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Middle East. Brief history of the Region Part Two. Muhammad and the Rise of Islam. Depiction of Angel Jibril speaking to Muhammad. Rise of Islam & Islamic empires. The weakened Byzantine Empire begins to lose territory to the rising Arab Tribes under the leadership of Muhammad.

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Middle east
Middle East

Brief history of the Region

Part Two

Muhammad and the rise of islam
Muhammad and the Rise of Islam

Depiction of Angel Jibril speaking to Muhammad

Rise of islam islamic empires
Rise of Islam & Islamic empires

The weakened Byzantine Empire begins to lose territory to the rising Arab Tribes under the leadership of Muhammad.

Growth of islamic empires
Growth of Islamic Empires

Early Arab & Islamic conquered most of the Byzantine Empire.

Arabia arab tribes
Arabia & Arab Tribes

Deserts and Oasis Towns

Arab tribes in arabia mecca
Arab Tribes in ArabiaMecca

Muhammad is from Mecca and begins to spread Islam …

Most people in Mecca did NOT support his teachings…

Muhammad followers in medina
Muhammad & followersin medina

After Muhammad & Islam strengthens he returns and conquers Mecca.

Arab culture
Arab Culture

Arabic Language

Islamic Art

Religion islam
Religion- Islam

Muhammad the Prophet of Islam spreads the religion in Arabia.

Spread of islam abbasid dynasty
Spread of IslamAbbasid Dynasty

Islam and Arabic Culture spreads throughout Asia & Africa.

Islamic golden ages
Islamic Golden ages

People use the term "golden age" to refer to a time of great achievements in a civilization.

Seljuk turks invade
Seljuk Turks invade

Turks are Islamic, take over much of the area that the Arab Muslim’s controlled. Modern day Israel is conquered but Constantinople is NOT.

Turkish culture
Turkish Culture

Religion- Islam, Turkish Rugs

Spices for cooking

Language customs
Language & Customs

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Speaking Empire

Seljuk control jerusalem cuts off access to christians
Seljuk control Jerusalem.. Cuts off access to Christians!

Jerusalem, Israel

Holy Sites Map in Jerusalem

During the earlier arab islamic empires
During the Earlier Arab/Islamic Empires…

Remember all three religions were living in peace and harmony in Palestine, before the Seljuk invasion. The Christians in Europe decided to organize the Crusades in response to Seljuk control.

Jerusalem israel
Jerusalem, Israel

Three Holy Sites, Dome of the Rock, Western Wall & Church of Resurrection.


Asia Minor & City of Constantinople are still Christian, the empire calls on the Western Roman empire for protection!


Many expeditions of Crusaders from Europe to the Holy Lands for close to 200 years!

Gave access to christians to holy sites
Gave access to Christians to Holy Sites.

Saladin, adhering to the teachings of Islam, did not slaughter the city's Christian inhabitants.

Turkish invaders from steppes of central asia
Turkish Invaders from Steppes of Central Asia

On the steppes, it can be both fiercely cold and deathly dry. Only the fit survive.

Establish the ottoman empire
Establish the Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Turks conquer the rest of the Byzantine Empire, Modern day Turkey. Changing capital from Constantinople to Istanbul!

Istanbul capital old constantinople
Istanbul, Capital(old Constantinople)

Ottoman turks
Ottoman Turks

Turkish/Central Asian Culture

Suleiman the magnificent 1520 1566
Suleiman the Magnificent1520-1566

Known in the East , as "The Lawgiver”, builds splendid cities, ruled over 50 million people.

Topkapi palace sultan s palace
Topkapi PalaceSultan’s Palace

Istanbul, Turkey

Palace hagia sofia
Palace & Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia was converted to a Mosque & today is combination of Christian & Islamic influence.

Imperial history of the middle east
Imperial History of the Middle EAst

Click on Link for interactive map of the History of the Middle East