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Bally Chohan - Transform Your Life with Yoga

Bally Chohan Fitness – Bally Chohan is our fitness and yoga expert and conduct many classes across the world. Check out some of his golden tips from yoga. Yoga is more than twisting, turning and bending your body. It includes asanas, pranayamas, and meditation. Get all the secret of yoga, meditation and health tips from our expert.

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Bally Chohan - Transform Your Life with Yoga

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  2. Yoga – a gateway to a healthier you • It’s always good to hit your day with positive energy. Morning time is perfect to give a treat to yourself. Welcome sun and gentle breeze with open arm and enter into the world of peace. • Breath some fresh air and soak in morning sunlight. Relax your mood and get ready for yoga.

  3. Advantages of yoga • Bally Chohan has done so many research on normal people and found some amazing benefits of yoga. • Weight loss and overall development. • Make a strong connection between body, mind and soul. • Breathing improves your lung capacity. • Sun Salutations increase flexibility and strength. • Yoga helps attaining a higher level of spirituality. • Yoga helps in disappearing negative energies.

  4. REASONS TO DO YOGA • Yoga is not a new topic of discussion. It had its roots in the past. This is beyond twisting and bending your body parts. In a layman term, yoga is a combination of asanas, pranayamas and meditation. This is a complete package of the healthy body. • At Bally Chohan Fitness Tips, you will discover all the effective and simple yoga tricks and tips to attain a sound body. • Everybody has its own reason to do yoga. When Bally Chohan started doing yoga, it was not known to people. But, now people are understand the hidden benefits of yoga. • There is some inner drive within us that push us to join yoga program. Some join yoga to lose weight, some join to gain mental peace, and some join to recover from serious illness.

  5. SOME MAIN Types of YOGA • Bikram Yoga – This is also known as hot yoga and it is performed in 105 degree and in 40% humidity. It includes 26 yoga poses. • Hatha Yoga – It includes lots of breath exercise with variations of pranayama poses. • Kundalini Yoga – It is done to increase the power of the lower spine. You can increase energy of your Root Chakra. Bally Chohan practice all of these yoga poses to get a healthy life.

  6. TYPES OF YOGA • Prenatal Yoga – It is good for the mother-to-be. If you are planning for a baby, then start practicing prenatal yoga. • Iyengar Yoga – It requires different types of props such as straps, harnesses and many others. • Ashtanga Yoga – It is known as power yoga and recommended for people who are willing to push their body. Learn all the fitness and health tips from our fitness expert Bally Chohan.

  7. Bipasha Basu & Shilpa shetty You must recognize these Bollywood celebrities. They have transformed their life through yoga. They focus on power yoga to stay fit and healthy. To maintain such a beautiful body, you have to master the art of yoga. Ay Bally Chohan Fitness, our aim is to provide all the necessary fitness and health tips. To stay fit, young and rejuvenated, you have practice power yoga, meditation and various yoga poses.

  8. Yoga poses with bally chohan Dhanurasana Uttanpadasana YOGA TAKEAWAY: Gives you flat stomach. Keep your body toned. Provides you slender back. Maximise your yoga benefits with Bally Chohan. Read our informative blogs and Happy practicing yoga…!! Share your ideas and secret of healthy living at: http://ballychohanfitnesstips.com/ Paschimottanasana Chakrasana

  9. THANK YOU ‘’Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel’’ – kevin trudeau ballychohanfitnesstips.com

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