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MR. Burton. 5.2 K-W-L: Hinduism. The Varnas. Divided into four man groups in Aryan Societies: Brahmins-Priests Kshatriyas -Rulers/Warriors Vaisyas -farmers, craftsmen, traders Sudras -laborers/non-Aryans. Caste System. Caste system was decided on your birth, wealth, occupation.

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Mr burton

MR. Burton


K-W-L: Hinduism

The varnas
The Varnas

  • Divided into four man groups in Aryan Societies:

  • Brahmins-Priests

  • Kshatriyas-Rulers/Warriors

  • Vaisyas-farmers, craftsmen, traders

  • Sudras-laborers/non-Aryans

Caste system
Caste System

  • Caste system was decided on your birth, wealth, occupation.

  • Over 3000 separate caste were at one time.

  • It was possible to get out of your caste but it was difficult. The LOWEST level of the caste system was called the untouchables: you cleaned hides and disposed of dead animals.

Caste rules
Caste Rules

  • Not allowed to marry someone from a different caste.

  • Couldn’t eat with someone in a different caste.

  • People who broke these rules would be banned from their caste.


  • Brahmanism: belief system of the Aryans.

  • Beliefs were from the Vedas:

  • Oldest is the Rigveda

Veda text
Veda Text

  • First one: religious rituals

  • Second: only certain people perform.

  • Final: Upanishads: religious students and teachers.


  • Largest religion in India.

  • Belief of many gods.

  • Each god is part of the single universal spirit called Brahman.

  • Each persons goal was to reunite with the Brahman—the universal spirit.

Hinduism continued
Hinduism continued

  • Believe in reincarnation—our world is an illusion. Brahman is the only reality.

  • Once you die, you are born into a new body.

  • Karma: the effects that good or bad actions have on a persons soul.

Hinduism still
Hinduism STILL?!?

  • What you do in life, determines what you will become back reincarnated.

  • Each person had to accept his/her duties, this is called: dharma.

  • Hinduism helped preserve the caste system in India.

Religious struggles
Religious Struggles?

  • Jainism-belief on the teachings of Mahavira.

  • Four beliefs: injure no one, tell the truth, do not steal, and own no property.

  • Jains practice non-violence


  • Vegetarians

  • Do not kill/hurt any creature

  • No animal sacrifice

  • Do not eat any food that comes from animals.