPP2, applicability for Common IMS will be a key consideration
  • Continue close collaborative work with 3GPP, WiMAX Forum, Femto Forum and Broadband Forum
  • Continue to develop new technologies and services for the cdma2000® industry

Subcommittee TR-45.8

  • Subcommittee TR-45.8 develops performance, compatibility, and inter-operability standards for equipment that supports Wireless Packet Data, which is independent from, and may be adjunct to, a system that supports any combination of public, non-public, or residential mobile and personal communications. In addition, TR45.8 develops the Circuit Switched core network standards. These standards pertain to service definition and network interface standards for support of interoperability and intersystem operations, for interfaces between those network elements that comprise the infrastructure, in support of seamless service to wireless subscribers, other mobile and personal communication network systems, auxiliary systems, and to other networks. TR-45.8 also develops standards pertaining to regional regulatory capabilities.
  • These standards pertain to service definition, wireless mobile station equipment, wireless base station equipment, ancillary apparatus, as covered by applicable Parts of the FCC Rules, and to network infra-structure, network procedures, inter-working functions and network administration and maintenance as they pertain to support of these wireless packet data services.
highlight of current activities 1
Recently Completed TR-45.8 Work Items

Voice Call Continuity

Converged Access Network

Converged Access Network Addendum

Converged Access Network Revision A

cdma2000® Packet Data Network Revision D Addendum

1x/HRPD Support for PMIP

Common IMS Impacts Specification

System Requirements for MSC Pool

Mobile Application Part (MAP) Revision E

MAP Support for Mobile Equipment Identifier Addendum 3

Overview of Select Current Activity

HRPD-cdma2000® 1x Interoperability for Voice and Data, System Requirements

Network Aspects of Femtocell support for 1xRTT Air Interface

Multimedia Priority Service (MMPS) for MMD-based Networks

Fast Handoff for HRPD

Network Firewall Configuration and Control

Call Localization Management Requirements

Femto Cell System NAM

Enhanced Wireless 9-1-1 Phase 2 Revision C

Highlight of Current Activities (1)
highlight of current activities 2
Recently Completed TR-45.8 Work Items

WiMAX – HRPD Interworking: Core Network Aspects

Joint ATIS/TIA CMAS Mobile Device Behavior Specification

System Requirements for Femto Cell Systems

Packet-Switched Video Telephony, Stage 1 Requirements

Wireless Feature Descriptions for Generic Broadcast Teleservice Transport Capability: Network Perspective and Circuit Switched Call Precedence Over CDMA Packet Data Session

MIPv6 Enhancements

Overview of Select Current Activity

MIPv4 Enhancements

ALL IP Network Architecture Model Revision B Addendum

UMB™ Network Architecture Model Addendum

MAP Revision E Addendum 8

Joint ATIS/TIA CMAS Federal Alert Gateway to CMSP Gateway Interface Specification

cdma2000® Packet Data Network Revision E

Highlight of Current Activities (2)
highlight of current activities 3
Recently Completed TR-45.8 Work Items

E-UTRAN - eHRPD Connectivity and Interworking: Core Network Aspects

Network Evolution System Requirements Document

Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance (LAES) for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Interworking

Evolution of UMB SRD

HRPD/1xRTT and 3GPP E-UTRAN (LTE) Interworking and Inter-Technology Handoff Stage 1 Requirements

Highlight of Current Activities (3)