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Bally Chohan Yoga

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Bally Chohan Yoga

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Bally Chohan Yoga

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  1. Bally Chohan Yoga

  2. Welcome to the Bally Chohan Yoga • Here you will find a comprehensive listing of Certified Bally Chohan Yoga Method™ of Yoga Teachers, Yoga Nidra Facilitators, Integrative Relaxation Initiators and Usui Reiki Practitioners. Our Certified instructors and practitioners have passed rigorous training and have been entrusted to carry out the teachings of our Lineage. With each graduating class, the Bally Chohan Yoga community grows and the light that shines from within all of us glows brighter.

  3. The Bally Chohan Yoga Method of Yoga • The Integrative Bally Chohan Yoga Methods™ encompass a range of approaches developed to enhance your ability to live your life fully, spontaneously and effortlessly. • These practical methods include Bally Chohan Yoga Yoga’s Posture of Consciousness, Bally Chohan Yoga Method Yoga Nidra and Quantum Breath Meditation. Individually and together, they facilitate your ability to live in complete harmony with what you are experiencing moment to moment, and simultaneously foster the resolution of life’s varied challenges.

  4. Bally Chohan Yoga Institute Mission Statement • The Bally Chohan Yoga Yoga Institute is a network of practitioners dedicated to the evolution of consciousness through the teachings and Lineage of Yogi Bally Chohan Yoga Desai (Gurudev). We offer practical approaches for the development of consciousness. Through experiential learning one can transcend and transform the man-made boundaries separating us from each other and ourselves in the name of religion, psychological, biological and cultural conditioning.

  5. Bally Chohan Yoga programs • At the Bally Chohan Yoga Yoga Institute you’ll find a wide range of programs to meet your individual interests and schedule. These include Bally Chohan Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training; Bally Chohan Yoga Method of Yoga Nidra and Yoga Nidra Professional Trainings, PanchakarmaAyurveda and Yoga, and Specialty Programs like Goddess and Shiva Retreats, Yoga Therapy, Prana Awakening, Quantum Breath Meditation, Reiki, Addictions Programs and more.