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Fifth Grade Social Studies

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Fifth Grade Social Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fifth Grade Social Studies
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  1. Fifth Grade Social Studies Looking at Unit 9 Understanding the News:What is America’s role in the 21st century world? March17, 2009

  2. US involvement in the world • World Wars & Cold War led to increased involvement in conflicts around the world: • Korean • Vietnam • Middle East • How have beliefs of US citizens changed because of these involvements?

  3. What do people in Vietnam today call this conflict? • Who’s Who of the Vietnam conflict: • Timeline of US involvement (teacher reference: • Information for teachers (from a Vietnam Veterans’ Organization) & a “virtual Wall”: • Photographic story of the conflict from the National Archives:

  4. Middle East Peace Efforts Students DO NOT need to memorize every peace-related meeting, treaty, etc. related to the Middle East. Instead, have them notice overall themes of U.S. involvement in Middle Eastern conflicts. Images and contemporary news articles/reports can be very helpful. Possible EQ: Why have the various peace efforts in the Middle East not been successful long-term?

  5. Collapse of the USSR • NY Times article: • Did not happen overnight • Discuss US desire for increased communication w/the Soviet Union, gradual opening of the country, and economic changes • Berlin Wall fell in 1989 – Soviet Union ended in 1991 – end of sphere of influence • Technology tie-in: “revolution” was, in fact, televised

  6. Persian Gulf War • Iraq invaded Kuwait (8/2/1990) • US & allies gave deadline for withdrawal • When Iraq did not acquiesce, US & allies invaded • Official conflict ended (2/28/1991) • Emphasis on technology

  7. September 11, 2001 • Students DO NOT need a graphic play-by-play of the events of 9/11. • Instead, focus on the impact of the attacks on both American beliefs and world affairs. • Be very cautious when sharing images with your students – many websites are NOT appropriate for use in school.

  8. Invasion of Afghanistan / War in Iraq • Before beginning this conversation, be careful to think about the range of experiences present in your class (students who have immigrated, students whose parents are serving in the military, etc. • Discuss the invasion of Afghanistan by the US as a response to the events of 9/11. • Address the ensuing invasion of Iraq & its results in a straightforward way – address controversy when/if it arises. • Great time for students to learn that they can respect the opinions of others without agreeing.

  9. Impact of Computers & the Internet • In Ben Franklin’s day, mail could take two weeks to travel between New York & Philadelphia. Transatlantic mail took months, and often never arrived. • In the days of the Pony Express, mail could travel from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast in about ten days. Upon the completion of the transcontinental telegraph in 1861, communication became almost instantaneous. • The telephone increased the amount of speedy communication available, and mail services improved, as well. • Modern computer technology, following World War Two, rapidly increased the amount of information that could be transmitted, and the development of the Internet in the 1990s made a virtually limitless amount of information accessible instantly.

  10. Impact of Computers & the Internet • As computers became more & more central to worldwide businesses, they also became important components of many electronic devices. Great potential Essential Question: Why is the Computer History Museum located in San Jose, California? {Visit the Computer History Museum for more details than you ever knew you wanted to know: }

  11. Performance Task

  12. Trade & Economic Activity • Excellent lesson plan linking trade & geographic growth in the United States:

  13. Fifth Grade Social Studies Looking at Unit 10 Effective Citizenship March17, 2009

  14. 12th & 17th Amendments Twelfth: Seventeenth: Ratified 1913 Population would directly elect US senators, rather than having state legislatures elect them. • Ratified 1804 (following contested election of 1800) • Electors from each state would separately elect President & Vice-President (see Election of 2000 for example ). How do these two amendments help maintain a representative democracy for the United States?

  15. 23rd & 24th Amendments Twenty-Third Twenty-Fourth Ratified 1964 (in response to Civil Rights Movement) Guaranteed right to vote regardless of payment of any sort of tax; specifically, the poll tax. • Ratified 1961 • Allows District of Columbia (Washington, D. C.) to have electors for Presidential/ Vice-Presidential elections How do these two amendments help maintain a representative democracy for the United States?

  16. Functions: Businesses, Banks, & Government What is the function of business in our economy? What are the functions of banks in our economy? What is the function of government in our economy? How do these three interact?

  17. Personal Finance • Feed the Pig! Great personal finance site with lots of interactive components: • Holiday Savings Calculator :

  18. Remember! These are only suggested resources. Make sure to preview these sites before sharing them with your students. You know your students better than I do! Resources! • • Homepage dedicated to Samantha Smith, who traveled as a child ambassador to the Soviet Union, and worked for world peace toward the end of the Cold War • • Homepage of the John J. Harvey fireboat, which provided firefighting support to the New York Fire Department on September 11th • • Georgia Council on Economic Education – workshops, materials, & more •,29307,1884100,00.html • Great photo essay about changes in American retail – good for discussions of shifting economic AND geographic patterns in our country • • Gigantic list of personal-finance related websites – be sure to preview, as some are corporate, and others not age-appropriate • Related games: • • Literature links to economics from the Indiana Council on Economic Education

  19. Resources for Integration The Librarian of Basra Jeanette Winter Alia’s Mission Mark Alan Stamaty Two Bobbies Kirby Larson & Mary Nethery 10,000 Days of Thunder Philip Caputo Uncle Jed’s Barbershop Margaree King Mitchell Captain Abdul’s Pirate School Colin McNaughton Listen to the Wind Susan Roth & Greg Mortenson The Breadwinner Deborah Ellis