the challenge of finding a global connectivity framework for pnc n.
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The Challenge of Finding a Global Connectivity Framework for PNC PowerPoint Presentation
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The Challenge of Finding a Global Connectivity Framework for PNC

The Challenge of Finding a Global Connectivity Framework for PNC

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The Challenge of Finding a Global Connectivity Framework for PNC

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  1. The Challenge of Finding a Global Connectivity Framework for PNC Padmasambava was a fox. Find and unleash your foxes!

  2. Many hedgehogs fewer foxes • 'The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.' Isaiah Berlin - • We need BOTH - but in my opinion PNC will succeed depending on how it enables its foxes.

  3. Scanning for order in midst of chaos • Foxes look for relevance to the larger mission • I’ve been wondering what I can offer you that’s relevant • Version 1 was a hedgehog tour through the complexities of global telecom change • But WHY I wondered would THAT be relevant to YOU? • So I talked to friends looked what you are doing and came up with version 2 • A week ago but I am still learning so this morning I woke at four am swam with my thoughts realized that another revision was needed.

  4. Dealing With Change • Hedgehogs don’t need to do so as much - foxes do so all the time - also without hedgehogs foxes fail. • Soooo - to the foxes, when change beckons, - hop on and catch the wave • Now I could talk about tech change in telecom and libraries - version 2 did this • But you know this • PSTN -> Internet (centralized - decentral:hedge-fox) • Mainframe to client:server (centralized - decentral:hedge-fox) • Proprietary vertical silos to opensource (centralized - decentral:hedge-fox) • Intelligence moves from center to edge of ALL systems

  5. From Monasticism to Virtual Organization • Common theme of change in telecom AND universities • Namely - that Hedgehog view of world falling to fox • Walled gardens & vertical silos falling to horizontal, collaborative edge based intelligence • Break down YOUR walled gardens • Move PNC ahead by enabling foxes and use the edge based collaborative tools to enable exchange of ideas

  6. Where are Your Foxes? • To the hedgehog specialist this is chaos • Your most important asset is your foxes who are multi- experience, multi-disciplinary & create a working whole vitual organization from the parts • Knowledge building is totally different • It’s real time and global • Therefore its virtual and collaborative • You will prosper if you marshal your foxes as strategists and leaders

  7. What is the new reality in which the world is also your customer? • Like it or not it’s four endeavors • Content push whereby users ask for alerts on subjects of interest • Search pull where users go to Google and like databases and services to answer their questions • Fulfillment - ability to find places, schedule activities & make purchases via the network • Conversations about the markets of the preceding three using blogs and wickis

  8. Your Possibilities are endless • With the integration of meta-data tools, web services and other new architectures, the most arcane material can reach the one in a million connected users for whom the relevance could be major. • But where are your foxes? Where are your inter disciplinary innovative strategists who must understand the whole mechanism and won’t quit till they do? • Without foxes you will die. • Find and unleash your foxes!

  9. Time is Ripe for PNC to Become Virtual Organization • Will each member assign a fox to a PNC blog and wiki to collaborate in the building of a virtual framework? • Turn the minds lose - watch the sparks fly • Stumbled on this with my Symposium mail list • Recent additions Vint Cerf, JP Rangaswai, John Seely Brown, John Hagel, Clay Shirky, Andrew Odlyzko, & Kevin Werbach • As the world’s knowledge becomes network accessible for a large part of the world, you will not exist unless you too are accessible. • Will PNC shape its leading edge? • It will, if it finds and unleashes is foxes.

  10. Change in Real Time • I am fascinated by Dr. Lin’s National Digital Archive - want to learn more • Also want to learn more about use of grids • But want to learn more about what YOU are doing • Please seek me out and let’s talk • Any place any time INCLUDING Friday since my plane to New York leaves only at 10:45pm • This has been a neat learning opportunity for me

  11. Learn and Act in real time • But what’s important is not my experience rather it is what YOU do • Scan your horizons all the time • Catch the surf of change and ride it. • And wicki wicki - collaborate and synthesize • Result -> you will do what the others don’t • THANK YOU!