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GAMEPLAY POSTER. Quentin Bloomfield, Keegan Donnelly, Jacob Grealy , Zach Knickerbocker, Nate Niederkorn , Sean Peck . Department of Computer Science and Engineering The Ohio State University. Player Status. It’s time for a vacation. Health. Depletes when injured.

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Quentin Bloomfield, Keegan Donnelly, Jacob Grealy,

Zach Knickerbocker, Nate Niederkorn, Sean Peck

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Ohio State University

Player Status

It’s time for a vacation.


Depletes when injured

The setting for the game is a survival scenario. You've awoken on an island following a plane crash, and find yourself stranded with little resources in a dinosaur inhabited paradise. Weather the harsh conditions, collect and craft the survival tools you need, and ultimately attempt escape from the island. As quick as you can muster – “Get Away”!


Depletes faster when running


Depletes faster during the day


Depletes during the night

Survive The Night

Weapons & Tools

Craft a campfire, place it on the island, and then click it to quickly sleep through the night. This is a great way to replenish sanity, and avoid dinosaurs that crawl the island in the cover of darkness.


Chop trees to get logs and other resources.

Craft Weapons and More


Crafting new items from the resources you collect around the island will enable your survival. Craft an axe to chop down a tree. Craft a spear the take down a dinosaur. The possibilities are many.

Take down dinosaurs with a thrust of your spear.

Bow & Arrow

Shoot at dinosaurs from afar.

Collect Resources


Resources for both crafting or consumption can be collected from the island. Some items are commonly available everywhere, whereas others are rarer and restricted to particular climates like the jungle.

The night is dark, but a torch will light your way.

Your Goal

Controller Mapping

Build the raft to escape the island!