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Japanese Art

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Japanese Art - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Japanese Art. By Louise Stace and Alana Cox. Explanation of Japanese Art. Japanese Art is very cultural in Japan. It is also a very popular hobby. There are many types of Japanese arts such as, Calligraphy, Origami, Ukiyo-e etc.

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Japanese Art

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    1. Japanese Art By Louise Stace and Alana Cox

    2. Explanation of Japanese Art Japanese Art is very cultural in Japan. It is also a very popular hobby. There are many types of Japanese arts such as, Calligraphy, Origami, Ukiyo-e etc. When you do Japanese art, there are loads of tools you can use. Some of them are, hosofude(slender brush), futofude(thick brush), sumi(ink) etc.

    3. Brief History of Japanese Art Japanese art has a extensive history. Some of the most oldest artifacts are from the Japanese. Eras of Japanese art was named after the government location. Early forms of art were under the influence of Chinese culture, different styles were created and painting schools were established but each school did their unique method.

    4. Subjects Japanese art is associated with landscape/portrait with natural scenes with varied brush strokes. It’s look came from scroll paintings that may have been from the galleries or museums. Some subjects include: • Shiki-e – landscapes during the four seasons • Monogatari -e – Scenes from the life at the imperial court in Kyoto • Nanban-byobu – Images of Westerners on screens from the time of the landing of the Portuguese and Dutch ships in the southern parts of Japan • rakuchu-rakugai-zu – Views from Kyoto • Kabuki-e – Images from the kabuki theatre • Bijiniga – Images of beautiful women usually women from the pleasure quarters

    5. Calligraphy Traditional Japanese calligraphy is a style of Japanese art. Calligraphy can varied thicknesses and sizes. Basically, calligraphy is Japanese words, letters, numbers and symbols painted on a canvas material. Here are some examples:

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