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Introducing Showcases

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Introducing Showcases. Revising the LCTI tour platform. -Why the change -Description of plan -Implementation. EXISTING LCTI TOURS All sending school 8 th graders participate Average number of students – 130 Mainly conducted in the AM Briefly visit 10-12 labs

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introducing showcases

Introducing Showcases

Revising the LCTI tour platform

-Why the change

-Description of plan


current tour structure


  • All sending school 8th graders participate
  • Average number of students – 130
  • Mainly conducted in the AM
  • Briefly visit 10-12 labs
  • Starting as early as November & generally running through February
  • Point of contact is Regina Naradko
  • Individual tours by appointment with Martha Figueroa
Current Tour Structure
best practices


  • CTE schools across the state & country have used best practice strategies we are implementing
  • Concepts were developed by Consultant Mark Perna of Tools for Schools and supported by PACTA
  • Changes are also based on feedback from our own sending schools
  • Tours/Showcases are the most important recruitment tool
Best Practices
overall concept


  • Changing name of event (and mindset) from “Tours” to “Showcases”, showcasing the best of what LCTI has to offer
  • Creating a more structured format for our tour platform
Overall Concept
showcase walkthrough

Showcase Walkthrough

The next few slides will walk you through a typical tour/”Showcase” under the new format

student ambassadors


  • Student Ambassadors greet attendees before they get off the bus
    • Wearing either lab uniform or LCTI apparel
    • Scripted, short welcome by the ambassador on the bus before students get off. Script must include the words, “I was just like you a few years ago, and I love LCTI because…, and after I graduate, I plan to…”
    • Ambassador leads the students to their perspective showcase guide
Student Ambassadors
showcase plan


  • Guides will be given a smaller number of specific labs to visit (6 or 7 max)
  • Cards will be developed for the guides to know the order and structure (all clusters will be represented)
  • Structure at least 10 minutes per lab (Best Practice is 30 minutes)
Showcase Plan
while in the lab

Showcase guide must introduce the instructor using the word, “EXPERT”.

  • Attendees must remain standing
  • Lab instructor should be on a step stool, if possible, they must keep their comments short, and their comments should include the following…
    • Briefly explain why they are the expert
    • Mention ONLY 2 key things they do in their lab
    • Either at the end of their speech or after the activities described on the next slide, the instructor should say, “If you like what you see today, be sure to bring your parents to our open house or schedule a tour.”
    • Instructor leads the attendees to Ambassador students in their lab
While in the Lab


while in the lab continued

Ideally, attendees will participate in some sort of hands-on activity in a station format

  • At each station, a student ambassador will help the attendee complete the project and will be scripted to say the following…
    • “I chose this lab because I love doing…, and once I graduate, I plan to…”
    • It is important to have variety in the responses the students give to include college plans, military, workforce, etc. That way, the attendees will connect with at least one of the ambassadors with their own personal goals.
While in the Lab (Continued)
final steps

At the end of the showcase, the guide should reiterate the open house date or how to go about scheduling a tour

    • It’s a snapshot of our school
    • Enough to get them interested to come again
    • If can’t visit a lab they want, it’s another reason to return
  • Guides should be positive about the school and periodically ask attendees if they have any questions
Final Steps

Benefits to the Potential student

  • Connection with student ambassadors to make the leap to apply
  • Hands-on opportunities

Benefits to Lab Instructor

  • Less tours
  • More structure
  • Help from ambassadors

Benefits to Guides

  • More structure
  • Less labs to visit

Benefits to Student Ambassadors

  • Obtain credit for participation
  • Experience presenting

Training will be provided for staff and student ambassadors

  • Showcase cards will be developed before the first November event
  • New showcase structure will be addressed with sending schools
  • Effectiveness will be evaluated on-going and changes will be made as needed
lasting impression


Research has shown… IT DOES NOT MATTER what labs the student gets to visit when it comes to making the leap to apply to a program, what matters is the connection they make with their plans and the overall impression of the school



Are you leaving here clear about the following…

-Why the change to tour structure

-Description of the plan