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Problem Statement

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Problem Statement

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  1. The OLPC XO, Intel Classmate and Asus Eee PC user study Researcher: Constance Sibanda Supervisors: Ingrid Siebörger & Hannah Thinyane Sponsored by Aim The aim of the project is to evaluate the intuitiveness and usability of three netbooks in the educational context. These netbooks are: OLPC XO: it is manufactured by the One laptop per child project and runs fedora based Linux operating system. It has AMD Geode LX-700 processor with 0.45GHZ of speed and 1GB flash memory Asus Eee 701: it is manufactured by Asus and runs the Edubuntu Linux operating system. it has Celeron-M ULV 353 processor with 0.9GHZ of speed and 4GB flash memory Intel classmate: this netbook is manufactured by Intel and runs Edubuntu operating system. It has Celeron-M processor with 0.9GHZ of speed and 2GB flash memory. Problem Statement ICTs tend to be inaccessible for educational purposes by the less privileged due to: Insufficient money; A Shortage of electricity; and Lack of technical skills to name a few Several low-cost and low-power netbooks have been developed and are seen as potential solutions to integrate ICT in education for the poor. But how intuitive are these netbooks in the context of education? Methodology A user study involving 3 Grahamstown schools is being conducted. This will provide the participants' views regarding the usability of the netbooks A Literature review is being conducted to understand what other researchers have found regarding netbooks Observation are being carried out to examine the usability and capabilities of netbooks Sites 3 previously disadvantaged schools in Grahamtown, South Africa Participants One teacher and one learner from each school Expected Results A detailed comparison of the netbooks together with possible recommendations regarding their use in the educational context Preliminary findings Participants like the Asus Eee and the Intel classmate and found them more usable than the OLPC XO. Participants feel that the OLPC XO is not suitable for high school learners