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Drawing and Painting eBook

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Drawing and Painting eBook. By : Marquita Powell.

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drawing and painting ebook

Drawing and PaintingeBook

By: Marquita Powell


The “Potrait of Juliette Courbet (1844)” was painted by Gustave Courbet. This artwork is a painting. This portrait is a painting of Gustave’s sister. The curtains in the background look so realistic that they look like it may be color pencil; but it was created with oil and canvas. The portrait caught my eye because there was nothing bright or significant and her face is so white. This reminds me of many of the women who were very pale and wore big dresses and big wigs. Photo from https://paintingdb.com/view/6298/


This is anotherportraitbyGustaveCourbet. Unliketheotherone, this is a selfportrait and it is interesting. It wascreated in 1871. I think it is interesting that he paintedhimselflike this becausenotmanypeoplewouldpaintthemselveslookingcrazy. At thesame time, this is a selfcriticism. And no one can challengehow he seeshimself. This wasprobablycriticalduringthe time periodbecause it challengedthe normal views of art during that time.Photofromhttp://westerncivguides.umwblogs.org/2012/05/03/gustave-courbet/

beautifully abject portrait process
  • First I hadto decide whatwasbeautifulto me that otherswouldn’tparticularlyenjoy.

Hairybodypartsinterested me the most.

  • Then I hadto sketch.
  • While peer evaluating my table mates told me I shouldeliminatethebodysinceweweremakingportraits. So I hadtocreateanother sketch.
process cont
Process cont.
  • Eventhough I wasn’texactlyreadytostart my final I gave it a try. I wasn’tsureaboutwhatbackground or facial expression I wantedto show.
  • Altogether, I’mhappywith my wholeportraiteventhough I didnt plan verywell.

Hello, my name is Harry. Sometimes kids run away from me But I don’t think I’m scary.I came to be from my parents, Barry and Mary My parents are big like me But unlike me they can’t seeI used to enjoy being with them However, they started licking my TimsI hate it! I hate it! It should be a sin I’ve got them locked in the den They scratch and clawBut will never be freeEven if they doWho cares they won’t be seen withHandsome ol’ me