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bally chohan yoga for health n.
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Bally Chohan Yoga UK PowerPoint Presentation
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Bally Chohan Yoga UK

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Bally Chohan Yoga UK
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Bally Chohan Yoga UK

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  1. Bally Chohan Yoga for Health Best Yoga Master in UK

  2. What is Yoga? • Yoga means to join or “yoke” together the mind, body and spirit. • The aim of Yoga for Health is to bring balance into the body physically, mentally and emotionally. • By connecting to ourselves through the breath, we can bring our bodies from a state of “dis-ease” to a place of health. -Bally Chohan

  3. Proven Benefits of Yoga • The health benefits of Yoga are clearly documented in a compilation by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Based on literature searches, IAYT reports the following physiological benefits of yoga based on regular practice of traditional yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation: -Bally Chohan

  4. Benefits of Yoga • Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium • Pulse rate decreases • Respiratory rate decreases • Blood pressure decreases • EEG: alpha wave increase ( theta, delta and beta waves also increase during various stages of meditation -Bally Chohan

  5. Benefits of Yoga • EMG activity decreases • Cardiovascular efficiency increases • Respiratory volume and vital capacity increases • Gastrointestinal function normalizes • Endocrine function normalizes • Excretory functions improve • Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase -Bally Chohan

  6. Benefits of Yoga • Posture improves • Strength and resiliency increase • Endurance increases • Energy levels increase • Weight normalizes • Sleep improves • Immune function normalizes • Pain decreases -Bally Chohan

  7. Psychoneuroimmunology • Medical field of investigation that studies the relationship of the mind and body, as well as its effect on health and disease. • Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine, taught his students to look at psychosocial factors surrounding individuals in order to understand certain diseases. -Bally Chohan

  8. CNS and Immune System • Recent studies show a bidirectional relationship between the central nervous and immune systems. • Researchers continue to explore the mysteries of how diseases affect behavior as well as the role of psychosocial interventions on preventing disease, decreasing the severity of illness and positively impacting disease outcomes. -Bally Chohan

  9. Stress Response: Fight or Flight • Heart rate increases, • Blood flow is shifted to skeletal muscles, • Pupils dilate, • Immune function altered -a decrease in the number of T-lymphocytes, reduced natural killer cell activity against tumor cells and decreased production of cytokines. -Bally Chohan

  10. Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga. • Yama: social restraints or ethical values; • Niyama: personal observance of purity, tolerance, and study; • Asana: or physical exercises; • Pranayama: breath control or regulation; • Pratyahara: sense withdrawal in preparation for meditation (contemplation); • Dharana: concentration; • Dhyana: meditation; and • Samadhi: ecstasy. -Bally Chohan

  11. Thank you-By Bally Chohan For more info visit Bally Chohan Yoga at-