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Apollos Institute

Apollos Institute

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Apollos Institute

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  1. Apollos Institute Leadership Training and Development

  2. Lubbock, Texas Campus: 200 + student; 36 teachers Institute has been in existents for 45 years Has trained over 7,000 preachers/leaders Sunset International Bible Institute

  3. 1,200 Preachers Trained 20,700 Souls Saved in Christ 280 New Congregations Established 26 American Missionaries Trained 76 New Training Programs 148 AIM students sent to 22 Fields Presently – 8,000 students Past Four Years...


  5. Leadership Challenge • Rise in the # of congregation - need for strong leadership. • Number of new disciples – demands mature leadership. • Changing cultures – knowledgeable leadership. • Growing permissive society - ethical and moral leadership. • Trained leaders who will train leaders.

  6. Aim:The intentional process of helping established and emerging leaders at every level of ministry to assess and develop their Christian character and to acquire, reinforce, and refine their ministry knowledge and skill. Purpose:The intent of the program will be to select and train recognized and committed leaders (professional, business, and community leaders; as well as local evangelists).

  7. Location of Seminars Apollos Institute will be located in major city on every populated region where Sunset International Bible Institute has an existing school: Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South & Central America, India, and Asia [which includes Singapore], and etc..

  8. Instructors / Teachers • Amixture of instructors from across the globe • Experts in their particular area • Three teachers from the USA • Two or three from the host culture

  9. Student Recruitment • Advertising: • By representatives from existing schools, teachers, and local leaders. • By advertising in the local churches • Seminar participants: • required to furnish their own transportation costs • food, housing and student materials will be provided • other expenses are the responsibility of participant

  10. The program concept: • On the recommendations of churches and existing local preachers, selected individuals would be invited to participate in two weeks of intense training... • in evangelism, • church planting, • church development, and • spiritual growth.

  11. Daily Schedule

  12. Curriculum development:First Week • The Bible among other Scriptures / Evidence for belief in God/Christ • Developing the process of right thinking. [Knowledge, processed thinking, decision making] • The Process and Plan of Redemption/Salvation • Church Planting and Evangelistic Strategies • The Heart of Leadership [taken primarily from Psalms]

  13. Second Week: • Biblical Principles of Spiritual Leadership / Character of Leaders: morals & ethics; relational priorities • Developing Local Church Leaders  • Conflict Resolution and Team Relationship Development / The Art/Skill of Communication • Developing a Strategic and Workable Ministry • How Leaders Involve the Entire Church   / Creating an effective Bible class program within the local church

  14. Mentoring Process • Mentors with mentors - each month: study, research, and application • Continue the training of leaders  • Developing leader/student will work toward developing and identifying additional leaders

  15. Things That Make Apollos Institute Important • SAI assists the church through supplemental training. • SAI will strive to assist the saints to be organized, passionate, and effective in their evangelism and church planting process. • SAI will encourage local leaders to become proficient in leading the church into the future. • SAI fuels the evangelistic spirit of the church all over the world. • SAI teachers and administrators pay all their own cost by soliciting contribution from churches and individuals.

  16. Things That Make Apollos Institute Important (cont.) • SAI participants pay for their own transportation, only their meal and housing are provided through scholarship (if needed). • SAI leadership selection is based on quality: established leaders or those with strong and maximum ability to influence. • SAI has a global outreach through existing schools and professors. • SAI controls all session content and materials. Therefore we can ensure quality training and materials for the participants. • SAI faculty will come from both the western and nonwestern cultures.

  17. What Can You Do? • Encourage the work through prayer. • Support the work with positive comments. • Tell others about what we are doing. • Be proud of the work God is doing through this ministry. • Enroll your leaders or potential leaders in the seminar. • Support those who participate through monetary contributions.