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  1. Statewide Travel Program Presented by: Department of General Services Statewide Travel and Meeting Management Program (STAMMP)

  2. Statewide Travel Program Overview • Program History • Statewide Travel Program • Airlines • Commercial Car Rental • Travel Agency • Meeting and Conference Unit • Green Lodging Program • Voyager Fuel Program • STAMMP Contact Information • AMEX Payment System • (BTA ~ CRBTA ~ Government Card ~ MPA)

  3. Program History • STAMMP provides services imperative to the travel operation for the State of California government employees. • This $200 million program includes travel services related to airline, commercial car rental, travel agency and travel payment system, which is currently American Express. We have a three-year contract with American Express with two one-year extension options. • Government offices served by the STAMMP include: • 255 State Agencies, Boards & Commissions • 35 Correctional Institutions • 23 California State Universities • 6 University of California Schools • 122 California Community Colleges • 3 National Laboratories • 58 Counties • 479 Cities • 9,700 K-12 Schools

  4. Benefits of STAMMP • Direct contact / Liaison dedicated to you. • Cost Savings for the State. • One-Stop Shop: we’ve already negotiated the contracts for you. • Training and Education Workshops for our clients. • Strong relationships with our vendors and the tourism & hospitality industry. • Special Accounts available for your needs. • Benefits for the Traveler. • American Express and Enterprise offer insurance coverage; no annual fee for American Express. • We are here for all your travel-related questions.

  5. Airlines • Discount airfare contracts executed between the State of California and the following airlines: • JetBlue • Southwest • United • Virgin America • The current contracts are effective July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009. • The State of California has three types of discount airfares – Internet Fares, unrestricted (YCAL), capacity-controlled (VCAL.

  6. Airlines continued… Internet Airfares- Southwest Airlines • The internet fares are only available through SWABIZ (, the online business portal of Southwest Airlines. In order to access Southwest’s internet only fares, each department must enroll in the SWABIZ program and establish a government account with American Express. • Southwest Airlines will provide an additional 10% discount on designated flights. • Departments that make their reservations directly through Southwest Airlines SWABIZ portal incur no booking service fees. • Southwest Airlines does not charge baggage fees for the first two checked pieces. Visit for an Online Booking Demo.

  7. Airlines continued… • YCAL fares are fully-refundable, unrestricted airfares that offer last seat availability and they are for travel in either direction of the city pair. • VCAL fares are “capacity-controlled” meaning that airlines set aside a limited number of seats on each flight for the State of California. These airfares are also fully refundable and they are for travel in either direction of the city pair. They are less expensive than the unrestricted YCAL fares. VCAL fares are typically available when a traveler is able to make travel arrangements early. • The discount YCAL and VCAL fares are only available through JetBlue, United and Virgin America and can only be booked through an authorized travel agency of the State of California.

  8. Airlines continued… The authorized forms of payment for the discounted airfares are: • American Express Business Travel Account utilizing an authorized State of California travel agency. • American Express Business Travel Account for Southwest Airlines SWABIZ. • American Express Government Card that is clearly marked with “State of California” or city, county, or university name. For additional information on airlines, please reference Management Memo 08-12 or visit our website at

  9. Travel Agency • Currently, there are 25 certified travel agencies to choose from. • Each entity must complete a contract with a DGS certified travel agency from the list. • The AMEX BTA is the payment mechanism for using travel agencies. • Visit for a list of the certified travel agencies.

  10. Commercial Car Rental • Short Term Rentals • The State has contracts with two commercial rental car vendors for short-term rentals (up to 7 days): • Enterprise is the primary vendor; this should be your first choice. • National/Alamo is the secondary vendor; used only when the primary vendor cannot provide service. How to Pay: You must bill charges to your department American Express Car Rental Business Travel Account (CRBTA) or your individual American Express Government Card.

  11. Enterprise Rent-A-Car • Environmental Platform • Emergency Response • History as a State of CA Vendor • State of CA Program • Located at all major airports • Special Dept. to handle State accounts • Directions for Booking Reservations/ Training/Education • CRBTA Accounts

  12. Enterprise Rent-A-Car-Cont. • Green Car Rental Branches • Enterprise has added 5,000 Hybrids to their worlds largest fuel efficient Nationwide Fleet • Some of the California Green Branches that includes these hybrids are located in: • Los Angeles • Orange County • San Diego • Sacramento • Downtown San Francisco • Oakland

  13. Long Term Commercial Car Rentals • The Long-term Commercial Car Rental Contract is an efficient, cost-effective solution for long-term (30 days or more) car and truck rental needs. • Budget and Avis is the Primary vendor. • How to pay: The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) is the sole payment mechanism for use of this contract.

  14. Voyager Fuel Program • If you drive a fleet vehicle, you may be eligible to use a Voyager fleet card to pay for fuel. • Each department manages its own fleet card program. • Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. provides a fuel card for state employees that can be used at over 10,000 retail locations throughout the State of California to purchase fuel, alternative fuels, fluids and lubricants.  • The fleet card provides discounted gas when used.

