cms relocation options towards an r2e baseline
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CMS Relocation Options Towards An R2E Baseline

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CMS Relocation Options Towards An R2E Baseline - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CMS Relocation Options Towards An R2E Baseline. M. Brugger for the R2E Project. First. MANY THANKS

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cms relocation options towards an r2e baseline

CMS Relocation OptionsTowards An R2E Baseline

M. Brugger for the R2E Project



Anne-Laure, Katy, Martin, Jean-Claude, Philippe, Yvon, Piero, Sylvain, Michael, Giovanni, Jean-Pierre, Nuno, John, Caterina, Daniel, Frederic, Julie, Marco, Stephane, Jean-Marc, Christoph, Cezary, Stefan, Andre, Samy, Equipment Owners,…

and many more …

goal of today
Goal Of Today
  • Update/Review of P5 relocation options
  • Possible show-stoppers & planning constraints
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of each proposal
  • CMS gallery and requirement due to R2E
  • Do we need to foresee the shielding
  • -> Towards a baseline solution
  • R2E project proposal for P5 baseline solution
    • Presented to R2E committee
    • Proposal from R2E committee towards LHC management
    • Detailed study (Integration/Planning/Implementation)


  • R2E constraints and introduction [Markus]
  • Status and options as available at R2E workshop [Markus]
  • Summary of alternative solutions (no or minor impact on escape path) [Anne Laure]
  • Update on impact of CMS gallery [Martin]
  • Summary & Conclusions[All]
r2e constraints
R2E Constraints
  • Work must fit into available shutdown (12months today)
  • Long operation periods between shutdowns require full relocation in case risk of radiation induced failures is to be minimized
  • Highest priority: full relocation
  • Timing: long lead times required -> Baseline Now (planning/purchase and preparation requirements)
  • Available cost envelope is estimated as around 3-4MCHF; contingencies possible, but not excessive
r2e workshop status
R2E Workshop Status
  • Common approach: use the UJ561 and USC55 S4
  • Scenario A: use space UL55 bypass tunnel in addition
  • Scenario B: use space in USC55 control room in addition
  • Three possible options for the CMS escape route
    • As is today
    • Through bypass
    • New gallery
scenario a
Scenario A
  • Using the UL55 in addition to the UJ561 and the USC55S4 area


  • Equipment installed there would not be available during operation (as for most LHC equipment)
  • Using space for future upgrade projects


  • No need for additional CE work
  • Work in an area relatively empty
scenario b
Scenario B
  • The USC55 control room area would be used in addition to the UJ561 and the USC55S4 area


  • Need for new metallic structures, as well as at least 1 service duct (CE work) between UJ561 and USC55
  • Additional mixing of LHC/CMS networks (already the case in S4)


  • Equipment available at all times (if ok with RP!)
  • Work on the metallic structures could be done during operation => no penalty for schedule
  • Space in Bypass remains available for future projects such as inner triplet upgrade
  • Synergies with CMS upgrade programs
escape route options
Escape Route Options

Option 1 (through UJ561):

  • Presence of flammable material (also in UJ56!)
  • Small clearance between equipment and wall ~1m (???)
  • Escape route would go through a safe room
  • No need for civil engineering
  • Identical to existing path
escape route options1
Escape Route Options

Option 2 (through UL55):

  • Slightly more complicated and a little bit longer
  • Less favorable for ALARA (breezing of potentially activated air) -> RP ok
  • Minor civil engineering work
  • No need to enter the UJ561
escape route options2
Escape Route Options

Option 3 (through UJ561):

  • Civil engineering work required for ~ 3 months
  • Complication of access system
  • Insertion in PM56 to be defined
  • Shorter and safer escape route
  • “fully compliant” with requirements (definition unclear)
result of first studies
Result of First Studies


  • EN/EL dominating part (~2.3MCHF)
  • CE estimate not complete (at workshop)
  • CV and other parts not available then…
  • Total costs: 3.5-4MCFH
  • Gallery would cost <=1MCHF in addition


  • Difficult (Impossible) to fit into 12months (expected between 15 and 18 months)
  • “Defining a baseline scenario is urgently needed to focus the few resources available on detailed studies”

Escape Route:

  • UJ561: passing safe-room + reduced width
  • Bypass option not excluded
  • Gallery is preferred solution for CMS
Next Talks:

Anne-Laure, Martin

some questions
Some Questions
  • Safety Exit Route?
    • 2nd route, thus 0.9m ok if <=100 people -> why not?
    • 1.2m per definition ok
    • passage through bypass:
      • ok for RP
      • no reason (difference) in terms of ‘combined’ risks
      • two turns more -> why not?
  • Risk/Impact – How to Weight?
    • machine failure due to radiation damage (increasing frequency, intervening personnel, ...)
    • not the best possible 2nd escape passage(best option would be not having personnel underground, or less of them)
summary conclusions
Summary & Conclusions
  • Integration:
    • Required safety passage can be achieved
    • Safe-Room solution to be tackled independently
    • Bypass solution seems to have highest flexibility
  • Costs
    • Similar for all options (minor gain in full UJ561 solution -> 3.5-4MCHF
    • CMS Gallery will ad ~1MCHF
  • Planning Constraints:
    • difficult to achieve in given constraints for all options >=12months
    • gallery won’t make it easier
    • Long lead-time (final integration, planning, preparation)
    • Baseline to be defined before end of 2010
    • LHC constraints: 2011/2013/14/15 Operation, 2012/2016 Shutdown
summary conclusions1
Summary & Conclusions
  • Shielding:
    • expected to be insufficient given the foreseen operation plan and expected radiation levels
    • Full relocation highly recommended, cost saving is 400-500kCHF
  • CMS Gallery:
    • Requirement (if agreed by CERN management) seems independent to R2E activities
  • Risk:
    • Work other than for direct relocation might lead to additional delays
    • No additional risk to personnel due to relocation activity
    • Exit route through bypass seems ok?
    • Project flexibility: leave UJ561 empty (at least for now)
  • Preferred Solution: full relocation to bypass?