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JEOPARDY. Short Story Unit. Literary Terms. Plot Line. Character. Conflict. Past Stories. 10. 10. 10. 10. 10. 20. 20. 20. 20. 20. 30. 30. 30. 30. 30. 40. 40. 40. 40. 40. 50. 50. 50. 50. 50. Literary Terms for 10. An example is this:

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Short Story Unit



Plot Line



Past Stories


























literary terms for 10
Literary Termsfor 10

An example is this:

A spot of blood, like a bird, flew across the mat and landed on her kimono.

What is a simile?

literary terms for 20
Literary Terms for 20

This is a type of irony where what is said is not what is meant.

What is Verbal Irony?

literary terms for 30
Literary Terms for 30

An example would be this:

The candy tasted like sweet strawberries and bananas and melted in his mouth into a gushy sludge.

What is imagery?

literary terms for 40
Literary Terms for 40

A narrator that cannot be trusted

What is unreliable narrator?

literary terms for 50
Literary Terms for 50

The type of conflict for a woman in Salem during the witch trails that is accused of being a witch.

What is character vs. society?

plot line for 10
Plot Line for 10

The most exciting part of the story

What is climax?

plot line for 20
Plot Line for 20

This is the part that initially grabs the reader’s attention.

What is narrative hook?

plot line for 30
Plot Line for 30

The part of the story that gives the introductory information

What is exposition?

plot line for 40
Plot Line for 40

Most of the story is this part of the plot line.

What is rising action?

plot line for 50
Plot Line for 50

This would when something came out of the door in “The Lady or the Tiger.”

What is the falling action?

character for 10
Character for 10

Goes against the main character

What is antagonist?

character for 20
Character for 20

An example would be the teacher in “All Summer in a Day,” because we know very little about her.

What is flat?

character for 30
Character for 30

Tessie, from “The Lottery,” is this type of character since she changes her mind about the lottery after she wins.

What is dynamic?

character for 40
Character for 40

Tessie, Margot, the crazy narrator who kills the old man, the lieutenant, Laurie, Manny the circus owner, and the princess are all examples of this type of character

What is protagonist?

character for 50
Character for 50

The type of character the wife of the Lieutenant is (Reiko) along with protagonist and flat.

What is Reiko?

conflict for 10
Conflict for 10

The definition of conflict.

What is struggle?

conflict for 20
Conflict for 20

The type of conflict when two characters argue or fight.

What is character vs. character?

conflict for 30
Conflict for 30

The type of conflict when a character is thinking about whether or not he or she should do something.

What is character vs. self?

conflict for 40
Conflict for 40

The type of conflict in “The Lottery” where Tessie goes against the beliefs and values of the town.

What is character vs. society

conflict for 50
Conflict for 50

The conflict found in the princess in, “The Lady or the Tiger.”

What is character vs. self?

past stories for 10
Past Stories for 10

What Mrs. Lattimore did in her coffin.

What is have a baby?

past stories for 20
Past Stories for 20

How did the crazy narrator kill the old man?

What is drop a bed on him?

past stories for 30
Past Stories for 30

Who is Manny talking to in “Speak?”

Who is his dog?

past stories for 40
Past Stories for 40

The location of Margot’s school.

What is Venus?

past stories for 50
Past Stories for 50

The name of the lieutenant's wife.

What is Reiko?