aphrodite n.
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  1. Aphrodite By: Cadyn Cox and Cameron Line

  2. The goddess of love and beauty • Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. • There are more stories told about her than any other god or goddess. • Aphrodite blessed marriages and could make any man or god mad with passions that destroyed them. • She is the goddess of desire and is never distracted from her work. • She thinks of nothing but love, and nobody expects more of her.

  3. Murder Born • Aphrodite was born out of a brutal murder. • When Cronos butchered his father, Oranos,with his scythe, he threw the dismembered body off Olympus and into the sea. It floated spouting blood and foam which drifted whitening in the sun, and from that foam rose Aphrodite. • Poseidon found and cared for her, having his horses take her to the island of Cythera, and from there she traveled to Cyprus.

  4. Claims of marriage • Zeus brought Aphrodite to Olympus • Aphrodite was to be married • Many people promised Aphrodite riches and land in turn for her hand in marriage • Poseidon offered Aphrodite the chance to be queen of the sea, riches, gems, grottos, riddles, fair surfaces, darks surroundings, and many more things . • Apollo and Hermes also offered her riches and, and to be queen of their • Hephaestus, the lame-smith god, hid behind the crowd, and Hera told him what to say and dragged him to the center of the crowd. He told Aphrodite that he would be a good husband for her and that he works late. • Aphrodite married Hephaestus.

  5. Facts • Aphrodite’s Roman name was Venus. • Hera and Athena were rivals to Aphrodite in beauty. • Aphrodite also associated with the Greek god Ares and many others. • When a woman wanted a baby or a husband she prayed to Aphrodite the goddess of love. • Aphrodite is associated with many things including a mirror, a dove, an apple, and a magic girdle (belt). • The temple of Aphrodite or Aphrodisias is the temple dedicated to Aphrodite.