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Bellringer. Turn in your definitions to the Homework Bin Also turn in your late interim, or any other late work too! Pick up your supply bin from the bookshelf! BJOTD: Why do nuns like Swiss cheese the best? . Why did Europeans go Exploring?.

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  • Turn in your definitions to the Homework Bin

    • Also turn in your late interim, or any other late work too!

  • Pick up your supply bin from the bookshelf!

  • BJOTD: Why do nuns like Swiss cheese the best?

1 there was a demand for gold spices and natural resources in europe
1. There was a demand for gold, spices, and natural resources in Europe

  • During the Crusades, Europeans had been introduced to luxury goods and spices from Asia and after the wars Europeans still wanted these goods

  • With the loss of Constantinople in 1453, Europeans needed new maritime (by ship) routes for trade


  • Spices, such as nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and pepper added flavor to the bland foods in Europe

  • Since demand was so high, merchants could charge high prices and make a lot of profit (money)

2 there was support for the diffusion spreading of christianity
2. There was support for the diffusion (spreading) of Christianity

  • After the Crusades, European nations believed they had a duty to convert non-Christians to Christianity throughout the world.

  • Dias wrote, “…to serve God and His Majesty, to give light to those who are in darkness and to grow rich as all men desire to do.”

3 political and economic competition between european empires
3. Political and economic competition between European Empires

  • European nations each wanted the respect that comes with an important discovery, and the money that comes with finding new things to trade

4 there were many discoveries in navigational arts made by both europeans and muslims
4. There were many discoveries in navigational arts made by both Europeans and Muslims

  • Until the 1400s, it would have been impossible for explorers to make the 3,000 mile trip

  • 1400-a new type of ship was invented: the caravel

    • The caravel was sturdier than other vessels and had triangle sails that allowed it to sail more efficiently in the wind.


  • Astrolabe: helped sailors determine their location on the sea

  • Magnetic Compass: used the earth’s magnetic field to determine direction (N, S,E,W)

5 prince henry helped portugal take the lead in the exploration race
5. Prince Henry helped Portugal take the lead in the exploration race

  • Henry first learned of the land beyond Europe when he conquered the Muslim city of Ceuta in Northern Africa in 1415

  • He went back to Portugal determined the reach the riches of the Far East and spread Christianity

  • 1419: he founded a navigational school in Portugal

    • Mapmakers, compass and astrolabe makers, shipbuilders, scientists, and sea captains studied here to become the best


  • Which of the motives do you think was most important to the Europeans and why?

  • Why was Prince Henry important to the beginnings of exploration?

Vasco da gama
Vasco da Gama

  • Sailed from Portugal

  • Went to India

  • Known for finding a new route to Asia by sailing

    • (he went around Africa)

Christopher columbus
Christopher Columbus

  • From Spain

  • Went to the Americas (the Caribbean)

  • He is known for being the first European to travel to the Caribbean

Hernando cortez
Hernando Cortez

  • From Spain

  • Went to Mexico

  • Known for conquering the Aztec Empire

Francisco pizarro
Francisco Pizarro

  • From Spain

  • Went to the Americas (South America—Peru)

  • Known for conquering the Incan Empire

Ferdinand magellan
Ferdinand Magellan

  • From Spain

  • Went all around the globe. (He circumnavigated the world!)

  • Known for being the first tocircumnavigate the world

    • But…he died when he was ¾ of the way around—his crew made it back to Spain

Francis drake
Francis Drake

  • Sailed from England

  • Went around the globe

  • Known for being the first British man to circumnavigate the world AND for being a pirate

Jacques cartier
Jacques Cartier

  • From France

  • Went to the Americas (Canada)

  • Known for discovering Canada


  • Which one of the above explorers do you think affected the world we live in today the most? Why?


  • Directions: You will be making an advertisement encouraging people to explore. Your goal: to get people to start their own explorations for a European country of your choice.

    • Requirements:

      • Emphasize the 5 motivations/reasons why exploration took place (in words AND pictures)

      • Use the voyages and achievements of at least THREEof the explorers we discussed today to help people become interested in exploring!

    • Materials: paper, COLORING!, books, other materials…

    • If not completed, needs to be finished tonight