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David and Goliath

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David and Goliath. 1 Samuel 17.

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There once was a boy named David who went to visit his brothers who were in King Saul’s army. King Saul’s army had a problem. They were waiting to fight the Philistines. But the Philistines had a champion who was a giant! He stood over 9 feet tall. King Saul’s army were scared of him.


For 40 days Goliath had come to the front of his army and teased King Saul’s army. He wanted King Saul to send out his champion to fight him, but no one would fight for King Saul. While visiting his brother’s David heard Goliath teasing King Saul’s army. David went to King Saul and said he would go and fight Goliath. King Saul wasn’t sure about sending a boy to fight Goliath.


But David wasn’t afraid, he knew God would help him. King Saul didn’t want to send him out there unprotected, so he gave David his armor to put on, and a sword to wear like a real soldier. But the armor was to big for David so he took it off, besides he wasn’t afraid, he had God with him. Instead of the sword, David went down to the stream and picked up 5 stones.


When Goliath saw David he began to laugh. He thought King Saul’s army was playing a trick on him, but David went closer to Goliath.


As Goliath came closer, David took one of the stones he had put in his pouch and put it in his sling. Around and around David’s sling went. Thud! The stone hit Goliath right between the eyes.


Goliath fell down to the ground. King Saul’s army cheered as the Philistines ran away. David knew all along that God would take care of him and help him defeat the Philistines.