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The perfect copy. In this class, you will learn. how to read a newspaper article how to get the main information from a newspaper article as soon as possible more knowledge about cloning Some effective ways to express positive and negative opinions. About Frankenstein’s monster.

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in this class you will learn
In this class, you will learn
  • how to read a newspaper article
  • how to get the main information from a

newspaper article as soon as possible

  • more knowledge about cloning
  • Some effective ways to express

positive and negative opinions


About Frankenstein’s monster

The story was placed in Europe. A young man who loved science went to England to study. After some time of researching, he discovered the mystery of human body and created a strange being, an ugly monster. Frankenstein was very shocked by the ugly shape of the monster, so he left the monster with hate. Since then, the monster faced a world full of hate and fear. He couldn’t bear the heavy pressure of being a strange creature. He then made up his mind to pay back on his creator, Frankenstein. He covered a long distance to Frankenstein’s hometown, and met the little brother of Frankenstein by accident. He killed the boy. As soon as Frankenstein heard the bad news, Frankenstein went back home. Later he met the real murderer, the monster, and he hated the monster more. The monster asked him to make the monster a wife, so that the monster wouldn’t harm Frankenstein’s family anymore.


Frankenstein agreed and started working. But he soon regretted. He broke his promise. Soon, he suffered the pain of losing his best friend, Henry, and his fiancée, Elizabeth. He decided to kill the monster then die himself. It was not easy to follow the monster’s step. The monster moved so quickly to the North Pole but the cold weather there and difficult life soon destroyed Frankenstein. Very soon after he was saved by Captain Walton, he died. Walton was asked to kill the monster for Frankenstein. Finally, the monster realized the mistake he had made and chose to end his life by himself.

Frankenstein’s monster:

It is a cloned monster. And it is acreation or creature createdbyacreator called Frankenstein.

It represents all the ugly, evil, cruel and bad things.


Fast reading

What is the topic sentence of the whole passage?

A recent announcement by scientists that they have successfully cloned the first human embryo has caused much debate and has shocked many people around the world.


Fast reading

Would you please find the topicsentence of each paragraph?

Para 1,4,5,6



For details

producing a real-life Frankenstein’s monster)


For details

2. What is the relationship between the last paragraph and the title?

1) We also know the Chinese scientists think cloning must_______________.

2) From this paragraph and the title, we know the writer’s__________________.


opinion about cloning

Read the following two letters, and tell us what are their attitudes towards cloning?


I want to be more persuasive.

  • How to voice your own opinion?
  • How to make your opinion more persuasive?

You will never argue me!


For details

To voice persuasive opinion

In Pauline’s letter:

He uses “If” sentences to state the possible consequences it can bring about; questions; facts

In Colin’s letter

Personal experience; facts




1. produce tissues and organs to save human lives

2. Scientists are praised for this scientific breakthrough

3. cure diseases like cancer

4. help those who are unable to have children

5. help those who want to clone their dead children

1. may produce a real-life monster



2. create more disease in the animal world

3. cloning shows no respect for human life

4. human life would no longer be unique

5. we should be having fewer babies to reduce Earth’s population,

not cloning more

6. interfere with nature;immoral

Your opinion



In my opinion, Cloning is a new technology, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Scientists can clone valuable organs to save people’s life, which is considered a scientific breakthrough and can benefit humankind a lot. On the other hand, Cloning may cause many serious problems that humans have never meet with before and so difficult to solve. There are still arguments whether it should be experimented on human beings. In a word, What matters most? It is how we take advantage of this technology instead of preventing it going forward.

self assessment

In this class, I have known:

1. how to read a newspaper article.

2. how to get the main information as soon as possible.

3. more about cloning.

4. how to voice my opinion, positive, negative or neutral.

5. how to make my voice more persuasive.



Please write a short passage to voice your opinion and try to be more persuasive.