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Roach Solar Panel

Roach Solar Panel

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Roach Solar Panel

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  1. Roach Solar Panel By; Erick Ortiz, YeditJimenez, Jonathan Lara, Lulu Salazar, SofiaJuarez

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  3. Introduction • In a group of five people we were assigned to do a solar BEAM bot. Each person was assigned a different role. Throughout the process we worked together in order to get our solar roach to work. In order to get that to work we had to get a solar panel and an engine. • The solar panel is the most important item because with out it the roach would not move.

  4. Materials • 1x 2V Solar Cell1x Vibrating Pager Motor1X Resistor or diode, or other bits of scrap wire.2x Big Paper Clip2x Googly EyesMagnet WireTools:Soldering IronSolderHot Glue GunWire CuttersHelping Hand - (Optional, but really... handy)

  5. Steps • Gather up materials needed • Cut the resistor • Bend the legs • Solder the motor onto the solar panel connecting one wire on positive and the other on negative • Solder the cell • Cut the paper clips and glue the legs • Try out in the sun • Decorate it and enjoy (:

  6. Observation • During the project we noticed that the solar panel roach needed a certain amount of light in order to function. • we tried to used another source of light but it didnt give enough voltage power to power up the motor in order to move. • The only source it moved on was sunlight.

  7. Results • The solar panel roach jumps when the solar panel receives light as power. It turns on the engine and makes the roach jump randomly. • The roach jumps because the light of the sun hit the solar panel, making it activate the motor and that is when the roach jumps randomly. • Without light the roach will not move.

  8. Conclusion • This project similar to any other project had difficulties. Some of the confusions we had to deal with were where to solder the motor. It was confusing where to glue the motor on the solar panel. Another issue we had to deal with was that our materials were lost so we had to start from scratch and our time was limited. The roach robot is very fragile so we couldn’t over decorate it because it didn’t have enough strength to stand up with. For further solutions we should make sure our materials are well secured. We should also have a variety of materials to choose from.