  15. Green Lodging Program • Bring together the lodging industry, state travelers, and the environment. • Assist State employees in making environmentally friendly lodging choices while traveling on State business. • Together we can divert waste from landfills, conserve energy and water, and give you cleaner air to breathe. • Hotels fill out a hotel survey to apply for the program. DGS will perform a site visit and evaluate the hotel based on their green practices.

  16. American Express Payment System • Free of Charge to STAMMP participants • Business Travel Account (BTA) • Car Rental Business Travel Account (CRBTA) • Meeting Planners Account (MPA) • Government / Corporate Card • Benefits of AMEX Payment System • Questions on Payment • Questions on Set Up

  17. American Express Payment System • Identifies the State traveler on official Government business for airline, lodging and car rental discounts. • The American Express Government Card is a required form of payment for California’s negotiated airline fares and car rentals • The Card reduces the size of cash advances by covering 97% of typical travel expenses • Customer Assistance Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - worldwide. • $350,000 door-to-door Business Travel Accident Insurance covering Cardmembers from the start of the trip (home or office), 24/7, until return. • The Card captures State purchase power for vendor negotiations of airfare, lodging, and car rental. • Business traveler website: identifies airlines, car rental, and hotels offering discounts and upgrades when paid with the State Government American Express Card. and • No Annual Fee to qualified STAMMP applicants

  18. American Express is goingGreen! • On-Line BTA Statements! March 2009. • Delivered to your desktop; .pdf format • More information, quicker; email alerts • Environmentally Friendly • There is a New Look! • airline, rail, hotel, car rental and travel agency are broken out by spending category • 13 month history included

  19. American Express Payment System • Does my STAMMP Partnership save money using the Business Travel Account? • YES! • Consolidate State spending power for negotiated rates • Only recognized payment for Y-CAL/VCAL • last seat availability • fully refundable or exchangeable • SWABIZ and Internet rates, Lowest Airfare • Consolidate control and spend • Efficient reconciliation statements • Best practice cost center management • Single payment, once a month

  20. American Express Payment System • The Business Travel Account is the key to hard and soft dollar savings • Utilizing the State’s negotiated rates • Consolidate control and spend • Efficient audit and reconciliation • Travel Agency Electronic Reconciliation • Online Statements released March 2009 • Best practice cost center management • Single payment, once a month

  21. American Express Payment System THE CAR RENTAL BTA • Automatic access to the STAMMP Car Rental Program • Must be used by Contracted Vendors – Enterprise, Alamo, National • Consolidate Booking and Billing Procedures with your travel agency and car rental vendor • Improved State travel recognition and service quality • Insure negotiated Rates, “fee-free” insurance automatically • Detailed documentation – Level 3 data • Cost Center information • Detailed Traveler Trip information • Automated audit and reconciliation

  22. American Express Payment System Meeting Planners AccountBilling Solution • A Systematic approach to leverage State spend with Hotel, Meeting and Event partners • No cost to implement or administer the Meeting Planner Acct. Replaces Purchase Orders, Direct Bills, Multiple bills Consolidates meeting payment into 1 invoice. Provides a complete payment history • Consolidated Spend Enhances Negotiations for Future Meetings • American Express reporting by meeting, city, vendor, year over year for budgeting and negotiation • Streamlines reconciliation / processing time • Eliminates partial payments • Payment in full upon receipt of correct invoice/folio • Post audit payment

  23. State of California GovernmentAmerican Express Card

  24. American Express Payment System Contact Information: Doug Browne - Area of Expertise: AMEX Payment System Shawn Campbell - Area of Expertise: AMEX Meeting, Conference, Event Payment Solutions

  25. American Express Payment System • Questions??? • Payment • Set-up • What is @Work?

  26. Contact Information Statewide Travel Program Donna Carey, CGMP Manager • Bahia Abdallah, Travel Specialist • Kelly May, Travel Specialist • Lori Wasson, Travel Specialist • Tasha Wilson, Travel Specialist

  27. Areas of Expertise • Bahia Abdallah • Commercial Car Rental Contract • Statewide Emergency Services • Local Government Liaison • (city and county) • Video Conferencing • AMEX Payment System • Lori Wasson • SWABIZ • Airline Contracts • State Agency/Boards/ Commissions/Courts Liaison • AMEX Payment System • Kelly May • CA Green Lodging Program • Universities of CA Liaison • CA State Universities Liaison • Community College Liaison • AMEX Payment System • Tasha Wilson • Travel Agency/RFQ • K-12 Liaison • AMEX Payment System

  28. Contact Information Statewide Travel & Meeting Management Program • Greg Sandin, Business Partnership Manager: (916) 376-3997 • Donna Carey, CGMP, Statewide Travel Manager: (916) 376-3998 • Pamala Corona, CMP, CGMP, Statewide Meeting Manager: (916) 376-3994 Statewide Travel Specialists • Bahia Abdallah: (916) 376-3990 • Kelly May: (916) 376-3991 • Lori Wasson: (916) 376-3992 • Tasha Wilson (916) 376-3976 Meeting Management Specialists • Brenda Difuntorum: (916) 376-3993 • Sandi Hartsock: (916) 376-3995 • Lauren Richardson: (916) 376-3977 • Susan Sater: (916) 376-3996

  29. Thank You! Questions?