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Global Security Issues. Chapter 20 Section 3. Global Security Issues. Since 1945, nations have used collective security efforts to solve problems. Nations Unite And Take Action After World War II, many nations join together in military alliances

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Global security issues

Global Security Issues

Chapter 20

Section 3

Global security issues1
Global Security Issues

  • Since 1945, nations have used collective security efforts to solve problems.

    Nations Unite And Take Action

  • After World War II, many nations join together in military alliances

  • World Leaders create the United Nations to avoid war when possible

Peacekeeping activities
Peacekeeping Activities

  • UN mediates disputes between nations, providing peacekeeping forces

  • In 2002, UN has 40,000 peacekeepers around the world.

Issues of war and peace
Issues of War and Peace

Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • Nations sign treaties against chemical, biological, nuclear weapons

  • Proliferation – spreading of nuclear weapons

Disarming iraq
Disarming Iraq

  • Iraq expels inspectors overseeing destruction of banned weapons.

  • UN threatens “severe consequences” if Iraq stops inspectors’ return.

  • In 2003, U.S. and Britain lead coalition to disarm Iraq by force.

Ethnic and religious conflicts
Ethnic and Religious Conflicts

  • Many conflicts have ethnic, racial, and religious causes

  • Some of these conflicts reach back decade, even centuries


Human rights issues
Human Rights Issues

The UN and Human Rights

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights – sets human rights standards

  • UN and other organizations work to improve human rights worldwide.

Human rights issues1
Human Rights Issues

Continuing Rights Violations

  • Some governments suppress political dissent-differences of opinion

  • Rwanda genocide, mass murder of about 500,000 Tutsis by Hutus.

Rwanda 1994

Human rights issues2
Human Rights Issues

Women’s Status Improves

  • Women gain rights like holding political office, or better education

  • Gender Inequality – status differences between men and women - remains.

Women s rights
Women’s Rights

Young Islamic woman beheaded and her head thrown in the streets as a warning to other Islamic women - it seems she could not do enough to respect Islam.

“Honor killings” are distressingly common throughout the Muslim world. Phyllis Chesler reports that “in 1997, in Cairo Egypt, twenty-five-year-old Nora Marzouk Ahmed’s honeymoon ended when her father chopped off her head and carried it down the street. ‘Now,’ he said, ‘the family has regained its honor.’ Nora’s crime? She had eloped.” And “in 2002, in Tehran, an Iranian man cut off his seven-year-old daughter’s head after suspecting she had been raped by her uncle. ‘The motive behind the killing was to defend my honor, fame, and dignity.’ Some people called for this man’s death under Islamic law, but ironically, only the father of the victim can demand the death sentence.”

Health issues
Health Issues

World Health

  • Standard of health increased in recent years, but dangers remain

  • Severe Acute Respatory Syndrome (SARS) a major problem in 2003

Health issues1
Health Issues

The AIDS Epidemic

  • AIDS- acquired immune deficiency syndrome, first discovered in 1980s.

  • AIDS attacks the immune system,, weakening the bodies defenses.

  • Millions worldwide infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

    • Sub-Saharan Africa has by far the most AIDS cases and deaths.

Population movement
Population Movement

Push-Pull Factors

  • Negative Factors often push people out of their homelands

  • Refugees – people who leave their country to move to another for safety

  • Hope for a better life pull people to different regions of the world

Population movement1
Population Movement

Effects of Migration

  • Country Migrants want to move to don’t always accept them.

  • Acceptance policies are based on political and economical reasons

  • Immigration has advantages from offsetting labor shortages to spurring the economy.


  • Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and answer questions 1-3.

  • Complete the Guided reading worksheet for Chapter 20 Section 3.